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Linda Cohen: The Power of Kindness in Business




In this episode, I welcome special guest, Linda Cohen. We discuss the importance of incorporating kindness into company culture. We explore strategies and methods to elevate the workplace environment, overcome common obstacles in promoting kindness, and provide practical tips for leaders and managers to foster kindness.

Guest Introduction

Our guest is Linda Cohen, an expert on kindness in the workplace. With over a decade of experience working with companies to integrate kindness, Linda is a keynote speaker and consultant with a focus on company culture. She is also the author of books on kindness and gratitude.

The Power of Kindness in Business – Key Takeaways

  • Kindness in company culture can significantly improve employee relations and productivity.
  • Recognition and communication are crucial elements of promoting kindness.
  • Simple practices like breath work and gratitude can have a profound impact on organizational dynamics.
  • Managing interpersonal relationships is key to a harmonious work environment.
  • Empathy and understanding towards employees’ personal challenges enhance overall workplace morale.

Common Obstacles in Promoting Kindness

  • Identifying and addressing areas where recognition is lacking.
  • Finding new ways to talk about kindness without it feeling repetitive.
  • Helping employees adopt a mindset of kindness and empathy.

Key Strategies for Incorporating Kindness

  • Implementing recognition programs to highlight positive behaviors.
  • Encouraging effective and compassionate communication.
  • Introducing breathwork techniques to manage stress and maintain calmness.
  • Establishing gratitude practices within the workplace to foster a positive atmosphere.

Practical Tips

  • Create a big post-it note board in the lunchroom for employees to share what they are grateful for.
  • Encourage the use of gratitude journals and incentivize participation with rewards.
  • Introduce breathwork techniques like box breathing to help manage stress.

Key Quotes

  • “Kindness is contagious. It’s really important that we elevate that space.”
  • “Most people are kind. We need to find common ground and see the good in each other.”
  • “Treating employees with kindness makes them better employees, better human beings, and better family members.”
  • “You can control how you act or react in any situation, even if you can’t control the situation itself.”
  • “Kill them with kindness. Sometimes being kind to someone who is unkind can help break them open to a higher, more positive self.”
  • “Recognition is one of the main ways to bring kindness into your company.”
  • “Communication is crucial, especially when having difficult conversations with empathy and compassion.”
  • “Taking three deep breaths can change how you physically feel and enter a situation.”
  • “Gratitude practices can transform workplace culture and increase engagement.”

Resources Mentioned


Emphasizing the journey over the destination in building a business centered on kindness, Linda Cohen offers consulting and keynote speaking services to promote kindness in the workplace. I invite listeners to connect with Linda for further insights and opportunities to incorporate kindness into their organizations.

Linda Cohen: The Power of Kindness in Business

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