Who else? <3working from home

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The foundational infrastructure for the websites you build and manage is crucial for ensuring a safe, secure, fast, and reliable environment. That’s where WP Cloud comes in. 

Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.com, built WP Cloud because we wanted a cloud platform constructed from the ground up just for WordPress. We’ve hosted millions of websites across the WordPress ecosystem and have become one of the most trusted providers in cloud services. 

At WordPress.com, the WP Cloud infrastructure powers all websites on our Creator and Entrepreneur plans

We’re proud of WP Cloud’s 99.999% uptime, automated burst scaling and failure detection, and failover redundancies that allow you to spend time focusing on building your business or serving your clients instead of worrying about whether a traffic spike will crash the site. 

WP Cloud is also incredibly secure. With DDoS protection, malware scanning, anti-spam measures, SSL certificates, TLS traffic encryption, and real-time backups, you’ll have peace of mind from day one. 

We’re confident that there’s no better cloud platform for your WordPress site(s) than WP Cloud. And we’re not the only ones to think so. 

Today, WP Cloud is announcing that Bluehost—one of the largest website hosts in the world—is launching a new product built atop WP Cloud’s best-in-class infrastructure. 

Bluehost Cloud includes all the technical excellence of WP Cloud, with bundled options for hosting multiple websites. Plus, as with all of the sites on WordPress.com, it comes with Jetpack’s highly acclaimed performance and security features built right in. 

To kick off this partnership, we’re showcasing Bluehost Cloud on WordPress.com’s pricing page, so that you can choose the product that best fits your business needs. As fellow supporters of the WordPress ecosystem, we’re glad Bluehost has chosen WP Cloud for this powerful new offering.

Take advantage of these robust WP Cloud solutions with the Creator, Entrepreneur, or Bluehost Cloud plan.

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