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How to Use Twitter for SEO to Grow Your Business

Keyword optimization, building backlinks, and writing brilliant blog posts aren’t the only way you can increase your website’s visibility through SEO.

You can now use Twitter to improve your SEO ratings.

Google cracked a deal with Twitter a few years ago to get access to its live tweets data, which indexes tweets on the Google search engine. This makes Twitter a big player in the world of search engine optimization.

With 330 million users on Twitter, you are missing out if not promoting your brand on the platform. Apart from offering such a vast audience, Twitter also offers paid promotions for your brand.

How Twitter improves SEO and your online presence


According to Statista, there are more than 330 million monthly active Twitter users

Does social media really impact SEO ranking? Given that social media is more about pictures, one platform is more about words, Twitter. Google and Twitter struck a deal in 2015 where Twitter provides Google with its live tweet data and more.

This has in fact affected SEO in ways marketers didn’t think possible. Google now uses real-time tweets to showcase its search results. So, when you search a hashtag, Google showcases Twitter results with the most recent tweets that use the hashtag in its search results. This makes Twitter absolutely essential for businesses.

Twitter helps businesses get in touch with their customers, and interact with them. Twitter’s hashtags about a product can give insights about how the product is and businesses can learn how people are responding to their products/services. Twitter strengthens the PR relationship a company has with its customers, as well as employees.

Here are some ways you can leverage Twitter to its full potential for growth and visibility online.

#1. Paid promotions


An ad by Undeveloped on Twitter

Paid promotions are the easiest way to reach your target audience, not only can you promote your tweets, but you can also promote your account. 

Be mindful of what you write in your Twitter Bio. Deploying your brand’s Twitter Bio carefully is key. Make sure to add the correct keywords and hashtags in the Bio. The summary on Twitter should be effective and use keywords that are most relevant for your brand. This will increase your brand’s visibility on Google.

Creating a username with the brand’s name is crucial to bring you on top of Google’s search engine results. When someone searches for a brand name, Google also displays their Twitter accounts in the search list.

There are various tools that can be used to optimize reach on Twitter. By posting during the time most of your followers are online. Make sure to keep in mind the time for paid promotions too.

#2. Trending hashtags


Twitter has a feature that showcases various trending topics from around the world as “trends”.

What is a “trend”? Basically, it’s a topic a lot of people on Twitter are talking about. It can range from politics to fashion, from technology to food, literally anything.

Find the latest trending topics that suit your brand’s image and get into the conversation. This helps with visibility on Twitter and will also bring up tweets on Google.

#3. Re-sharing content

Re-sharing old content shouldn’t be frowned upon. Re-sharing old content from your website or any content that may be relevant with the current time should be shared again with your Twitter audience.

Your new audience will probably miss out on good content that was posted in the past. So pick up the most educational/informative content and post it again.

Do it a couple of times, or you can just pin those tweets to the top of your profile, giving important content visibility on your page.

#4. Engaging in relevant conversations


You can search for hashtags and keywords on Twitter in connection to your brand. Hop onto conversations that you might think speak in the tone of your brand. Retweet, share tweets, or just reply to tweets that are discussing your product, by giving information or just having a simple conversation.

Being responsive to complaints, queries, etc, prompts the consumer to make a purchase. Make a Twitter plan that also includes engaging your audience, and engaging an audience that reposts and shares tweets is very important.

A few tools that help with Twitter growth and engagement

  • MeetEdgar – This app helps with posting your content on a schedule and will also write your tweets on a lazy day.
  • TweetDeck – A twitter owned app, helps you see multiple feeds in a side-by-side view. You can follow hashtags, conversations, and even your competitors’ feeds.
  • Bitly – If you want to post your website links on Twitter, make Bitly your best friend. It gives you a shorter version of any link. Not only a link shortening app, but Bitly is also very informative about data analysis for Twitter.

While building social media for a brand, always have a reliable monitoring tool for insights, study the insights and make changes. Blending all the steps with your brand’s goals for Twitter will help it reach a better and larger audience. Be consistent, and patient to see growth, it doesn’t miraculously happen overnight.

Geust author: Semil Shah, Chief Marketer at Shrushti Digital Marketing

According to his team, Semil Shah can take any digital marketing profile to the next level. With over 15 years of experience in the SEO world, he is a certified SEO specialist, who mainly focuses on growing businesses. He is the Chief Marketer at Shrushti Digital Marketing. In his free time you will catch him either listening to podcasts or trekking in the jungle clicking some really cool pictures.

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