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Copywriting is hard. Whether you’re writing product descriptions or PPC ads, there’s a huge volume of work involved, and the repetitive nature of the tasks can drain your creativity. That’s where AI copywriting comes in.

Could you give a machine a few instructions and let it generate engaging copy while you’re focusing on more pressing tasks?

Well, now it’s possible, thanks to AI copywriting tools powered by machine learning. Let me introduce you to how it works and how it could transform your content marketing strategy.

What Is AI Copywriting and How Does It Work?

AI copywriting is essentially computer-generated writing created using natural language processing tools.

First, you decide what you want to write about and the type of content you need. This could be anything from a blog post to a short ad. Then, you set certain parameters for the AI tool to follow. For example, maybe you decide you want a social media post advertising a new yoga class.

Once the machine receives the instructions, it generates content based on these parameters by analyzing similar preexisting content from around the web and processing it into something new and plagiarism-free.

Since AI has become a firm part of the marketing world, you can bet that many companies are using it to their advantage.

The problem is a lot of copy can appear formulaic, making it difficult to stand out from competitors. However, by using AI, investment company Vanguard created personalized ads to discover which adverts resonated with its audience.

The result? A 15 percent increase in conversion rates.

If you think that’s impressive, then let’s look at the American Marketing Association (AMA). It uses an AI copywriting tool to generate newsletter content for its 100,000 subscribers. By using AI newsletter analytics, and personalization, the AMA can customize headlines and content to individual subscribers.

What effect did this have? A 42 percent monthly engagement rate that beats the industry standard and keeps subscribers returning for more.

While these results are amazing, that doesn’t mean you should rely entirely on AI copywriting tools. Use them as a starting point, add your own tone and voice, and ensure you include the personal touch.


Why Should You Use an AI Copywriting Tool?

There are a few reasons why marketers and copywriters might use these tools.

First, using copywriting AI tools saves you time. These tools can analyze data much quicker than humans can, so they can instantly generate full articles.

Also, just think about how convenient AI copywriting is. If you need bulk content, such as product descriptions, AI copywriting handles these jobs for you, so you’re free to focus on more demanding marketing tasks like lead generation and KPI tracking.

Finally, AI copywriting tools can save you from the dreaded “writer’s block” that every writer experiences at some point. Whether you need help brainstorming ideas or generating some content, an AI tool can help you get going again.

If you’re a busy content creator with multiple deadlines or dreams of scaling your content production, it’s worth exploring how AI copywriting may help you. In addition, if you are a general marketer with a lot of different roles, you can expand AI copywriting to help with areas like creating meta titles and meta descriptions.

AI Copywriting Limitations

Like any digital marketing tool, AI copywriting has its limitations.

First, although AI tech is impressive, AI copywriting tools don’t write anything truly original. Remember, we’re talking about a machine. They’re “fed” articles and content written by human copywriters and essentially mix them up to create something new.

AI tools produce great copy, but just because it’s “new” copy doesn’t mean it’s original.

What’s more, AI tools can’t replicate human emotion. Why is this a drawback? Well, emotion matters in marketing. In fact, when it comes to consumer buying behavior, feelings are more influential than any other variable, so you should try to invoke emotion through your content.

In short, while it’s great for bulk projects, you might not find AI copywriting helpful for crafting those more emotive posts that need a personal touch and true creative thought.

Finally, the AI tools we have right now aren’t great at picking up “awkward” phrasing. Although the writing (usually) makes grammatical sense, you still need to proofread the copy to identify any incorrect phrases and awkward wording.

The takeaway? AI copywriting tools can support your marketing efforts, sure, but they’re not a complete substitute for human content creation. Just think of them as another highly useful tool in your toolbox.

5 AI Copywriting Tools for Content Creation

Ready to try out some copywriting AI tools? There are plenty out there, but here are the five I suggest you try first.

1. CopyAI

Got writer’s block? CopyAI is here to help. From brainstorming topics to crafting social media posts, CopyAI can help you go from stuck to inspired within minutes.

How does it work? It’s a simple enough concept. CopyAI uses a highly advanced machine language model, GPT-3, to produce authentic, human-like copy almost instantly. You just select a copy type, provide some words, phrases, and descriptions to base content around, and watch CopyAI do the rest.

Key Features

One thing that’s great about CopyAI is how simple it is to start. You only need to provide a few words to generate copy, including Instagram captions, product descriptions, and even listicles and thought leadership pieces in seconds.

What makes CopyAI stand out, though, is its suite of idea generation tools. Whether you need a blog post idea or you’re just stuck on how to craft nurture sequences, CopyAI gets you moving again.


You can choose from three packages. There’s a free one, which limits you to 2,000 words a month, or for the $49 Pro package, you get 40,000 words monthly. As part of the Pro package, you also get over 90+ copywriting tools, including discount/sales and nurture sequences you can create content in 25 languages.

If you want to support a larger team, you can contact Copy.ai for a demo using the ‘Get in Touch’ button on the site.

If you’re unsure if CopyAI is right for you and you want to give it a go, perhaps test out the free package first, or try some of the free copywriting AI tools, which include a:

  • Meta description generator
  • Call to action tools
  • LinkedIn headline generator
  • Sentence rewriter
CopyAi AI Copywriting tool.

2. Wordtune

We’ve all been there. We’re slaving away at an article, think we’re done an awesome job, then we go back and take a second look at our work.

The problem? You know you could improve some of the content, but you just can’t see how.

We can’t all afford an editor, but the Wordtune AI copywriting tool is within many people’s budgets.

Wordtune works alongside you in real-time, helping you rephrase and reword your content without sacrificing flow, tone, or meaning.

Since it’s not a fully-fledged article generator like CopyAI, it’s best for marketers who want to write copy and need help shaping it, reducing editing time, and enhancing sentence structure while giving you the creative freedom to write your content.

Wordtune's AI Copywriting tool.

Key Features

Designed with the discerning content writer in mind, Wordtune assists with everything from sentence length to full-length article rewrites. This could be great for marketers looking to repurpose content across different platforms who want help condensing and rewording their copy.

Once you add the Chrome extension, you can instantly use it across popular websites such as Google Docs, Twitter, Grammarly, and LinkedIn, making it one of the most efficient AI copywriting and grammar-assistance tools out there.


If you just want help rewording a sentence or two, there’s a free plan.

However, if you want access to features like sentence length controllers, tone adaptation, and an article summarizer, sign up for Premium. You can either pay $24.99 a month or save money and pay $119 for the year. You’ll get access to all features other than team billing.

Do you have a larger business or multiple teams working together? Check out the Premium for Teams tier. For further information about their package, just contact Wordtune via the ‘contact us’ link.

3. Copysmith

Need help scaling your marketing and driving growth through copy? Check out Copysmith.

Whether you’re a freelancer or you’re managing an in-house marketing team, Copysmith gives you the AI copywriting tools you need to accelerate your growth through tailored marketing, not just create great copy.

Key Features

Copysmith boasts an impressive range of tools for busy marketing teams and copywriters.

For example, if you run an online store or sell on a platform like Etsy or Amazon, Copysmith has a whole range of tools purely for generating copy.

As a marketer, perhaps you need taglines to boost your brand profile? Copysmith can turn your brand vision into engaging, memorable ad copy, and you can store all your client copy in one place.

Copysmith's AI Copywriting tool.


Unfortunately, there’s no free option, but if you’re happy paying for AI copywriting support, you have three choices.

First, we’ve got the Starter package. For an annual subscription, it’s $192, which works out at $16 per month. However, you can instead opt for a monthly subscription, which is $19 per month. For your money, you’ll get 20 plagiarism checks per month, Google Ad integrations, and Chrome extensions so you can access copywriting support within your browser.

Next, there’s the Professional tier, which costs $600 per year (working out at $50 per month) or $59 for a monthly subscription. You’ll get everything in the Starter package, plus 100 plagiarism checks and 400 credits (up to 260k words monthly) to get your creative juices flowing.

Finally, there’s the Enterprise package, which offers unlimited content creation and plagiarism checks, a suite of integrations, custom templates, and in-app support.

To find out more about the Enterprise package, select the ‘Schedule a Demo’ link on the pricing page.

4. Wordsmith

Do you rely heavily on data for your day-to-day decision-making? Then you might want to check out Wordsmith.

Wordsmith's AI Copywriting tool.

This platform generates natural-sounding content based on analyzing large data sets, so you can use it for everything from journalism to financial reporting.

Key Features

Wordsmith allows everyone to become a data expert by using an AI copywriting tool that transforms cold, hard data into insightful narrative. The company can boast the Associated Press, Yahoo! Sports, and the NBA’s Orlando Magic among its clients, and it’s capable of bulk content creation.

Wordsmith also offers easy scalability, lightning speed, and real-time analysis, while allowing you to publish anywhere.


The pricing structure isn’t public, so you need to request a free demo and tell Wordsmith a little more about your business and content needs to get a quote.

5. Writesonic

Looking for a copywriting AI tool you can scale as your business grows? Writesonic could be the answer.

“Trained” on successful copy from popular brands, Writesonic is the AI copywriting tool of choice for over 300,000 users, including freelancers and global businesses. It’s easy to use; simply select a template, supply a few lines of description, and Writesonic provides multiple copy samples for you to choose from.

Key Features

Writesonic is great for marketers who want to automate their more mundane writing tasks like welcome emails and SEO meta descriptions. The billing structure is really flexible, too, so you can scale your package to suit your evolving business needs.

However, one of the standout features is the landing page generator. By supplying just a few key details, you can instantly generate an optimized, engaging landing page. For an idea of Writesonic’s capabilities, check out an interactive example.

Writesonic's AI Copywriting tool.


There are three pricing tiers.

  • Free Trial. This offers 6,250 words, which is enough for you to try out Wordsonic’s various tools.
  • Short Form package, offering short-form content templates like Facebook ads, product descriptions, and paragraphs. This package costs $10 a month and gives you 12,000-120,000 words per month depending on whether you choose the ‘economy,’ ‘average,’ ‘good,’ or ‘premium’ option.
  • Long Form package offers content like long-form articles like blog posts and ebooks for $19 a month, or $13 if you choose the annual deal. The long-form deal also gives you a complete article rewriter, bulk processing, priority support, and priority access to new features.

Each package comes with 25 plus languages, Zapier integrations, a 1-click WordPress exporter, and browser extensions.


What is AI Copywriting?

AI copywriting is the use of artificial intelligence to write copy for your website or marketing campaigns. This could include anything from website text to email newsletters to social media posts.

Is AI Copywriting Worth It?

Well, it depends on your needs. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to generate large amounts of quality copy, then AI might be a good option for you. AI copywriting tools are great for outlining, generating ideas, and getting over the fear of a blank page. However, although they’re a useful starting point, you still need to add your own voice, check facts, and add stats and other content to make it unique and offer value to your audience.


Whether you’re a digital marketer or a busy copywriter, AI copywriting tools can help you scale your content creation and achieve your business goals. They’re easy to learn and fun to use, and best of all, they produce natural, engaging copy to support your content needs.

Since every AI copywriting tool is slightly different, it’s best to check out a free trial or two before you commit to a purchase. This way, you get a sense of how the tools work and which one best supports your business strategy.

Have you tried AI copywriting tools yet?

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