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How to Prepare Your Business for the Ups & Downs Coming in the Next 3 Months




Today, we’re diving into the emotional cycle of business, making strategic decisions for growth and scalability, and discussing the unique challenges of being an online entrepreneur. I’ll emphasize the importance of sticking to a strategy and system, and recognizing and managing emotional patterns in business. 

How to Prepare Your Business for the Ups & Downs Coming in the Next 3 Months – Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the emotional cycle in business.
  • Learn how emotional decisions impact business success.
  • Discover why having a consistent strategy and system is crucial.
  • Prepare your business for the fall sales peak.
  • Recognize and break emotional patterns in your business.

The Emotional Cycle of Business:

  • Uninformed Optimism:
  • You’re excited about new strategies and programs.
  • You focus on the benefits without recognizing the costs.
  • Positive emotions drive massive action.
  • Informed Pessimism:
  • You realize the effort required to change.
  • Positive emotions turn into pessimism.
  • The cost of change becomes apparent.
  • Valley of Despair:
  • This is the lowest emotional point in the cycle.
  • It’s the stage where you’re most likely to give up.
  • Pain and emotional discomfort are at their highest.

Handling the Valley of Despair:

  • Recognize it as a temporary phase and push through.
  • Act unbothered to maintain calm and productivity.
  • Keep a long-term perspective and focus on consistent actions.
  • Understand that today’s efforts have ripple effects into the future.

Acting Unbothered:

  • Helps you maintain a calm and collected demeanor.
  • Allows for better decision-making and leadership.
  • Prevents the anxiety alarm from derailing productivity.
  • Train your body to remain calm under stress by controlling your thoughts and reactions.

The Launch Cycle:

  • Experience the emotional highs and lows of a 10-day live launch.
  • Get a day-by-day breakdown of the typical emotional journey during a launch.
  • Learn the importance of maintaining momentum and showing up consistently.
  • Discover the “hockey stick” sales pattern and how to maximize the closed cart phase.

VIP Client Success:

  • Our hands-on approach to developing and implementing marketing and sales systems.
  • Provide access to my processes, systems, and team.
  • Build a real, scalable, and legacy online business.
  • Get emotional support and guidance throughout the launch cycle.

Key Quotes:

  • “Being an entrepreneur and an online business owner, it’s not for the faint of heart.”
  • “You end up being emotionally driven by decisions in your business.”
  • “Having a strategy that you stick to and a system that you stick to every single day is what’s going to bring those consistent sales.”
  • “Acting unbothered allows you to act cool, calm, and collected and do those things that you know need to be done.”
  • “Building a business is a long game, and maintaining a long-term perspective is crucial.”

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Embrace and understand the emotional cycles in business. Recognize the importance of resilience and a long-term perspective. Adopt an unbothered attitude to maintain calm and productivity. Strategic planning and consistent efforts are key for lasting success. Use the next six weeks to prepare for the fall sales peak. Join my upcoming free LIVE masterclass for more actionable strategies and insights.

How To Prepare Your Business For The Ups And Downs Coming In The Next 3 Months

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