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At the height of the pandemic, Melbourne-based Josh and Matt Design went from decorating their bare home to sharing their artistic vision and creations with their community of 160,000 TikTok followers, turning their passion into a booming business.

According to Josh Jessup, “We started just creating it ourselves, experimenting with all different types of materials…then we showed TikTok, and yeah, a lot of people were interested.”

TikTok has exploded in popularity, and it’s much more than just a platform for viral dance videos. It’s a powerful tool for businesses and individuals to build communities, express themselves, and reach new heights. 

Josh and Matt Design embody this potential. Today, their business is known all over the world, with New York City as their largest market. 

Tatti Lashes, an eyelash brand from the UK, also has TikTok to thank for its success. In an interview with Tiktok Business, Molly Hadfield, head of social media and influencers at Tatti Lashes, said, “[We] started out as such a small local Liverpool brand, and now we’ve got people in Australia tagging us wearing the lashes. We’ve got people in LA. We’ve got people all over…it’s just like a pinch-me moment.”

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a passionate creator, TikTok offers unparalleled potential for growth and visibility. A strong TikTok presence, coupled with the right strategies, can drive website traffic, boost brand awareness, and open up new opportunities for collaboration and revenue.

This guide will explore proven strategies for gaining more followers on TikTok. We’ll cover everything from defining your audience and creating captivating content to leveraging TikTok’s tools and features to their full potential. 

Understand your target audience

One of the first and most important strategies for getting more TikTok followers is pinpointing who you want to reach. Understanding your target market allows you to tailor your videos to attract the right people, leading to higher engagement and a more loyal follower base. This knowledge will make your efforts to gain followers far more efficient and effective.

Research your niche 

Begin by exploring the type of content that’s already popular within your niche. Use relevant hashtags and check out trending sounds related to your area of focus. Pay attention to who is making these videos and, importantly, who is engaging with them. Are they drawn to humor, educational tips, product reviews, or something else? This helps you visualize your ideal follower profile.

Learn from successful accounts

Next, identify accounts in your niche with a large, dedicated following. Study their content carefully. What video formats do they use? How do they interact with their audience in the comments? Are there recurring themes or specific styles that seem to perform well? Don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from these successes, but make sure to put your own unique spin on them.

Creating a persona for your target audience

Once you have a general understanding of your niche and ideal TikTok follower, it’s time to create a more detailed persona. This fictional profile makes it easier to visualize the person you want to attract to your TikTok account. Here’s what to include:

  • Demographics: Age, location, occupation, income level
  • Interests and hobbies: What are they passionate about? What other accounts do they follow?
  • Pain points: What challenges or problems do they face that relate to your content or products?
  • Goals: What do they want to achieve? How can your content help them?
  • Online habits: Where do they spend their time online (besides TikTok)? What kind of content format do they prefer (video, images, text)?

Let’s say you’re a beauty brand focusing on sustainable products and eco-friendly practices. An ideal follower persona for your brand would be:

“Eco-Conscious Emily.” She’s obsessed with clean beauty and has zero tolerance for greenwashing. Emily loves DIY skincare, supporting ethical brands, and laughing at the relatable struggles of going green. This persona inspires content like quick DIY tutorials, snarky brand reviews, and a healthy dose of humor about trying to save the planet one face mask at a time.

Optimize your TikTok profile for more followers

Your TikTok profile is what greets your potential followers so making a lasting and strong first impression is important. Here’s how to make sure your profile hooks any potential followers:

Create a catchy username and bio

Keep it short, memorable, and easy to spell. Ideally, it should relate to your niche or content. Or it can simply be your business name.

Your bio should clearly and concisely tell people who you are, what type of content you create, and why they should follow you. Use relevant keywords and consider adding a touch of personality. Include a clear call to action (e.g., “Follow for DIY skincare tips!”).

Use a clear, engaging profile picture

For businesses, your logo is a no-brainer; it’s instantly recognizable. For individuals, a clear headshot is always a safe bet, but don’t be afraid to get creative. If you’re all about fashion, fitness, or have a niche interest, find a photo that shows that off in a visually interesting way. Just make sure it’s clear and catches the eye as people scroll!

Link to your other social media accounts and website 

Make it easy for people to find you and connect across platforms. If you have a website, blog, or online store, add the link directly to your TikTok profile to drive traffic and potential sales.

Create engaging and shareable content

To consistently gain TikTok followers, you need to produce content that hooks viewers, inspires interaction, and encourages sharing. 

Embrace the trend wave

TikTok thrives on trends. What’s the hot music clip everyone’s using? Are there viral dance moves popping up? Trends act as a ticket to the ‘For You’ page, which reaches way beyond your current followers. This tab is also a goldmine! It reveals trending hashtags, sounds, and challenges that are gaining popularity.

If you see a trend you like, don’t be afraid to put your OWN spin on it. Adapt trends to fit your niche and style. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to jump on every viral challenge or hashtag if they don’t align with your overall content strategy.

What’s your “thing”?

Beyond trends, focus on developing a signature content style that sets you apart.  People follow creators with a recognizable style. Do you have a quirky sense of humor? Killer editing skills? Maybe you’re super knowledgeable about a specific topic. Build your content around what makes you stand out.

Use high-quality video and audio 

Even with TikTok’s short-form nature, production value matters and high-quality videos are a surefire way to gain more TikTok followers.

Great lighting and stable footage are essential for polished TikToks. Natural light is ideal, but if you can’t get it, invest in a simple ring light or softbox setup. Avoid harsh shadows and dim lighting.

Ditch the shaky videos by using a tripod or even propping your phone securely for stable shots. For crisp audio, especially outdoors, a cheap lapel mic will vastly improve sound quality compared to your phone’s built-in mic. Finally, explore free editing apps for color correction, filters, and dynamic cuts that elevate the overall look of your content.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Keep your content fresh and don’t be afraid to shake up your TikTok feed with different content formats! Play around with storytelling formats, challenges, and trending music to mix things up and see what performs well for you.

If you have a particular skill—makeup artistry, delicious recipes, or crafty projects—share your knowledge in bite-sized tutorials.  Give your audience a peek behind the curtain by showing your creative process or how you stage the perfect shot. 

Finally, find relevant creators in your niche and use the duet feature thoughtfully—add a funny reaction, insightful commentary, or your own creative spin on their content.

Be consistent

Consistency is key to success on TikTok. Aim for a regular posting schedule that your audience can anticipate. Whether it’s daily, a few times a week, or even just once a week, consistency helps people remember you.

If you’re wondering, there’s no single “best time” for everyone. However, TikTok does have peak hours. On weekdays, these typically fall between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM, while weekends see peak activity between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM. 

Posting during these windows can significantly increase the likelihood of your content reaching a wider audience and help you gain more followers.

You can also analyze your TikTok account with their built-in analytics (more on this later) to see when your audience is most active. Start by using the posting times that analytics tools suggest. Keep an eye on how your videos do, and adjust your schedule as you go to find what works best for your specific audience.

3. Take advantage of TikTok’s features and tools

To get the most out of the platform, take advantage of its many built-in features and tools:

Use the right hashtags 

Hashtags are a powerful way to categorize your content and increase its discoverability. Do some research and use a mix of:

  • Broad hashtags for reach (#funny, #dance) 
  • Niche hashtags to target your audience (#veganrecipes, #booktok) 
  • Trending hashtags to hitch a ride on popular trends

But please don’t spam trending hashtags in your captions unless they’re truly relevant to your content.

Participate in challenges or create your own 

TikTok challenges are all about virality! They create a sense of community and tap into trends, giving your content huge potential for new viewers.

Keep a close eye on your “For You” page to find existing challenges. These are often started by popular creators and spread organically. Keep an eye out for community challenges relevant to your space and join in for a chance to reach new people, showcasing your own take on the trend.

If you have a dedicated following, consider launching your own branded challenge. Branded challenges are a powerful way to spread awareness and engage your audience. Think of a simple,  fun challenge related to your brand or niche, add a unique hashtag, and even offer prizes. It’s a great way to showcase your brand’s unique personality and potentially get you more followers.

Collaborate with other TikTok users and influencers 

Partnering with like-minded creators is a great way to reach new audiences. Feature in each other’s videos, do duets, or host joint giveaways. Micro-influencers within your niche can be incredibly valuable collaborators.

Add to your TikTok Stories

As if TikTok wasn’t spontaneous enough, they decided to add their own story feature. Stories are those quick, bite-sized videos that vanish after 24 hours. Think of them as your chance to share the little moments that don’t always make it into your polished feed.

A goofy dance rehearsal? A hilarious outtake from your last video? Random inspiration that hits you out of the blue? Now it all has a place to shine!

Go live

Going on TikTok Live allows you to connect with your followers in real-time. Use this feature for Q&As, product demonstrations, or just casual chats to build a stronger community.

Start a branded hashtag

A unique branded hashtag encourages user-generated content and makes your brand more memorable. Aim for something catchy and easy to spell. Users are more likely to remember it and use it themselves. 

Make sure to do a thorough search to ensure your hashtag isn’t already in use or is similar to something that could be confusing. Then promote it across your social channels and include it in all relevant videos.

4. Engage with your audience and community to boost followers

TikTok thrives on community and engagement, so don’t just post your content and disappear! Take the time to interact with your audience. Respond to comments and messages, showing your followers you appreciate their support. 

Actively participate within the wider TikTok community by liking, commenting on, and sharing videos from other creators, especially those within your niche. Find relevant TikTok communities and join in the conversations, demonstrating your knowledge and genuine interest in your field. 

You can also get creative with giveaways and contests! They’re a fantastic way to generate excitement, reward your existing followers, and attract new ones with desirable prizes.

Here’s Glow Recipe utilizing the power of a good giveaway to expand their reach:

5. Promote your TikTok account on other platforms

Don’t limit your TikTok presence to the app itself! Tap your existing audience on other platforms to grow your TikTok following. Share your best TikTok videos on your Instagram Stories, Facebook page, or Twitter feed. 

If you have a blog or website, embed eye-catching TikTok videos directly into relevant posts to entice your readers to follow you. Finally, make sure your TikTok handle is prominent in your email signature, newsletters, and other marketing materials. This creates an easy way for customers and contacts to connect with you on TikTok.

6. Utilize TikTok Ads for growth

While building your following organically is crucial, TikTok Ads offer a powerful way to accelerate your growth and reach a wider, highly targeted audience. The process is straightforward and done through the TikTok Ads Manager.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Head on over to the Advertising on TikTok signup page.
Image source

2. Sign up using your email address and create a secure password

3. Create an account and provide business details

    Image source

    4. Provide billing and payment information

      Image source

      From there, we circle back to our first two strategies:

      Create engaging ad content 

      Like your regular TikTok posts, the success of your ads relies on the content itself. To create engaging TikTok ads, grab attention within the first 3 seconds with a striking image, a curious question, or a relatable situation. 

      Keep your ads concise (10-25 seconds) for maximum impact.  Elevate your ad with trending music, sound effects, or voiceovers (even better if it’s an original brand sound!). 

      Use text overlays to highlight your message, and always include a clear call to action that tells viewers what to do next.

      Define your target audience and budget 

      TikTok ads offer advanced targeting options. Go beyond basic demographics and pinpoint your ideal audience by location, interests, online behavior, and even specific device usage.

      When it comes to budget, the beauty of TikTok Ads is flexibility. You can start with smaller campaigns to test the waters and gradually increase your investment as you find successful strategies.

      Monitor and optimize your ad campaigns 

      The key to effective advertising is analysis and adaptation. TikTok provides detailed analytics about your ad performance. Monitor metrics like reach, impressions, engagement rates, and, most importantly, profile visits and follower growth. 

      Image source

      Use this data to continuously improve your campaigns. Experiment with different targeting combinations, refine your ad creative, and adjust your budget allocation to maximize your ad spend.

      Buying TikTok Followers

      Sometimes, giving your TikTok journey a little kickstart can make a big difference. Consider buying TikTok followers if:

      • You’re a New Account: Getting those first few thousand followers can be tough. A small boost can help you overcome the initial hurdle and attract organic followers more easily.
      • You Want Social Proof: People are more likely to follow profiles that already seem popular. A slightly larger follower count can create the impression of social proof, encouraging others to give your content a chance.

      Just remember, buying followers should be part of a larger growth strategy. Focus on consistent, high-quality content and genuine engagement for long-term success!

      5 Sites to buy TikTok followers

      Here are our picks for the top 5 websites to buy TikTok followers:

      1. UseViral

      UseViral stands out as a top choice for TikTok growth because it delivers real, active followers who genuinely engage with your content.

      Their focus on organic, gradual growth ensures your profile looks authentic, and they even tailor followers to your niche for maximum relevance.

      With dedicated customer support and their emphasis on secure transactions, UseViral provides a hassle-free way to boost your TikTok presence while maintaining your focus on creating amazing content.

      1. SidesMedia

      SidesMedia isn’t just about boosting your follower numbers; they prioritize the quality of your audience. Their engagement guarantee means you’re gaining real, active users who will interact with your content.

      SidesMedia understands the importance of trust, offering privacy protection and secure transactions.

      This combination of genuine growth and user-focused practices makes them a dependable choice for enhancing your TikTok presence.

      1. Growthoid

      Growthoid understands that every TikTok creator has unique goals. Their customizable packages let you precisely tailor the boost you need, while their geographically targeted followers help you reach the right audience.

      Even better, Growthoid’s commitment to non-drop followers translates to a follower count you can rely on for the long haul. This makes Growthoid ideal for creators seeking a strategic and personalized approach to TikTok growth.

      1. TweSocial

      Twesocial understands that sometimes you need a quick and easy solution.

      Their 24/7 customer support means there’s always help at hand, while their speedy delivery ensures your follower boost arrives promptly.

      With transparent terms, Twesocial eliminates uncertainty, making it a hassle-free choice for anyone seeking a convenient way to enhance their TikTok presence.

      1. TokUpgrade

      Fifth on our list (but certainly not the least!), is TokUpgrade. TokUpgrade believes that a bigger follower count shouldn’t mean sacrificing authenticity.

      They prioritize providing real followers with active accounts, helping you build a genuine community around your content.

      Best of all, TokUpgrade’s affordable pricing makes this quality-driven approach accessible, making it a smart choice for budget-conscious creators who want lasting results.

      8. Track your performance

      Don’t be complacent. Like other platforms, TikTok’s algorithm, as well as people’s behavior, always change. It’s important to regularly analyze your performance to ensure long-term success.

      TikTok analytics

      TikTok’s built-in analytics (available for business or creator accounts) provide a wealth of information. 

      Image source

      Here, you’ll find three tabs—Overview, Content, and Follower—for detailed breakdowns.

      Image source

      For a closer look at a specific video, open it and tap “More insights.” This gives you the Performance tab (traffic, comments, engagement) and Viewer tab (audience demographics).

      Image source

      Adjusting your content strategy

      Pay close attention to the videos that get the most love. Analyze what makes them successful. Is it the topic, format, use of music, or another factor? Replicate the elements that work well while experimenting with new approaches to keep your content fresh.

      TikTok is constantly evolving. Stay ahead of the curve by monitoring trending sounds, challenges, and algorithm updates. Be flexible and incorporate relevant trends into your content strategy, all while maintaining a voice that’s unique to your brand or personality.

      Final thoughts

      While mastering TikTok growth takes dedication, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Think of it like a dance – you need to master the basic steps, then add your own unique flair and rhythm.

      Focus on understanding your audience, creating compelling content they’ll crave, and actively fostering a sense of community. Remember, consistency is paramount. Post frequently and remain flexible, adapting to TikTok’s ever-changing trends and features.

      Most importantly, unleash your creativity! Embrace experimentation—try different video formats, jump on challenges, and always find ways to make your content authentic to you. TikTok is a playground for individuality, so don’t be afraid to let yours shine.


      Do followers matter on TikTok? 

      Yes! While engagement and view count are important, having a dedicated following helps with:

      • Reach: More followers increase the potential for your content to be seen.
      • Credibility: A larger following signals social proof and attracts brands for collaborations.
      • Potential for monetization: Certain TikTok monetization features may require a minimum follower count.

      Do I have to accept all follower requests on TikTok? 

      No, you don’t have to accept every follow request. However, this might hinder your account’s growth. Plus, it can be cumbersome to approve each request manually. If you prefer to curate your audience, you can turn on the setting to approve followers.

      To enable this setting:

      1. Go to your profile and tap the three lines in the top right corner.
      2. Select “Settings and Privacy” then “Privacy.”
      3. Toggle the “Private account” switch to on.

      Is it better to have views or followers on TikTok? 

      Ideally, you want both! Views indicate your content is being seen, but followers represent a loyal audience that is likely to engage with your videos consistently.

      What attracts followers on TikTok? 

      TikTok users want to be entertained, informed, or inspired. Provide value with:

      • Unique perspectives within your niche
      • High-quality content
      • Consistency and personality
      • Utilizing hashtags, trends, and TikTok features
      • Interacting with your community and other creators

      Can I make money on TikTok with 1,000 followers? 

      It’s possible, but challenging. Smaller accounts can start with:

      • Affiliate marketing
      • Promoting your own products or services
      • Utilizing livestream gifting

      How many followers do I need to get paid on TikTok? 

      While there’s no single answer, here are some important factors:

      • TikTok Creator Fund: Requires at least 10,000 followers, plus other criteria like recent views and engagement.
      • Brand sponsorships: Follower count is important, but brands also consider your niche, engagement rate, and content quality.
      • Gifting: Your followers, regardless of the number, can send you virtual gifts (with real monetary value) during live streams.

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