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5 Innovative eCommerce Video Marketing Trends for 2022

Videos are quickly becoming the leading digital content format for all kinds of eCommerce businesses. Right now, companies use video formats to create new content related to their brands, launch new products, or stay in touch with their audience.

Although video marketing trends existed in previous years, the latest trend analysis shows that video marketing is yet to reach its full potential in 2022. When done right, videos can help eCommerce owners build trust and long-term relationships with their audience, attract new customers, and establish a solid base for increasing brand recognition.

Considering that 83% of marketers using video content claim that this format helped them generate more leads, it’s not surprising to hear videos will become the marketing trend of 2022. Without further ado, here are the top 5 innovative eCommerce video marketing trends for 2022.

1. Video advertising across social media platforms

Social media plays a crucial role in a brand’s success. Essentially, if an eCommerce business wants to raise its visibility and succeed, it’s next to impossible to accomplish that without any social media presence. Therefore, the first and the most critical video trend for 2022 is video advertising through social media.

Videos on social media encourage new users to follow brands and explore their products and also helps to boost SEO. Furthermore, they help engage with loyal customers, as they allow brands to communicate with their followers and inform them about new products conveniently and interestingly.

People using social media platforms often make purchasing decisions based on what they come across online. Therefore, online businesses must capture attention and motivate users to spend their money on their products or services instead of choosing other companies.

Video trends do just that. Companies can come up with just about any marketing campaign that involves a video format, thanks to their flexibility and unlimited creativity. Because of that, it only makes sense to invest in video advertising across social media platforms.

Plus, videos assist in voice SEO as voice assistants such as Alexa suggest video resources for some queries where video content holds more relevance as compared to text content such as recipe related queries.

2. Interactive videos that generate more sales

As volume analysis shows that marketing strategies continue to develop with a strong focus on social media, another video trend that continues to deliver impressive results has appeared on the market. Whether you’re planning a new product launch or want to increase your sales, interactive videos are one of the best solutions to do so.

While many people use search engines to find products or services, social media channels are becoming an increasingly important part of this process too.

Individuals follow their friends, family members, and other influential figures on social media platforms. So, it’s sometimes much easier to use these channels to quickly find what they’re looking for or get accurate recommendations and suggestions based on their online behavior.

Online brands aware of the video format’s importance in eCommerce are already implementing shoppable videos as an essential part of their marketing campaigns and for a good reason.

Interactive videos usually contain clickable pop-up text that navigates the viewer to the items advertised in the video. Businesses can implement these shopping videos to convert viewers quickly and easily and attract more customers. Since clients don’t even have to leave the app to purchase something online, interactive videos ensure a seamless and fast shopping experience.

3. Immersive 360-degree video experiences

Standard videos and images often don’t do products justice, and that’s something more and more companies are noticing. Of course, video is the most advanced method to showcase and present products an eCommerce brand offers. Still, it lacks the in-person perspective that interested buyers could only get when visiting a physical store.

However, with the latest technology developments, this can also change.

360-degree videos allow customers to dive into a completely new and immersive experience by exploring and examining every feature of a particular product. Whether a company is selling apparel, shoes, or real estate, the 360-degree videos equip customers with everything they need to experience a product fully.

This new visual experience is blurring the boundaries between the offline and the online world, as it lets customers virtually try a product before deciding whether to purchase it or not.

Thanks to this technology, not only can brands present their products in a more realistic light, but they can also attract a wider audience. Namely, 360-degree video experiences are way more exciting than other video formats, and customers will always choose a brand that offers them a better purchasing experience.

4. Short and easy-to-consume videos

People today are leading hectic and stressful lives trying to juggle between family, friends, work, health, and personal hobbies. Therefore, the idea of ecommerce brands releasing time-consuming marketing content they hope people are going to watch is simply absurd.

According to volume analysis reports, most internet users skip videos longer than just a few minutes since this time frame is simply too long for them to lose.

But, the key to creating engaging content is to motivate even the busiest consumers to watch your videos. The solution is to develop short and easy-to-consume content that gets more views and attention from the public. That way, you’ll target all the potential consumers, including the busy ones.

While finding a method to incorporate all crucial information you want to share in a short and engaging video isn’t easy, it indeed ensures a riveting and exciting presentation of your products. These short videos could be an excellent opportunity to connect with your audience by supplying them with behind-the-scenes snippets, tutorials, reviews, tips, and more.

You can use an online video maker to create stunning videos that drive engagement.

5. Authentic and raw live video streaming

According to numerous volume analysis reports, there’s a growing gap between ecommerce companies and their clients that’s been more challenging to fill. As a result, people today find themselves too detached from the brands they follow as they continue to crave authenticity, connection, and personalization from these businesses.

Long gone are days when consumers supported corporate jargon and formal sales talk. Modern-day consumers are simply looking for understandable, relatable, and approachable brands.

With that being said, there’s no better solution than some authentic and raw live video streaming. While people aren’t interested in watching longer videos, they are engaged if the content being presented is live. That allows them to become part of the event and follow the activities in real-time.

That ultimately leads to consumers feeling connected to an ecommerce brand on a whole new level. Brands can use these live videos to show previews of new products, tell stories, host live Q&As, and show various behind-the-scenes content that hasn’t been available to the audience before.

Live video streaming grows the brand’s presence while simultaneously increasing viewer engagement and trust.

The bottom line

There’s no doubt that videos will become the leading trend in the marketing industry throughout 2022 and will continue to dominate in the years to come. With the newest video developments and advancements, eCommerce businesses already have various tools to choose from for their campaigns.

Nevertheless, these top 5 innovative trends will most likely mark 2022, and it’s just the right time to implement some of your favorites into this year’s marketing campaign.

Guest author: Joydeep Bhattacharya is a digital marketing evangelist and author of the SEO Sandwitch Blog. He has over a decade of experience in SEO and has helped numerous businesses improve their presence online. You can connect with him over LinkedIn

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