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Local SEO vs. On-Page SEO - Do You Need Both?

In this blog, we will discuss two important types of SEO – namely local SEO and on-page SEO. But first, let’s quickly discuss what SEO is.

SEO is defined as a process that involves certain steps/procedures to help a piece of content or website rank higher on Google.

In the early 2000s, SEO used to be simpler. But as time progressed, the entire SEO process took a more complex turn. Now when optimizing a site for search engines, you have to take into account certain rules to meet different search engine ranking requirements as well as to keep your users happy.

Talking about local SEO and on-page SEO, these are considered the two primary SEO types. Let’s learn more about each of them in detail before we proceed to the local SEO vs. on-page SEO comparison:

What is Local SEO?

As per the latest statistics, 18% of local searches result in a purchase within a day.

Local SEO is the process involving optimizing your online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches on search engines. Local SEO, when done correctly, increases local awareness about your business in a quick and easy manner, bringing the locals a step closer to a purchase. 


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Note: Optimizing for local search is crucial, particularly for brick-and-mortar businesses that provide services in certain cities, regions, specific towns, and states.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing the content of your web pages for both search engines and users. Some common on-page SEO ranking factors include optimizing title tags, internal links, URLs, and content.

Why is on-page SEO important?

It aids search engines in analyzing the build and content of your site. This helps them identify if a searcher’s query is relevant to your website.

Local SEO vs On-Page SEO

Often called the “yin and yang” of SEO, both local SEO and on-page SEO are crucial for almost all kinds of businesses. Although the functions of an on-page and a local SEO specialist are different, both have a shared common goal: To increase your business’s online presence and boost your website’s rankings on Google.

If you consider the job of an on-page SEO expert, it involves proofreading site content, optimizing your meta descriptions, and various other sections.

A local SEO specialist, on the other hand, ensures that your link-building strategy is effective and your citations are correct.

Thus, as you can see, even though they both work rather differently, both jobs are important to develop a consistent online presence of your brand. Both local & on-page SEO is effective pillars of your marketing strategy.

The benefits of Local SEO


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Even though all kinds of businesses can benefit from local SEO, the ones that have a prominent audience base among local clients will have a far greater need for it.

Let’s discuss the benefits of local SEO in more detail:

1. Uses links to enhance rankings

Link building is a huge part of local SEO. Good links can boost your businesses’ online rankings, and knowing how to find and earn these links is the entire job of a local SEO specialist.

A local SEO specialist does the following link building work:

  • Adds new links in forums and directories
  • Disavows toxic/broken links that can negatively affect your rankings
  • Uses popular SEO tools such as MOZ and SEMrush, to know about linking opportunities

The latest statistics tell us that close to 53% of digital marketers consider guest posting to be the most effective link-building strategy.

A local SEO specialist helps generate high-quality links through guest blogging and various other methods.

2. Keeps your Google listing up-to-date

Your Google listing is like a front-door entrance to your business on the internet. So to make a great first impression, you need to ensure it is in its best condition and fully up-to-date. A local SEO specialist takes care of your Google listing, and ensures that it has all the links, photos, and info required by the average searcher.

3. Reduces advertising costs

Local businesses spend a lot of money on advertising channels like pamphlets, banners, hoardings, and local TV ads. This is because their primary user base is among the local audience. However, if they dedicate this time and resources to optimize their local SEO, they can reduce such overt advertising costs.

The benefits of On-Page SEO

Everyone that is a business owner and has a website for their business, needs to implement best SEO practices.  Let’s learn about the benefits of on-page SEO to know why it is so important for all businesses:

1. Provides increased exposure

The goal of on-page SEO is to increase your rankings in organic listings. SEO is highly targeted marketing that helps get your website in the view of your target audience (individuals most likely to purchase what you are offering).

2. Builds EAT (Expertise, Authority, and Trust)

Google and other search engines aim to provide searchers with the best options for their search. This is why they rank those websites that have proven trust, expertise, and authority in a specific field, higher in search results. The message is clear then you need to build EAT (Expertise, Authority, and Trust) to rank well in search queries.


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Now, how do you build EAT?

By creating high-quality, top-notch content that offers the readers insightful solutions to their problems.

The easiest way to provide solutions to your audience is by regular and informative blogging.

If you don’t already have a blog, consider this a sign to start one! A blog helps build authority and trust in your website as well as your business.

For your blog to provide SEO value, follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

  • Provide reasons for the reader to take a specific action
  • Write content that is relevant to your audience
  • Explain why you do what you do
  • Be consistent
  • Share the blogs on your social media platforms
  • Consider writing longer posts;  1000+ words

3. Pays off in the long term

A lot of businesses leave out SEO because of the costs involved. However, SEO has consistently shown results when used smartly and adequately for a business. Hence, business owners should think of SEO as an investment with tepid initial results, but a long-term payoff.

When an SEO strategy is executed properly, it provides a well-organized website with rich content that translates to a great user experience – something your site visitors will definitely appreciate.


The bottom line, after carrying out a thorough local SEO vs on-page SEO comparison, it is safe to say that you require both for a solid, competitive, and authoritative brand presence.

These two types of SEO work together to increase your rankings in search engines. Additionally, they enable you to show your customers exactly what makes you a better option than your competitors.

For further reading on how to boost your website’s organic traffic and rank on Google, refer to this complete SEO checklist.

Guest author: Sean Davis is a professional content developer at DashClicks, a white-label digital marketing platform for small and medium-scale agencies. He also has more than 5 years of experience as a content strategist, blogger, and digital marketer. Sean uses his expertise to spread knowledge through his writing. He is highly proficient in describing complex technical concepts with simplicity to make them widely accessible.

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