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10 SaaS Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Is your Saas business not growing as rapidly as your competitors? Are you wondering what to do to unlock high growth for your business? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, then stay right here. We’ll discuss everything about SaaS marketing in this article.

New businesses enter the market on a daily basis. Because of the increased competition, it is difficult to outperform your competitors. It has become critical to dig into SaaS marketing in order to maintain a profitable business and produce money consistently.

SaaS marketing is all about developing and implementing innovative marketing tactics to assist you in benefiting your SaaS business. If you’re not sure why you should get into SaaS marketing, here are some points to consider.

  • Efficient SaaS marketing lowers client turnover, which is exceptionally crucial for a company to flourish.
  • Marketing will lead to more visibility for your product.
  • When effective tactics are adopted, more revenue and market dominance will follow.
  • Customers will become more satisfied and loyal.

If you’re just getting started with SaaS marketing, you should check out these ten tried-and-true SaaS marketing tactics that will help your company expand.

#1. Offer free trials 


Free trials are a surefire method to get individuals to experience your product. SaaS organizations that offer free trials have seen a 60% conversion rate. This implies that 60% of individuals who utilize the free version of your product will purchase the paid variant.

How Salesforce unlocked high growth for its SaaS products in the initial stages:

  • When Salesforce had a lower consumer reach, it tweaked its marketing strategy by offering free trials, and since then it has grown to a leader in many SaaS segments.
  • Due to its products still being in development, the free trials provided two benefits to the company. The users who tried the software got to use it before the general public. As well the company could test its software on smaller and targeted populations, this helped the company save time in testing the software and also reduced times for rolling out new software to the market.

Because most SaaS software doesn’t require a unique setup, there is no harm in enabling a potential customer to explore your SaaS solution for a few days. Free trials are an efficient medium to introduce the world to your company’s working style and how you handle each customer. This SaaS marketing technique is quite beneficial when executed correctly.

If you are offering a practical SaaS application, and you are proud of your invention. Then giving free trials shouldn’t be any problem. You’ll definitely see an increase in revenue with the implementation of this SaaS strategy.

#2. Give SEO significance


SEO can help you get a higher rating on search engine results pages (SERPs). A prominent position in search results will raise your visibility and market awareness, resulting in higher revenues. According to research, most customers prefer to see their results on the first search engine page, therefore staying at the top is critical.

As a SaaS company, you will undoubtedly publish blogs and articles about your services. So why not accomplish two things at the same time? When writing blog posts and articles for your SaaS website, make sure to follow SEO guidelines.

Before you publish anything, double-check that the post has enough keywords. Your keywords should be highly relevant to your field. You can include internal links to provide visitors more information. This is one of the proven methods for improving your SEO.

Higher positions on search engine results pages will eventually create more organic traffic for your business. A higher ranking will allow you to cut expenditures on other forms of advertising, giving you more money to invest in product development. Furthermore, higher brand visibility will lead to increased income.

#3. Offer referral bonuses


A referral incentive is a great method to keep consumers pleased. You must have an established and stable client base for this marketing technique to operate well.

You may provide a referral benefit in the form of discounts or even free services and products for a limited period. This is generally given to existing customers who bring new consumers to the company.

Evernote’s amazing referral strategy keeps the revenue flowing.

  • Evernote is one SaaS product that knows best about how to offer referral bonuses.
  • Its referral program is competitive and it rewards users with 10 points when they refer the service. Also, whenever a referred user upgrades to premium, it gives 5 more points to the referring customer.
  • This referral cycle has proven effective for Evernote, and it’s premium user count has increased drastically.

If your SaaS service is of good quality, people will certainly promote it to their friends, colleagues, and family members. When you offer a referral bonus, the number of suggestions for your services and items will increase swiftly.

Starting with SaaS recommendations is a fantastic method to evaluate your customers’ commitment. Furthermore, this marketing technique produces better outcomes faster than any other.

#4. Keep signups simple


Signups are one of your customers’ initial encounters with your SaaS product. A simple registration method is necessary for a SaaS platform. A straightforward signup process will encourage more people to complete the form. You can also add an FAQ section to simplify the process.

When building a signup page, keep it as short and easy as possible. Request just the most important and essential information. This will result in more individuals joining up for your service.

A user-friendly signup process can entice more consumers. Easy signups are an extra benefit to your marketing tactics, especially if you are a new business or giving a free trial.

#5. Launch a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaign

An efficient way to promote your SaaS product is via a PPC marketing campaign. PPC campaigns are a technique of paid advertising that you may employ on search engines and other websites to advertise your products.

PPC campaigns are a very effective marketing technique. They have been utilized by nearly every company and are well-known for the outcomes they provide. A well-executed PPC campaign could help your company develop quickly. A solid PPC campaign should always start with thorough research.

It is critical to use the correct choice of keywords in your PPC ads. Your marketing plan will fall flat if you don’t use the proper keywords.

#6. Explore social media marketing


As a SaaS company, you cannot afford to ignore social media marketing. The world is presently on a rollercoaster ride because of social media. Most marketers use social media in their marketing plans and invest substantially in it.

Social media is an excellent tool for promoting your SaaS product. You may connect with your present consumers as well as future customers by using social media. Run social media campaigns to assist your current clients, or arrange social media contests for your fans. Request that they publish something on your behalf and tag you; if they win, you can present them with prizes. This is a simple and successful marketing technique.

Always be available on social media to your consumers. Make an effort to meet as many new individuals as possible. This will boost your activity as well as your visibility on social media platforms.

#7. Unlock email marketing 


Nothing has produced any greater outcomes than email marketing when it comes to marketing. While email marketing has been around for some years, 81% of companies still utilize it in one way or another.

Email marketing is straightforward. A list of valid emails and top-quality content is required. You may promote your SaaS product efficiently using email marketing through frequent email pitches on features and changes. You may also develop an email marketing plan to provide your consumers through this channel exclusive offers.

The rates of conversion for email marketing in comparison with the resources used are always satisfactory.

Ensure that you add surveys, newsletters, and even onboarding emails if you establish an email marketing plan for your company. Your SaaS emails should be informative and not only include marketing items.

#8. Use content marketing 

An excellent weapon for modern marketers is content marketing. You won’t have to run PPC advertisements for your business growth when you are using the right content marketing and SEO approach.

On your SaaS website, always give relevant, high-quality information. People will stay on your site longer if the search results are rated higher as a result of this strategy. You can place your marketing call-to-action at the end of any article on your website. This way you’ll be able to reach more organic and targeted customers.

When it comes to content marketing, you can be sure that you’re connecting with your target audience by using the right keywords. Content marketing is incredibly effective and produces significant results at a low cost. This is why content marketing has been adopted by 70% of modern-day SaaS marketers.

#9. Improve the customer experience


Every decision you make should be based on the customer’s experience. Because consumers drive your company’s success, it’s critical to consider their experience.

People will recommend your product to others if they have a positive customer experience. It is one of the most important marketing tactics to use. It might be difficult to apply at times, but it becomes second nature when done correctly from the outset.

When we talk about customer experience, no one comes near Amazon Web Services. It has one of the easiest user experiences. Complex tasks like setting up servers and computer instances have become very easy due to the user experience they provide.

By providing a great customer experience, AWS has expanded its services to non-tech people too. This small tweak has been a great marketing endeavor for the company.

You can improve the client experience by making features easily accessible. Even if you have thousands of features, your product will fail if they are difficult to reach.

There are several things you can do to create a better client experience. Check them out and integrate them into your SaaS marketing plan.

#10. Provide excellent deals

The greatest approach to attract new clients for your SaaS business is to market it by giving excellent offers. When you provide discounts and reduce rates, you attract more market attention. There is a good possibility that this attention will result in additional clients for your company.

One tried-and-true technique is to give larger discounts on long-term subscriptions, making them appear more reasonable. Everyone wants to acquire a SaaS product at a reasonable price. Here is a chance for you to boost the growth of your company.

Wrapping up

While the SaaS industry is new, there are already a lot of rivalries. To be the best-selling product in your category, you must employ the most effective SaaS marketing tactics. You’ve seen certain techniques that have worked brilliantly for numerous SaaS firms in the past. Give them a go if you want to accelerate the growth of your company.

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