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It’s not easy to amass enough positive feedback on your TikTok videos… 

Most people can give up with little to no effort at all… But is there help in any way?

Indeed, there is! You can buy TikTok comments

We looked at 47 companies selling TikTok comments, and compiled this list of the top 9.

10 Best sites to buy TikTok comments

Read in detail the best sites to choose when buying comments on TikTok:

1. UseViral

UseViral is a well-known company that is primarily concerned with the expansion of social media. Because they have a track record of success in delivering genuine TikTok comments and several other social networking tools to their clients, they have solidified their place in the industry.

On this website, you can also learn How to buy followers on TikTok.

Every individual customer who comes to UseViral to purchase TikTok comments is assigned to a member of a specialized team that they have assembled only for them. Their TikTok comments service is perfect for extending your reach and promoting your brand.

They differentiate themselves from the competitors by providing legitimate TikTok comments that will engage with your brand without violating TikTok’s Terms and Conditions.


  • Competitive Edge: More comments can help your content stand out in a highly competitive TikTok landscape. 
  • Testing Content and Audience Response: While bought comments may not provide valuable feedback.
  • Free TikTok Comments: Because UseViral understands how important trying out something before buying it is.
  • Supporting Specific Goals: Sometimes, individuals or businesses may have specific short-term goals that align with buying custom TikTok comments.
  • Best site to buy TikTok comments (Real & Cheap)


  • Longer Turnaround Times: UseViral may have high demand, leading to longer service turnaround times. 

2. Sidesmedia

Buy comments on TikTok from SidesMedia

SidesMedia emerges as a reliable partner for TikTok users seeking a quick boost in engagement. With their seamless service, buying TikTok comments becomes a breeze, providing an immediate surge in interaction. 

Their commitment to authenticity ensures each comment feels genuine, enhancing social proof and drawing a broader audience to our content. 

As we witness the positive impact on our videos’ visibility and popularity, SidesMedia instills confidence in our content creation journey, making them an invaluable ally for any TikTok creator seeking swift growth.


  • Social Proof: More comments can create a perception of popularity and credibility, potentially encouraging other users to engage with your content.
  • Attracting Collaborations and Opportunities: A higher comment count will make your TikTok account more appealing to potential collaborators.
  • Experimentation and Testing: Buying comments for specific videos can test how your audience reacts to particular content or themes.
  • Kickstarting Growth: Buying comments will help your content get noticed, especially if you’re starting with a small following. 


  • Higher Cost: SidesMedia often charge higher prices than less established or lower-quality providers. 

3. Growthoid

Growthoid shines as a top-tier service for organic growth and engagement. With its powerful strategies and personalized approach, Growthoid proves to be an effective ally in expanding your social media reach. 

Their team of experts takes the time to understand your target audience, optimizing interactions to foster genuine connections.

Partnering with Growthoid is wise, leading to sustained growth, increased followers, and a flourishing online presence.


  • Algorithm-Friendly: Growthoid’s organic approach aligns with social media algorithms.
  • Real Engagement: The service provides authentic engagement, promoting meaningful interactions with your audience.
  • Reputation Management: In any situation, Growthoid actively monitors and manages your online reputation.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Growthoid provides detailed analytics and insights into your social media performance.


  • Limited Personal Touch: Growthoid might have thousands of clients, making it difficult to provide personalized attention and a close working relationship.

4. TokCaptain

TokCaptain emerges as an exceptional partner for accelerating your TikTok growth. With its innovative strategies and advanced algorithms, TokCaptain delivers organic engagement that surpasses expectations. 

Every like, follow, and comment feels genuinely authentic, fostering real connections with your audience, through real TikTok comments. TokCaptain’s targeting options are unparalleled, ensuring your content reaches the right people who resonate with your brand. 

With their unwavering commitment to platform compliance, you can confidently navigate the world of TikTok without fear of penalties. 


  • Reputation Management: TokCaptain will monitor and manage interactions on your behalf, ensuring your online reputation remains positive and responsive.
  • Targeted Audience: TokCaptain’s precise targeting helps you connect with users who align with your brand or interests, fostering meaningful interactions.
  • Personalized Approach: TokCaptain’s services offer a custom TikTok comments, tailoring engagements to suit your unique content and audience.
  • Boosted Account Growth: With TokCaptain’s expertise, your TikTok account experiences accelerated growth, increasing followers and engagement.


  • Limited Flexibility: TokCaptain may have standardized processes and strict policies.

5. Viralyft

Viralyft is an exceptional partner for accelerating social media growth and engagement. With their innovative and strategic approach, Viralyft delivers impressive results, propelling your online presence to new heights.

Their commitment to organic growth ensures every like, follower, and view feels genuinely authentic, fostering real connections with your audience. Viralyft’s targeting options are unparalleled, reaching the right audience who resonate with your brand or content. 

With their platform-compliant practices, you can confidently navigate the social media landscape, avoiding any risks of penalties or restrictions. 


  • Professional Expertise: Viralyft’s team of experts brings professional knowledge and experience to optimize your social media growth strategies.
  • Quick Results: In any scenario, Viralyft’s services will lead to immediate initial results, boosting your social media accounts quickly.
  • 24/7 Support: Viralyft offer round-the-clock customer support, ensuring any issues or queries are promptly addressed.
  • Testing and Optimization: Viralyft conducts tests and optimizations to find the most effective engagement strategies for your specific niche or industry.


  • Complex Procedures: Viralyft has complicated procedures and documentation, which can be overwhelming or time-consuming for some customers.

6 Stormcomments

Stormcomments emerges as an innovative and effective solution for boosting engagement on social media platforms. With their cutting-edge technology and strategic approach, Stormcomments delivers authentic and relevant interactions, impacting your content’s visibility. 

Each comment, like, and follow feels genuine, fostering meaningful connections with your audience. In this context, Stormcomments’ precise targeting and tailored solutions ensure that your content reaches the right audience which resonates with your brand or interests. 

Their commitment to compliance with platform policies safeguards your account from potential penalties or restrictions. 


  • Enhanced Visibility: increased engagement from bought comments boosts your videos’ visibility on the TikTok algorithm, reaching a broader audience.
  • Brand Perception: A significant number of comments is going to enhance your brand’s perception.
  • Experimentation: Buying comments for specific videos can serve as an experiment to test different content types or themes.
  • Attracting Collaborations: A higher comment count will make your TikTok account more appealing to potential collaborators, brands, or business opportunities.


  • Less Room for Negotiation: Stormcomment has a solid reputation and demand, so they may be less inclined to negotiate on pricing or terms than smaller providers.

7. Trollishy

Trollishy emerges as a unique and innovative service for buying TikTok comments. With their state-of-the-art technology and strategic approach, Trollishy provides an exceptional solution for boosting engagement on your TikTok content.

Each meticulously crafted comment feels authentic and relevant, encouraging meaningful interactions with your audience.

Trollishy’s targeting options are unparalleled, allowing you to reach the right audience who genuinely resonate with your content. Their commitment to platform compliance ensures that your TikTok account remains safe from potential penalties or restrictions. 


  • Increased Reach: The heightened engagement through comments extends the reach of your content beyond your existing followers.
  • Boosting Confidence: Buying comments will boost confidence for new or smaller accounts, motivating them to continue creating content.
  • Saving Time and Effort: Purchasing comments can save time and effort compared to waiting for organic engagement to grow naturally.
  • Comments From Real TikTok Accounts: By only offering organic comments coming from real TikTok accounts.


  • Limited Strategy Diversity: Relying solely on engagement services from Trollishy may limit your social media growth strategies.

8. GetAFollower

GetAFollower is not only an excellent place to buy TikTok followers but also a great option for someone to buy TikTok comment or comments. 

While they specialize in providing high-quality followers for your TikTok account, their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction extend to delivering authentic and engaging comments as well.

With their service, you can expect real TikTok users to leave meaningful and relevant comments on your videos, adding to the overall engagement and interaction on your content, for example increasing TikTok likes or TikTok views. 


  • Increasing Content Credibility: A higher number of comments from GetAFollower can enhance the credibility of your TikTok content.
  • Showcasing Positive Interaction: A significant comment count can visually demonstrate that your TikTok videos elicit positive interactions.
  • Building Social Influence: With GetAFollower’s services, your TikTok account could gain social influence and authority in your niche or industry.
  • Time-Sensitive Promotions: Buying comments create urgency and encourage viewers to engage promptly for time-sensitive promotions or announcements.


  • Potential Comment Clutter: The comment section could become unmanageable if there are many new remarks.

9. Fastlikes.io

Fastlikes.io emerges as a cutting-edge solution for boosting engagement on TikTok. With their innovative approach and advanced algorithms, Fastlikes.io delivers a seamless experience for purchasing TikTok comments. 

Each meticulously crafted comment feels authentic and relevant, fostering meaningful interactions with your TikTok fans.

Fastlikes.io’s precision targeting allows you to reach the right audience, ensuring that your content resonates with those who share similar interests. Their services comply with platform policies, safeguarding your TikTok account from potential penalties or restrictions.


  • Positive Feedback Loop: The engagement generated through purchased comments could trigger positive feedback loops.
  • Building Momentum: A surge in comments from Fastlikes.io can create momentum for your TikTok account.
  • Global Reach: Fastlikes.io’s services allow you to target a global audience, expanding your content’s reach beyond regional limitations.
  • Analyzing Content Performance: Increased engagement from purchased comments will provide valuable data for analyzing content performance.


  • Innovation Constraints: Fastlikes.io may be less agile when adopting new technologies or innovative approaches, potentially limiting the cutting-edge aspects of their service.

10. TokUpgrade

As UseViral, we recognize the importance of specialized services tailored to each social media platform’s unique requirements. 

When it comes to TikTok, TokUpgrade stands out as a great place to buy TikTok comments. Their name alone reflects their expertise and focus on providing top-notch TikTok services, which can make a significant difference in growing your TikTok presence.

With TokUpgrade, you can expect a targeted approach to boosting your TikTok engagement. 

Their team is well-versed in the TikTok ecosystem and knows precisely what it takes to attract genuine interactions and meaningful comments to your videos.


  • Experimentation: Purchasing comments for specific TikTok videos can serve as an experiment to test different content types or themes.
  • Potential for Collaboration Opportunities: A higher comment count from TokUpgrade makes your TikTok account more appealing to potential collaborators, brands, or business opportunities.
  • Enhanced Visibility: With TokUpgrade’s services, your TikTok videos gain increased visibility on the platform’s algorithm.
  • Insights into Content Performance: The engagement generated through purchased comments could provide valuable insights into content performance and audience preferences.


  • Short-Term Impact: The results of paid endorsements may be fleeting if not accompanied by sustained community-building initiatives.

How important are TikTok comments?

Comments are one of the most essential aspects to consider when starting a TikTok career. There are many benefits. These are some of the most influential ones:

Feedback and improvement

Real TikTok comments provide a direct channel for receiving feedback on your content. Whether positive or constructive, comments can offer valuable insights into what your audience enjoys and areas where you can improve. 

Taking feedback into account allows you to refine your content strategy and cater to your audience’s preferences, ultimately leading to more engaging and shareable videos.

Meaningful interactions

TikTok comments provide an avenue for genuine interactions with your TikTok fans. Viewers may ask questions, offer compliments, share their thoughts, or provide feedback on your content. 

Responding to comments fosters community and connection with followers, building stronger relationships and loyalty. Meaningful interactions can encourage viewers to become more invested in your content and follow your account.

User-generated content opportunities

TikTok comments can spark user-generated content (UGC) opportunities. Viewers who engage with your videos through comments may be inspired to create their own content in response, such as duets or reactions. 

UGC can lead to viral challenges, increasing the reach of your content and creating a sense of community around your brand or content theme.

Things to look out for when buying TikTok comments

You should be careful when picking a service for buying TikTok comments. Many fraudulent sites offer bots.

Choosing the most reputable brands with good customer reviews is always wise. Here are the essential aspects you need to have in mind when choosing a service:

Refund policy

Check if the service offers a refund policy in case you are unsatisfied with the comments provided. Every service that includes a refund is quality because it isn’t afraid of making mistakes.

Mistakes happen, and it is essential to know that the service you’re using has your back and supports you.

Targeted comments

Look for services that allow you to customize comments to align with your target audience and content. When you target your audience, you can match your content with people’s interests.

Many types of targeting include age, population, nationality, etc. Find your priorities and focus on your content.

Comment quality

Ensure the comments are relevant, engaging, and aligned with your content to avoid generic or spam-like comments. With these things, your videos will look like regular, highly valued posts.

High-quality comments will directly influence the popularity of your video, so be extremely careful with this consideration.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Are the comments from buying services real and genuine?

Some providers offer custom comments from actual users. Other providers might use bots or generic comments that can be easily identified as fake. It’s crucial to choose a reputable provider to maintain the credibility of your TikTok account.

To prove that they are real bought comments often lead to more TikTok comment likes.

Will buying TikTok comments enhance content visibility?

Purchasing TikTok comments provides a temporary boost in engagement metrics, which might increase the visibility of your content on TikTok’s algorithm. 

However, your content’s quality, relevancy, and audience engagement remain critical for sustained visibility and organic growth. TikTok’s algorithm prioritizes content that captures users’ attention and keeps them engaged.

Can buying TikTok comments lead to account suspension?

Using buying services for TikTok comments, especially those employing bots or fake accounts, hypothetically violates TikTok’s terms of service. 

This practice can lead to penalties, such as account suspension or content removal. Choose a reputable service that uses real comments to maintain a safe and credible TikTok presence.

What is the typical delivery time for purchased comments?

The delivery times for purchased TikTok comments can vary significantly, with some services providing comments within hours of purchase, while others may take a few days to complete the delivery process. It’s essential to consider the service’s turnaround time when selecting a provider.


In conclusion, buying TikTok comments can be a powerful strategy to enhance your TikTok presence and grow your account. 

It allows you to receive feedback, foster meaningful interactions, and even spark user-generated content opportunities. 

When choosing a service to buy TikTok comments, it’s essential to look for reputable providers with good customer reviews, a refund policy, and the ability to provide targeted and high-quality comments. 

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