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You Have Six Weeks Left To Scale Your Online Business




On today’s episode, we’re diving deep into the critical six weeks ahead of us before summer hits. I’m going to walk you through the essential tasks you need to focus on to ensure your business thrives during this pivotal time. We’re talking about profit-producing tasks, recurring revenue, and setting realistic goals to propel your business forward.

You Have Six Weeks Left To Scale Your Online Business – Key Takeaways:

  • It’s all about recurring revenue to weather the seasonal storms.
  • Spend time perfecting your programs, gathering testimonials, and creating valuable content.
  • Sales should be your main focus—embrace it!
  • Overcome perfectionism and get laser-focused on your goals.
  • Don’t undervalue your services—know your worth.
  • Use technology and automation to streamline your processes.
  • Stay adaptable in the ever-changing world of online marketing.

Profit-Producing Tasks:

  • Focus on client satisfaction and improving your programs.
  • Keep churning out valuable content to expand your audience.
  • Get strategic with your sales efforts to drive revenue growth.

Challenges to Overcome:

  • Let go of perfectionism—it’s holding you back.
  • Get clear on your priorities to maximize productivity.
  • Don’t sell yourself short—know your value.
  • Stay ahead of the curve by adapting to market changes.

Key Quotes:

  • “Treat money like a really hot chick that you want to date. That’s how you attract it.”
  • “Get strategic direction because you’re currently at a place where you don’t know what you don’t know.”
  • “What I’m offering you here is tried and true basics, things that actually work.”

Resources Mentioned:

  • Visit LindseyA.com for upcoming free live online workshops and events to scale your online business.


These next six weeks are crucial for your business’s success. By focusing on profit-producing tasks, embracing sales, and overcoming common challenges, you’ll set yourself up for long-term growth. Remember, it’s all about taking action and staying adaptable in the ever-changing landscape of online business.

You Have Six Weeks Left To Scale Your Online Business

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