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Ashley Cox: Hire & Lead Profitable, Sustainable, Impactful Teams




Get ready for an insightful episode on hiring and leading profitable, sustainable, and impactful teams. Today, I’m thrilled to have a special guest, Ashley Cox, joining us to share her expertise in these critical areas.

Guest Introduction

Ashley Cox, PHR, SHRM-CP is the Founder and CEO of SproutHR, a boutique HR consulting firm that advises women-owned businesses on how to hire and lead profitable, sustainable, and impactful teams with confidence, ease, and fun.

At SproutHR, Ashley and her team focus on values-based hiring, compassionate and intentional leadership, and amplifying impact. With over 17 years of experience as a certified HR professional, Ashley is also a subject matter expert, speaker, author of the book, Transform Your Stories, and host of The Impact Ripple Podcast. 

Hire & Lead Profitable, Sustainable, Impactful Teams: Key Takeaways

The Critical Role of Teams in Business Growth

  • Teams are pivotal for growth beyond legal compliance.
  • Ashley specializes in helping businesses with under 50 employees navigate HR challenges.
  • Guidance for small businesses on legal defensibility and sustainable growth.

The Dynamics of Team Building in Online Businesses

  • Challenges arise when online business teams aren’t aligned with company culture and goals.
  • Effective recruiting is crucial for finding the right people in the online business industry.
  • Leadership skills are paramount for leading teams to profitability and impact.

Success Story: Transforming the Team

  • Example of adding 35 team members in 8 months during the pandemic.
  • Ashley breaks down a detailed analysis of the hiring process, successful hires, and addressing challenges in online businesses.
  • Effective interview techniques and maintaining alignment in teams is crucial for success.

Strategic Onboarding for Success

  • Onboarding is a year-long process, especially in online businesses, extending beyond the initial 90 days.
  • Streamlining onboarding processes is critical for providing a consistent candidate experience.
  • Shocking statistic: One in three online business employees quits within the first 90 days due to inadequate onboarding.

The Shift in Online Business Employee Priorities

  • Employees in online businesses seek companies aligned with belief-driven entrepreneurship.
  • Employers need to communicate their stance on social and justice issues to attract and retain top talent.

Nurturing Team Development for Long-term Success

  • Ongoing team development beyond initial orientation and onboarding is very important.
  • Retaining and nurturing employees’ expertise leads to long-term success.

Resources Mentioned


A big thank you to Ashley Cox for sharing valuable insights in hiring and leading profitable, sustainable, and impactful teams. Stay tuned for more episodes on scaling your business online. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review on your favorite podcast platform!

Ashley Cox: Hire & Lead Profitable, Sustainable, Impactful Teams​

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