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5 Twitter Tools You Can Use To Delete Your Tweets In Bulk

Twitter has grown to be one of the most widely used and popular platforms for exchanging ideas, opinions, memories, and photos. Twitter is enjoyable to use, especially if you are new to the platform.

You get to interact with the most popular celebrities, receive global updates, communicate with other people with similar interests, and so on. You can also get in touch with your followers upon their feedback or reply to posts of the users that you are following. Interacting with people is vital to boosting your engagement but this must be within certain boundaries.

With the growth of social media platforms, some people easily try, judge, and lynch others while sitting in their chairs. However, commenting, arguing, or protesting on Twitter is not completely unreciprocated. All the things you have posted on Twitter linger on this social media platform until you delete your tweets, likes, or retweets.

As a result, you may be subject to hostile comments, cyberbullying, or lynching because of what you shared ten years ago, maybe when you were young. This situation will go bitter, particularly if you are a politician or an employee when your previous tweets start to bite you. This may end up with the termination of your political career or a well-paid job.

Besides, you may want to cleanse your tweeting history full of weird or moaning tweets from the distressed teenage times. Of course, Twitter lets you delete your old tweets, but you need to scroll through your previous tweets to find the ones you want to delete among thousands.

Furthermore, you have to do this manually and one by one. This will remove your tweets and likes, but it will not be easy for you to complete it, especially when using the same account for years.

This manual effort takes a lot of time. Therefore,  you can save your precious time by using Twitter Management tools. They are quick, efficient, and smart enough to do the job automatically.

What are the features of these Twitter cleaning tools?

When you browse the internet, you will see that there are Twitter tools with different features. The primary features are summarized as follows:

  • Deleting all your tweets: Unlike Twitter, these tools let you delete all your tweets and likes you have posted at once. This facilitates and accelerates the job.
  • Cleaning by setting keywords and time: You can also delete only the tweets that you have posted before a specific time or only the tweets including the keywords you specify.
  • Auto-cleaning of future tweets: If you want, you can set a period for the remaining of your tweets on Twitter, and then, the tool will clean them automatically after reaching the set time limit.
  • Supporting multiple accounts: You can do the cleaning all through your accounts through these tools.
  • Archiving your tweets: Some of these tools also offer to download and import your Twitter posting past.

Twitter tools that offer successful deleting options

1. TweetEraser

TweetEraser is a web-based tool, designed to filter and delete bulk Tweets. With this tool, you can load/import your tweets or your whole archive, filter them and delete the results.

You can import Twitter Data ZIP and have no timeline spam as well. The paid version, however, allows you to reach the maximum capacity and keep deleted tweets.


2. Soaster

Soaster, a powerful Twitter tool, is a good option to remove all the tweets, retweets, and likes you think harm your career or life. With Soaster’s “Delete Tweets” feature you can type a keyword, a username, a hashtag, or a date to find what you want to delete.

Once you do the search, Soaster lists the result. From the list, you can pick up unwanted tweets, retweets, or likes to wipe out. Another option is deleting in bulk. You can select all your previous tweets, likes, or retweets from the list and mass delete them.

Soaster also enables you to sort the results by message content (in alphabetical order), by date, or by the number of retweets or likes. By sorting results by the date it is easier to delete tweets, RTs, and likes before or after a specific time.


3. TweetDeleter

TweetDeleter provides a solution to get your Twitter account back in order – allowing you to browse all your tweets and find tweets that you don’t want to keep.

TweetDeleter enables you to search for and delete your Twitter content with specific keywords and topics.

It also has an “auto-delete” feature and you can keep your deleted tweets on their app.


4. Circleboom

Circleboom‘s search enables you to find specific tweets and replies of yours and delete them individually. You can delete your tweets and replies one by one or delete all your tweets in bulk using their mass delete tweets option.

You also have the chance to sort and delete your tweets with specific keywords and from a certain date. Circleboom also offers an auto-delete feature and deleting in bulk.


 5. Twitter Archive Eraser

Twitter Archive Eraser is a powerful eraser that allows you to delete thousands of your tweets. You may sift through thousands of tweets using an Excel-like interface, filtering them to keep or remove by tweet type (retweet/user mentions), media type (image/video/gif), date, or keyword.

You can load your Twitter archive in a few seconds, even if it is larger than 10GB in size. Once uploaded, you select which tweets to delete. Before deleting, you can see your best tweets and decide whether to eliminate them or not.


Final thoughts

When you change your mind, your choices or your way of life and want to eliminate something you shared on Twitter in the past – a Twitter management tool is a must. I mentioned several Twitter tools above.

To compare:

  • TweetDeleter, TweetEraser, and Twitter Archive Eraser only offer tweet deleting options. If you just want to delete your Twitter history, these tools do a good job.
  • Soaster and Circleboom both offer deleting options and have efficient features like scheduling, audience analysis, engagement tools, RSS messages, and multiple account managing. If you want more than just deleting old tweets, these two might fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use a tool to delete my tweets?

Third-party tools allow you to delete tweets, likes, and retweets in bulk. They are easy to use and save you time and energy.

  • Is there a limit to deleting my old tweets?

Some Twitter tools strictly adhere to the rate limits set by Twitter. Others allow you to delete tweets that are up to 12 years old. However, you must upload your Twitter archive to these tools yourself.

  • Instead of deleting my Twitter archive isn’t it easier to create a new account?

Yes, deleting your Twitter account and creating a new one is really simple. However, growing your account gets more difficult. You lose your audience, and finding all of the people with whom you used to communicate becomes harder with your new account.

Guest author: Alyssa Brown is a content writer who focuses on Twitter tools and tips. For now, she creates content for soaster.com. She is a writer by day and a reader by night. Find her on Twitter here: @alyssa_brwn

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