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Attract High-Ticket Clients on Social Media (2 of 5)




I’m thrilled to have you back for episode two of our Scaling With Social Media Series. In this episode, we’re going to dive deep into strategies to help you transform your online business and attract high-ticket clients on social media.

In case you missed our previous episode, we talked about the critical importance of building a solid business foundation and crafting a fail-proof business blueprint. These are the foundational steps to set the stage for attracting high-ticket clients on social media. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, I highly recommend giving it a listen, as it forms the basis of what we’re exploring in this series.

Attract High-Ticket Clients on Social Media

Key Takeaways: 

Now, let’s delve into the key takeaways from today’s episode, where we’ll discuss how to attract high-ticket clients on social media. Think of this process similarly to a strategic fishing expedition. The bait you employ consists of three critical elements: niching, messaging, and positioning. This powerful combination is the key to drawing high-ticket clients to your coaching business.

In addition to this, I introduced you to my One True Client Methodology. This concept revolves around fully comprehending who your One True Client is. It’s important to note that this doesn’t involve creating a distorted version of your ideal client or designating yourself as your ideal client.

The secret sauce is to genuinely interview and understand a real-life individual who perfectly aligns with your One True Client profile. Once you’ve successfully pinpointed this, your content and conversations on social media should be laser-focused on speaking directly to this One True Client, which is crucial for attracting high-ticket clients.

Key Quotes: 

  • “Social media is the platform where you can discover high-quality leads that will populate your Millionaire Maker Funnel, attracting high-ticket clients to your coaching business.”
  • “The bait is all about understanding your niching, the demographics of your audience, the messaging, the verbiage you use, your content, and your positioning. These elements are the building blocks to attract high-ticket clients.”
  • “The more you tailor your content to resonate with ‘David,’ the sharper your razor becomes, helping you attract high-ticket clients.”
  • “On social media, it’s simple – conversations lead to clients. This is essential for attracting high-ticket clients to your coaching business.”

Resources Mentioned: 

Don’t forget to sign up for The Unlaunch Method Workshop. This powerful event is your golden ticket to learning a comprehensive step-by-step system for establishing a million-dollar online coaching business and mastering high-quality lead generation. 


I can’t stress enough the importance of actively marketing on social media and engaging in meaningful conversations with potential clients. Remember, your success in the online coaching business hinges on using the right bait – your One True Client – to attract high-ticket clients. Keep engaging with your audience, and you’ll naturally attract high-ticket clients. Stay tuned, stay engaged, and stay committed to your growth and success in attracting high-ticket clients on social media.

Attract High-Ticket Clients on Social Media (2 of 5)

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