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Mastering Marketing Strategies: Launches vs. Invite-Only Events for Coaches




In today’s solo episode, we dive deep into two incredibly potent marketing strategies that can work wonders for transforming your coaching business – Launches and Invite-Only Events.

Key Takeaways: Mastering Marketing Strategies: Launches vs. Invite-Only Events


  • Launches serve as five-day events that are all about cultivating the all-important know, like, and trust factor.
  • They cleverly blend both cold and warm audiences to foster a tight-knit community.
  • The emphasis here is on sparking those “aha” moments and nurturing curiosity among your audience.
  • These events use a combination of open and closed cart phases to drive enrollments, and they’re also a fantastic way to establish yourself as an expert while generating substantial revenue.

Invite Only Events (IO Events):

  • IO Events, on the other hand, are concise 50-minute masterclasses that I offer frequently.
  • The focus here is on creating an intimate environment with a maximum of 20 attendees.
  • We kick things off with a mindset warmup and tackle three major obstacles your audience might face.
  • Each IO Event provides one valuable tip to address these challenges, and we follow up with personalized enrollment calls.
  • The best part? These events are a low-tech, easily repeatable marketing asset.

Launching Success Metrics:

  • Keep an eye on RSVPs
  • Track attendance
  • Monitor enrollment calls
  • Keep tabs on enrollments

IO Event Success Metrics:

  • Aim for impressive show-up rates (50% or higher)
  • Count the enrollment call invitations
  • Keep track of scheduled enrollment call
  • And of course, tally up your enrollments

When to Use Each Strategy:

  • Launches are your go-to strategy three times a year to not only grow your audience but also generate substantial revenue.
  • IO Events are perfect for the gaps between launches, helping you maintain that essential intimacy and consistently attract new clients.

Key Quotes:

  • “The know, like, and trust factor is really able to go off the roof.”
  • “Selling transformational coaching is a skill. It’s not like selling a widget.”
  • “An invite-only event takes all that pressure off.”
  • “Instead of giving up, analyze the numbers and iterate.”

Resources Mentioned:


Launches and Invite-Only Events are two incredibly powerful marketing strategies to enroll the right-fit clients in your coaching programs. 

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Mastering Marketing Strategies: Launches vs. Invite-Only Events for Coaches

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