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By now you’re familiar with GhatGPT and all of the other AI tools out there that help you produce content.

None of them are perfect and will be for a while, which is why you still need humans to modify the content to make them more unique.

But even if you modify the content there is one big issue…

AI writers don’t really have SEO in mind when they help you craft content. Some say they do, but they aren’t really using data like search volume or keyword difficulty when crafting content.

That’s why we have the Ubersuggest AI Writer.

Introducing the AI Writer 2.0 by Ubersuggest

We’ve had an AI writer for a while now that focuses on SEO, but just like anything else it can always be better.

Before I go into how you can use the new AI Writer to create SEO-friendly content, let me break down the differences between our 1.0 version and our 2.0 version.

  • Longer content length – the original AI writer used to create content that was up to 600 or so words. The new AI writer creates content that is up to 1,500 words.
  • Better title suggestions – you’ll get punchier, more diverse, and click-worthy title suggestions.
  • Better reading flow and content structure – the previous version tended to produce more artificial-sounding content, but the AI Writer 2.0 provides more variety of tone and structure in content.
  • Better heading suggestions – the heading suggestions create a reading flow that makes it more compelling for users to read your content from start to finish, with a logical flow and SEO-rich headings that include other secondary keywords that you may want to target in your content.
  • More languages – We used to support 7 languages. Now we support 63 languages.
  • Focused on SEO – AI Writer 2.0 is designed to create content that performs well on search engines, particularly Google. This feature will help users to drive more organic traffic to their websites. We also try to keep users in mind when producing the content as well.

So, let’s go over how the AI writer works.

Ubersuggest AI Writer

The first step is for you to go here. You should see a screen like this.

Type in a keyword or phrase you want to create content on and select the quality of the writing you want… do you want it to be good or “premium”.

From there you will get a list of title ideas.

If you aren’t happy with any of them you can click the “regenerate all” link and you will get new ideas. Or if you like them, but want more, just click on “write more titles”.

For me, I was happy with what I was shown, so I just selected the title on personalization as I thought it would be a good topic.

Once you select a title, it then creates a paragraph to describe what the article will be about. So make sure you select the most appropriate one that describes the direction you want to take with the content.

You can also adjust the paragraph as well if you want to add or remove anything.

It’s important you do that before you proceed as it will impact how the article is written by our AI writer.

Then you’ll see a list of potential headings.

One thing to note is that the AI Writer will create content based on the headings, so feel free and either select the group of headings that you like the most and if you want you can also modify any of them.

Before the Ubersuggest AI Writer creates the content, it keeps keywords top of mind as well as search volume and competition.

This way you aren’t just creating content, you are creating content that can drive traffic.

Here’s an example of a finished article:

Don’t rely on anyone’s AI writer

It doesn’t matter who’s AI writer you use, you’ll want to modify the content.

The Ubersuggest AI Writer is a great starting point, but you will want to add your own flare and details to the content.

Google talks about experience, expertise, authority, and trust (E-E-A-T) and how your content needs to have some of those elements to really make it stand out.

Modify your content to include those elements. I break down E-E-A-T here and how you can use the framework within your content to stand out and rank better.


If you haven’t, check out the Ubersuggest AI Writer.

It will save you time, and help you create content that generates more traffic from search.

But keep in mind you’ll still want to modify the content to have the E-E-A-T elements. Anything that you can add that no one else is talking about will really help your content stand out.

That’s the key to writing amazing content. People want to hear new, fresh stuff… hence you want to modify your content.

So, give the Ubersuggest AI Writer a try. It’s free to all users and you can create up to 5 content pieces daily without a paid subscription.

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