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9 Mind-Blowing Content Curation Tools to Boost Your Traffic and Engagement

If you are always creating new content, it can burn a deep hole in your marketing budget… but fear not! Content curation tools can help you repurpose and share existing content, saving both time and money.

A great way to publish more content without actually creating more, is to recycle the content you already have and that of other credible sources in your industry.

The list of content curation tools below will help you save money, time and effort by recycling the best content available.

Not only will they help you engineer a content recycling system, but they will also help you avoid plagiarism in the process.

Let’s take a look…

1. Flockler


The Flockler principle is clear, you gather your information, you publish it in one place, and you gain valuable insights. Use your curated content to bring fans of your industry, your product, your market and your services to you. For example, Nestle has 20 managers dealing exclusively with content creation and they use Flockler.

Draw people in by using snippets of media feeds and curated content from around the Internet. Collate your own social content to give your subscribers a rundown of what your company has done over the last week or month.

Set up rules that allow the Flockler tool to publish your content automatically. Create a content hub of your very own, and showcase the content your company has created. Use the tool to create a powerful branded viewer experience. Measure the effectiveness of your campaign with Google Analytics and Flockler’s ROI measuring tools.

2. ContentGems


ContentGems allows you to dig through the dirt to find the unpolished diamonds in other people’s work. Professional social media workers will often take just a tiny bit of another person’s work and make it amazing. For example, Kraft generates 1.1 billion impressions per year, and they have a ContentGems account.

The ContentGems developers have aimed for professional content marketers, which is why they have put so much effort into helping you find valuable content very quickly. It is a user-friendly content curation solution that concentrates on efficiency above all else. You may monitor over 200,000 news sources and receive filtered results that suit you and your target audience.

Share your own content, share the content of other people, and share the comments that people make about your content. The tool has strong links with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, WordPress, Buffer and HootSuite. If you use those platforms frequently, then ContentGems is just what you need.



The developers focused most of their effort on creating a tool that allows users to create their own news feed and/or curated content website. Build a niche website with the viral content you pull from the Internet via the Content Studio tools. For example, Coca Cola spends more on content creation than they do on paying for TV advertising, and they frequently use content curators such as ContentStudio.

Pull information from social media, from other websites, from other news sites, and from trending content streams. Work on simple presentations or drip feed your users some fresh, viral and addictive information the same way that does.

The process is to push a button simply because you can pre-set your filters to bring you only the most relevant information. If you are looking to streamline your content marketing to make it cheaper, then this is the curation tool for you.

4. Storify


The Storify content curation system is probably one of the most popular on this list. It allows you the find the online voices that matter to your target audience and present them in phase, single hit, or narrative way. It helped one woman raise $650,000 when her Storify story went viral and had 1.5 million hits.

Create massive collections, create a series of related posts, or hit your viewers with one-off presentations. Find and collect the data that matters to your target audience by using the Storify bookmarklet tools and their Chrome extension. Capture content that matters and drop it into your Storify’s story editor. Allow the Storify multi-editor to do all the difficult design work, while you scan the Internet for powerful and viral content.

5. ThingLink


The ThingLink tool is special because it allows you to curate and add in things such as links and layered media tools.  It started as a link sharing tool, but evolved into a sophisticated content curation tool. Which is helpful because more than 50% of marketers say that content curation increases their brand visibility and SEO.

Create layers of web links, videos, images, sound and text. Create curated content where presentations sit side-by-side in a seamless fashion like the layers in an onion. The ThinkLink software allows you to create interactive content.

It takes a little more effort than many of the other tools in this article, but the result is a unique and more tailored result. Genuinely engage your users with both the interesting content you post, and with the interactive link features on your curated presentations.

Not only does this tool give you a cross-platform solution, it also allows you to become part of the creative community by using interactive media. You may track content interaction too, so that you may improve your content as a whole and your interactive functions.

6. Bundlr


Bundlr works like Shakespeare used to by gathering scraps of information, bundling them together and turning them into something great. Discover and bookmark your own content and the content that other people produce. Collect digital content and create your own bundles of Tweets, photos, videos and documents.

Organize them how you wish and share them on the web, on your Android, or on your Apple mobile device. Select your content and create presentations, and stay up to date with the most current content in your niche area.

Click the “Bundle This” button to clip whatever you are reading right now on your web browser. Curate content so that you may share your work with the world. You may also pull information from the Internet that interests your target audience, and you may arrange it in a way that drives them to follow.



The tool was simply created to curate content. It doesn’t have a big selling point or something jaw dropping about it. Nevertheless, it should be part of your content marketing toolbox if you’re looking for a straightforward and easy-to-use content curation tool.

Collect engaging content that you think your target audience will enjoy, put it together using your advanced design skills, or put it together by allowing the tools to handle the design side of the process for you.

Collect, curate and publish – it is as simple as that. The price you pay depends on the number of subscribers you already have. The tool is a very good one, but the company behind it seem to have a lot of trouble getting followers on Twitter, so be warned – the tool will not do all the hard work for you.

8. Slideshare


SlideShare is a very popular content curation tool that allows you to present content in an easy-to-share way. You may browse the SlideShares that other people have created, and you may curate the information into your own Slideshare presentations. Over 80% of decision makers in business prefer to get information from a series of educational snippets, so it is no wonder SlideShare is so popular on LinkedIn.

Create and curate Infographics, documents, videos and other presentations. Slideshare is very popular with over 18 million uploads so far in 40 content categories.

Unlike many of the tools in this article, SlideShare is free. Share curated content in a way that increases your brand visibility. You may even increase your brand authority within your online community or market niche.

9. DrumUp


The DrumUp tool was created with social media in mind because the developers know that it is easier to curate content poorly on social media and get away with it. This tool is special because it guides you and helps you avoid the most common rookie mistakes.

Concentrate mostly on your social media presence with this tool. Discover fantastic social media content that is both going viral, and that is likely to go viral, and post the content in your curated presentations. Around 57% of purchasing decisions are made before a prospect makes contact with a sales person, so there is no doubt that clever curation may “Drum up” more business if you do it correctly.

Allow users to discover powerful and enticing content with your curated posts, and prompt more social media conversations, which should lead to more followers and attention from the social media search engines.

Allow others to appreciate your efforts and the efforts of others in your industry. Do it all while you spread your brand message, while you engage with your audience, and while you take part in your community as a valued and authoritative contributor.


If you think content curation is a one-track process or a simple process, then you are sorely mistaken. Each of the content curation tools listed above has at least one unique selling point that makes it different from the others on the list. You may use the tools to gain a different result from each curation tool.

If money is no object, then there is no good reason why you shouldn’t give every content curation tool listed in this article a try. You may find that three or four of them suit your needs; why limit yourself to just one when there are so many fine choices available to you.

Another important aspect of content curation is viral curation, which involves finding and sharing content that has the potential to go viral. By using these content curation tools, you can easily discover and share high-quality content that has the potential to engage and resonate with your audience, increasing the likelihood that it will be shared and go viral.

Guest Author: Brenda Savoie is a content marketer, private English tutor at Uk- dissertation, and desperate dreamer. Writing her first romantic novel. Seeking contentment through mindfulness. Find her on Twitter and Facebook

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