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The Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Instant, Cheap, and Real)

The world wide web has developed over the last few decades to open up so many opportunities and networks that would have otherwise been untapped. Social media has taken those possibilities and expanded them tenfold.

Instagram allows brands, businesses, creators, influencers, public figures, and more to maximize the potential that the internet gives and connect with 2 billion monthly active users on a global scale.

Whether you’re looking to connect with more potential clients, sponsors, fans, or users, you definitely have that chance through the use of Instagram and the development of a successful and reputable profile.

In fact, most people on the internet these days use Instagram as a way to check someone’s validity and authority in a particular field, which is why it’s no surprise that people are actively looking to gain more real Instagram followers.

If you’ve been on Instagram for a while, however, you know that this is no easy task, and doing it yourself can take a huge amount of time, effort, and dedication. A lot of people don’t have time to wait, seeking alternative methods and tools to help them grow their follower count.

Buying Instagram followers isn’t something new, and it is still a viable option to help supercharge your Instagram when done correctly. It can be tough to figure out where to start and how to work it into your strategy, but that’s why we’re bringing you this article today.

After you read our comprehensive Instagram follower guide, you’ll understand:

  • Why people buy Instagram followers
  • Why Instagram follower quality matters
  • Organic growth vs packaged followers
  • 12 top sites to buy Instagram followers from
  • 10 pro tips for an Instagram follower growth strategy
  • How to choose the right Instagram growth company
  • FAQs about buying Instagram followers

There are a lot of things to consider when making the choice to buy followers for Instagram, and we’re sure that once you finish reading our guide that you’ll know exactly what steps you need to take to get more Instagram followers as quickly as possible.

Let’s get started!

Why do people buy Instagram followers?

Since Instagram became popular, follower count has been one of the top indicators of popularity on the platform. For this reason, it’s no surprise that people are constantly looking for the best way to gain more Instagram followers and get their content seen by more people.

Buying Instagram followers became popular pretty soon after Instagram blew up as a heavy-hitting social media platform, but it then dropped off and became kind of taboo.

For years companies have been improving their offering in terms of Instagram growth and have been finding better ways to help users gain more Instagram followers. Now is one of the best times to buy Instagram followers and see your numbers increase.

One reason that people buy Instagram followers is that they simply don’t have time to engage with users on the platform. It would be great to spend hours a day engaging with users in your target audience and trying to build more visibility for your profile, but with this huge time commitment, it’s no surprise that people are opting for a third party to take care of it for them.

Another reason is that some users are just starting out on Instagram and they want to create a solid foundation from which to grow. It’s a lot harder to attract more followers when you only have 10, to begin with as opposed to starting out with a solid 1,000.

Finally, people buy Instagram followers because it helps them to break through the plateau that they may have hit and start getting their content seen by more people, helping to increase their overall business performance.

If you are an influencer, you may also buy followers so that you can appear to be more popular and have a large audience that will bring your sponsors or brand partners better results.

No matter the reason, buying Instagram followers is still very much a widely-used practice, and when done right, you can see great results from it.

Not all Instagram followers are created equal, however, and the key is to find a company that can provide you with real, active Instagram followers.

Why follower quality matters

If follower count is just a number, why does Instagram follower quality matter, anyway? There are a couple of key reasons that you’ll want to keep in mind, so don’t just buy any random Instagram followers. Fake followers can actually hurt your account.

Always buy from companies who provide high-quality Instagram followers and you’ll be good to go.

Here are some of the top reasons why you need real Instagram followers:

  • Real people bring real results: If you have real Instagram followers, it can help your profile’s reputation increase. If you have a bunch of fake followers with no profile pic and weird usernames, your account will look sketchy and your reputation will actually suffer. The more real followers you have, the more real followers you’re likely to attract.
  • Instagram removes fake followers: Instagram protects the integrity of their platform by cleaning it out on a regular basis; if they identify users as fakes or bots, they’ll remove them from the platform. So, you need to buy high-quality ones that aren’t going to disappear.
  • More engagement: The true indicator of Instagram success is actually engagement, and if you don’t have enough to match up to your follower count, your reputation will be on shaky ground. You need a healthy follower-to-engagement ratio, and having more real followers will help you have better engagement levels.

When you have real followers who care about your content and see it in their feed, your account will remain healthy and will continually grow over time – this is the goal.

Let’s talk a bit more about Instagram followers and how the Instagram algorithm works.

Defining the Instagram algorithm

The Instagram algorithm used to work based on follower count, meaning that the more followers you had, the more popular you were. However, since Instagram realized how easy it was to fortify follower count with fakes and bots, they changed up their algorithm.

It makes total sense – if your photo gets a lot of likes and comments, it’s clearly well-liked by the community, and thus it’s seen as valuable and popular. When you have high engagement, it will be shown to more users, and could even be featured on the “explore” page or on hashtag feeds.

What’s more, when your followers engage with your content on a regular basis, it will be shown to these followers more often, getting you more consistent levels of engagement and increasing the chances that users will share your content.

Engagement is key to having good performance against the Instagram algorithm, and if you only buy low-quality Instagram followers and don’t successfully build your audience and engagement, you’re going to struggle to perpetuate real growth.

You can buy Instagram followers from some companies and see great results, and others are really pretty marginal. Make the right choice when buying Instagram followers and keep your account healthy.

In terms of Instagram followers, there are two main company models that you can choose from – organic Instagram growth services and follower packages. We’ll discuss each one below so you can choose the best option for you.

Organic growth vs. packaged followers

When deciding what type of Instagram followers you want to buy, you’ll have to first choose between organic growth services and packaged followers. Let’s explore them each in more detail.

Packaged Instagram Followers

This was the first type of Instagram follower made available for purchase and is still available today in varying quality. Instagram companies offer set numbers of Instagram followers with a simple one-time checkout process and then deliver the quantity you ordered.

You’ll normally find them in packages of hundreds to thousands of followers and the quality is anywhere from very fake, to high-quality and real. You’ll have to make sure that you review the company and see what type of followers they offer and what you can expect when you buy from them.

Organic Instagram Growth

Organic Instagram growth is a much better way to grow your real follower count. Think of it as if you were engaging with users in your target audience and using real and human ways to get more Instagram followers.

This is exactly what the company will do for you, so it’s basically like outsourcing your Instagram growth, saving you time and allowing you to focus on your content and other elements of Instagram.

It’s a more long-term strategy that takes a bit longer but also brings better results since these services will reach out to real users in your target audience to get you more followers that will actually care about your content.

Which to Choose?

Both are viable options for Instagram growth, but if you’re looking for a service that will be a more long-term solution for Instagram follower growth, organic methods are much better.

Packaged followers can be a good way to get an infusion now and then and get your growth moving, but it’s not typically a strategy that can last over time and may get you into a vicious cycle of buying followers and engagements and followers and engagements.

You can find companies that excel in both organic Instagram services as well as selling packaged followers, you just have to choose the right one. We’re bringing you the top 12 companies to buy Instagram followers from below, so you’ll have a much better idea of what will work for you.

Top 12 sites to buy Instagram followers 

Choosing the right company to buy Instagram followers from is the key to your success. The companies below provide you with options that include organic Instagram growth services, engagement services, as well as bulk follower and engagement packages.

All of these companies are reputable and have been around for years, so you can check them out with confidence and know that they can all help you with growing your Instagram followers.

We’ll give you a snapshot of each company with some key features and what you can expect when you use their services.

1. Growthoid


The top organic Instagram growth service on the market, Growthoid has helped countless clients to get Instagram followers in their target audience. They have changed the way companies think about Instagram growth.

Growthoid uses engagement techniques just like you would do on your own and they delegate all of your Instagram growth to their dedicated account managers. When you sign up, you provide your account manager with your advanced targets and they’ll get to work diligently identifying the best potential followers for you.

You’ll gain more real Instagram followers through Growthoid that will actually engage with your content, allowing you to reach your goals through Instagram and grow your business, creative endeavors, or brand partnerships.

Growthoid works in all niches, has flexible monthly plan options, and even backs its service up with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Their service team and account managers are the top in the industry. You can’t go wrong with Growthoid and their testimonials prove it!

2. MoreLikes


When you’re looking to grow both your real Instagram followers as well as your likes, MoreLikes is the top choice and offers you the best options for auto-likes on the market. Their unique and straightforward service definitely sets them apart.

You can buy Instagram followers ranging from numbers such as 100 all the way up to 25k. They are real users with real accounts so you don’t have to worry about any fakes or bots.

What’s even better is that they have an awesome auto-likes service that allows your posts to gain more notoriety from the very beginning with a set amount of likes from real users after you post it. You can choose the speed and they’ll even apply 5-10% more likes once in a while to keep your account looking natural.

MoreLikes has a great website with really a really simple sign-up process. They can no doubt get your Instagram performance up to par and help you compete with other users in your niche! 

3. Growthsilo


Looking for more real followers that are interested in your niche’s content? Growthsilo can help you grow your real follower count with their fully-managed service for Instagram.

They don’t sell simple packages of followers – Growthsilo’s account managers will follow your targeting instructions to engage with users that are most like people you want to follow your account. Using some of the most advanced targeting options on the market, Growthsilo will get you the results you need to grow your Instagram.

They have a really straightforward and transparent service that is easy to use and budget-friendly; they also have a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied, so you can use their service with peace of mind that you’ll be taken care of.

4. UseViral


UseViral is a great option for those who like to be protected because all of their orders are backed by a lifetime warranty, which means if you lose any followers, they’ll help you replace them.

You have a lot of freedom in choosing exactly how many Instagram followers you want to buy with their selection slider too, fitting pretty much any need for any account. You’ll be able to get between 100 to 100k followers through UseViral.

UseViral has great ratings and offers a variety of different other social media services, so you can get valuable and well-rounded growth for a variety of Instagram elements as well as other social media platforms.

5. SidesMedia


With packages for Instagram followers, likes, views, and comments, SidesMedia can offer you a variety of quantities of Instagram followers at reasonable prices. They claim to offer real and stable followers for your Instagram account.

These are worldwide followers, so you won’t be able to target them by country, but if your endeavor isn’t affected by that, you shouldn’t have a problem. You also have the ability to chat with their support team right on the website if you have questions when purchasing.

6. Task Ant


Hashtags are very important for Instagram, and if you want to gain more real Instagram followers, you’re going to need a solid hashtag strategy.

Task Ant allows you to generate the hashtags that are most effective for your niche and will help you get more real followers through their highly accurate and verified service. You can organize your hashtags, create hashtag sets, filter your searches, and much more.

There is no hashtag generator out there that can beat the functionality and features of Task Ant, and with a variety of affordable monthly options, you don’t want to find yourself without their service! Hashtag follower growth has literally never been easier.

7. StormLikes 

StormLikes is an Instagram-exclusive growth service that has no other options for platforms other than Instagram. With their Instagram growth packages, you can get Instagram followers, likes, and views.

When you boost all of these together your account looks a lot more powerful, so it can be a good idea to do a few packages at once so your overall performance is stronger.

You can choose between 100 followers to 25,000 followers, so pretty much any need can be satisfied, and you can also choose from high-quality or premium followers. 


Need more Instagram followers and likes? never disappoints! You can buy Instagram followers, likes, as well as auto-likes through their company at great prices with reliable service delivery. makes the checkout process really easy and straightforward, and you can have your followers on your way in just a short while. You can get up to 25,000 followers through and they have only real followers from real people.

Your options for delivery include both instant as well as gradual.

9. Social Viral

If you’re just looking to start with a few followers to test the waters, Social Viral is a great option because their smallest package starts at just 50 followers. They cater to bigger needs as well and can offer you as many as 5,000 Instagram followers.

This is a balanced way to get more Instagram followers; they’re all high quality and Social Viral never requires your password so you’ll stay completely safe when you use their service.

10. Media Mister

One of the oldest companies in the Instagram follower game, Media Mister offers a multitude of growth options for Instagram, including follower packages that you can buy with a bunch of different ways to customize them.

You can choose anywhere from $2 to $200, and you can buy normal followers, ad followers, or country-targeted followers (not all countries available). They have pretty much any other engagement that you can imagine for Instagram as well.

If you need to grow multiple social media networks at once, Media Mister doesn’t disappoint. They offer high-quality services at a good price with safe delivery timeframes and never require your password. 

11. Nitreo  

A reliable option that has been around for quite some time, Nitreo is a service that allows you to input your target options and connect with more followers that may be interested in your content. Their service doesn’t go based on packages but is rather an organic growth service.

Nitreo engages with accounts to get you more attention on your profile and get more users following you. They’ve had a lot of happy clients in the past and have helped many users reach their Instagram goals.

12. GrabLikes

Our final company for buying Instagram followers is one that provides reliable growth for both Instagram followers as well as Instagram likes – GrabLikes. GrabLikes has been around for quite a while and has built up its reputation.

Their service is simple and straightforward; you can buy anywhere from 500-10,000 Instagram followers on their site. They offer safe drip delivery of their premium followers and they spread it out over days so that you are protected. They have 24/7 support for their service if you have any questions.

10 Pro tips to get more real Instagram followers

Using an Instagram growth service to help you gain more real followers is definitely one of the best things you can do to amp up your growth, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that you should do if you really want to be successful.

Implementing your own Instagram strategies should always be a priority one so that you can optimize your results and build something that will stand the test of time and continue to grow.

It’s all too common for Instagrammers who are looking for a shortcut to use an Instagram growth service and then stop putting time and effort into their account. Not surprisingly they don’t see great results and then blame the growth service for what they’re lacking.

If you are gaining more views from real users but your content doesn’t keep them hooked and interested in your account, you aren’t going to gain more followers and even if you do, they won’t stick around.

Don’t get complacent and don’t give up on your Instagram strategy – growth service or not, it’s really important that you’re always putting your best foot forward and using a variety of tactics to stay competitive.

For that reason, we’ve included the top 10 pro Instagram tips to get more real followers on Instagram and give yourself a leg up on your competition. Use a growth service and combine it with the tips below, and you’ll be unstoppable!

1. Bio Optimization

When a user lands on your Instagram profile, the first thing they’re going to see is your bio. This includes your profile picture and all of the information that you can find below it.

In order to gain more followers, you absolutely must have a well-created and attractive Instagram bio. This is what tells users who you are, what you’re about, and whether or not they’ll gain something valuable from your account.

They’ll check out your bio and then take a quick look at your profile imagery and aesthetic, so the better you can coordinate the two, the more organized and professional your Instagram will look.

You should first set your profile to a business or creator profile so that way you’ll have access to a couple of additional features, such as contact information and call-to-action buttons that regular users don’t have.

Once you’ve done that, you should choose an Instagram photo that is high-quality and clearly represents your brand, business, or image. That way, people will visually see what you represent and how they can identify with you.

In addition, you should write something witty, interesting, and/or informational about you or your business so that people know what you’re about and what to expect from your page.

If you have any external links that you want to funnel people to, place it in your bio because that’s the only place you can have a clickable link on Instagram. If you have multiple, use a tool like Linktree, AllMyLinks, Later, or another service that can help you with an attractive way to store all of your links for Instagram in one place.

Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of Instagram story highlights and pin relevant Instagram stories to your profile with on-brand album covers for an even more professional aesthetic.

2. Engage in the Community

One of the most important qualities for a successful Instagram account is authenticity, and you can help to build this while reaching more people through engaging with users on Instagram in your community.

One thing you can do is to comment on your followers’ posts, respond to their comments, and always engage them in your stories and Instagram live broadcasts.

You can also visit profiles in your niche and participate in conversations, leave comments on posts from other accounts, and get your name out there. When you do that, not only are you engaging with users in your community but you’re also boosting visibility for your profile.

You should avoid using overly general comments; really comment something interesting and substantial so that people see that you’re real and that you’re available and engaged on Instagram.

This will boost your authenticity and credibility, prompting more people to check out your profile and hopefully follow you. 

3. Focus on Your Content 

As much as people would like a quick answer to gaining more Instagram followers, the true potential of your Instagram lies in your content, plain and simple.

Instagram started as a way to share photos with friends and family, and while the network is a lot bigger now, it’s ultimately still about sharing and offering a window into our lives and into our personal images, businesses, brands, art, and more.

For that reason, your content is the defining factor in your Instagram success. If your content is low-quality, random, or lackluster, you’re not likely to gain more followers. What’s more, if you become spammy or annoying, you’re likely to lose followers.

This happens commonly with meme accounts – people follow because the memes are really funny and entertaining, but then all of a sudden they’ll start to see a bunch of annoying posts advertising some off-the-wall product that they have absolutely no interest in seeing.

This is when they check out what profile is posting this, and then unfollow. You don’t want this to happen – always know what your audience wants and what’s going to keep them around. That’s not to say you can’t advertise, and if you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ll have to, but you need to find ways that won’t push your followers to leave you in the dust.

You should always define your content pillars so that people can look at your content and know what to expect. Also, use a variety of different Instagram content types such as regular photos, carousel posts, IGTV, videos, reels, and stories. Be innovative and professional with your content.

Finally, you may want to consider creating a content shooting schedule so that you’ll get all of your shooting done during one time, and then you can edit it and plan it out so it all looks best as you release it. The better you can stay organized the more success you’ll have in ensuring you put out high-quality content.

You can consider using a visual scheduler like Later or Sprout Social to help you check out how everything will look before you post it.

4. Use Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories are the most popular feature on Instagram, and without them, your profile looks dull and inactive. Users have increased their time on the platform by an average of 28 minutes through the use of Instagram stories, so you have no reason not to participate.

Instagram stories allow you to give users a more personal connection to you and your brand, and you can even promote more engagement with users and followers because Instagram stories offer you a variety of engaging features that make it easy for users to engage with your content.

There are features such as polls, questions, ranking sliders, and quizzes to get your followers to interact with your content. You can use this to your advantage and do your own market research to find out what your followers want to see more of.

The potential that Instagram stories hold is huge – don’t miss out on this feature. When you have an active story a colored ring will appear around your profile pic, giving users another reason to check out your profile.

In addition, all of your past stories can be pinned to your main profile page as Instagram story highlights, giving you more content and more visuals for your profile page. Awesome.

5. Hashtag Strategy 

Hashtags were first used on Twitter in 2007 and now they are the official symbol of content discoverability across all social media networks, including Instagram. Using hashtags on Instagram can help to get your content out to more people.

When you use a hashtag on Instagram it will put your post into a feed of posts that use that hashtag; users who follow that hashtag or search that hashtag will come across your post, thus gaining your content more reach and visibility.

Tip: Keep your profile set to public so that you can get as much reach as possible; if it’s not set to public, you won’t appear in hashtag feeds to anyone who doesn’t already follow you.

The best thing you can do for your hashtag strategy is to use a hashtag generator like Task Ant to help you choose the right tags that will get your content noticed by users who actually care about your content.

Avoid using overly general hashtags like #love or #instagood because these hashtags are basically a waste; too many posts are uploaded every minute to get your content noticed, and they’re used across so many different niches that you’re not going to get many targeted users that are specific to your own niche.

Hashtags hold a lot of potential in gaining more followers, so take advantage of them. You can place them in your caption, below your caption, or even in the first comment, and you can use up to 30; it’s generally agreed that anywhere between 4-11 hashtags brings optimal reach and won’t spam your posts with hashtags.

6. Host a Giveaway

You should aim to host a giveaway every now and then because using this tool can help you to gain a healthy infusion of followers and also boost your engagement, getting your content more natural reach.

You’ll need to choose a prize that is valuable to your niche – don’t choose something that nobody really cares much about, but don’t choose something that pretty much anyone would want because then you’ll get a lot of followers that may never care about your content again.

Choosing a prize directed at your own target audience is the best thing to do. Then, set some rules for people to gain entry to the giveaway. Common qualifications include following you, liking the post, and tagging a friend or two.

You can also do collaborative giveaways between one or two other accounts; this helps you all to take advantage of each other’s audiences and gain more followers even still.

While you can’t do a giveaway all the time, doing them now and then can drastically help your account and give it a welcome infusion of engagement and new followers.

7. Do Collabs 

As with the collaborative giveaway, doing collabs for your content, stories, IG live broadcasts, and post sharing can help you reach more people in your target audience.

If you use credible collab partners, you’ll also gain more reputation for yourself and people will give you more authority in your niche. Always network with people and competitors in your niche so you can find who you click with and both of you can benefit from the audience of each other. 

8. Cross-Promote Your Instagram

The average internet user has roughly 8 social media profiles these days, so you need to take advantage of other networks to promote your Instagram content.

Not only will you be able to reach more people and get new users directed over to your Instagram, you can also further solidify your reputation and presence in your niche. When you have many well-developed social media platforms, your credibility grows.

In addition to promoting your content across different platforms, you should also include your handle or click-through icons on your website as well as any email communication. 

9. Create Authentic Captions

When you use well-written and thoughtful captions, you allow your followers and IG users to connect with your content and see what your content means and where you stand on a variety of different topics.

Social media is about connection, so when you can get people to connect with your posts both through the visuals as well as the text, you will never be hurting for followers.

Another tip for captions is to use a call-to-action. Ask your followers a question and tell them to respond in the comments, or ask them to tag a friend. There are endless options for being creative and getting your users excited about your content and responding to you in the comments.

10. Stay on Top of Trends  

As with any other social network, trends are what drives the content and conversations, so it’s only logical that you stay current with news, topics, and trending challenges or content types. That way you can stay relevant and also show your take on social issues or relevant topics.

More and more consumers are supporting businesses that not only have great products but align with their beliefs, so giving insight to where you stand on issues can help you to identify with your followers even more.

Just remember Instagram doesn’t allow bullying or hate speech of any kind, so always stay professional and inclusive.

How to buy Instagram followers

Now that you’ve got the 10 pro tips under your belt, hopefully, you’ve decided on which site will work best for your Instagram follower growth.

If you’re still not sure or are considering a company that you didn’t find on this list, or you want to verify the legitimacy of the ones that we mentioned, the following criteria can help you do just that.

It’s always a good idea to be diligent in doing your research and get a first hand view of what companies offer you so that you know exactly what you’re paying for and have a clear idea of how the service is going to work for you.

In order to evaluate a company before you buy Instagram followers, you should look for the six elements below which can help you determine if it’s a worthy investment or if the company is likely out for their own benefit and nothing more.

High-Quality Instagram Followers

One of the most important things that you need to look for when choosing a company to buy Instagram followers from is the quality of the followers they’re offering.

There are a variety of different qualities out there, and some companies even offer a choice between high-quality and premium followers.

You want to avoid companies that send out a bunch of fake followers because Instagram will remove those over time; Instagram frequently clears out accounts that aren’t real, so you’ll end up losing those followers.

Not only that you won’t see any real Instagram growth when you buy low-quality, fake followers because they will never engage with your content and they won’t promote any real growth. Users can tell when you have a bunch of fake followers and this doesn’t help you look reputable at all.

Using an Instagram growth service can help you avoid this problem because they will help to get your account noticed by real Instagram users, so they are often a more sustainable method of growth.

If you do buy packaged followers, keep in mind that these followers should at least look real so that they won’t be flagged by Instagram as fake and later removed. Even better if the company has a network of real users that will follow you.

There are a lot of options out there so just make sure you choose one that will get you real or high-quality followers that won’t disappear or damage the quality of your account over time.

Delivery Time

Another important factor when choosing a company, delivery time will affect your account health as well as how quickly your account begins to grow.

When you buy packaged followers, you usually have two different types of delivery – instant and drip. They are both different and have different implications for your account.

Instant delivery is basically exactly as it sounds. You’ll complete your order and your followers will be delivered shortly thereafter. While this seems really great and can be pretty exciting, it’s not necessarily the best for your account.

If the quantity is small, it can be alright, but if you’re ordering larger packages, you should look for companies that protect your account safety through drip delivery. This means that depending on the size of your order your follower delivery will be spread out over a period of time so that things are more natural and you won’t flag any of the Instagram indicators.

If you are buying from an Instagram growth service, you won’t see any followers delivered to your account in one fell swoop as these types of services work over a period of time naturally. They are organic, so you won’t see any specific time frames, but you won’t have to worry about it because these followers are real and that means your account will always remain healthy.

Detailed Website and FAQ Section

The more information you have about a company and its operation, the better. It’s not uncommon for companies to try to fill up their website with a bunch of attractive phrases and buzzwords and try to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

You should always look for real, substantial information that gives you an insight into the quality of the service, how the service is provided, and what you can expect when you use the service. If there isn’t much information or are left with questions, the company is not a good option.

Even if you are left with questions after looking at a website, you should still look to see if they have a FAQ section; any good Instagram growth service will have a FAQ that can answer the most common questions about their service and help to give additional details.

If a company doesn’t have a thorough FAQ, it’s a really bad sign that their service doesn’t work right and they have little to no support for their clients in the event that something isn’t working right.

You should also see what information they have available about their refund policies as well as service policies so that you’re well aware of how things work and aren’t left surprised later.

Secure Website

The last thing you want is to put you or your data at risk, and while most companies abide by security best practices, there are some out there that don’t, and those are ones you want to avoid at all cost.

When you visit a website that is secure, you’ll see a lock in the top left corner in front of the web address. You should always look for that lock. If the website doesn’t have that lock or alerts you that the website is not secure, always navigate away.

If you decide to continue to the website, your data and your device can be vulnerable to attack or invasion and that’s something you definitely don’t want. Since these services often need your payment information and some basic data, they should be secure.

Also check out their payment gateways and make sure they’re reputable and secure as well; you don’t want your payment information being compromised.

Ultimately the security of a website speaks to the quality of the service – if the company couldn’t even secure its website, what are the chances that the services and Instagram followers are actually something valuable for your account?

Real Client Testimonials

It’s all too common to see websites with a bunch of fake reviews, and sometimes you can even see them so blatantly fake that it’s insulting!

We’ve seen websites that have the same photo for every single review user, and they go through 3 different people and repeat over and over again. This is not only terrible, it’s lazy and quite frankly pretty pathetic.

Of course you should always take reviews with a grain of salt on any website (after all, who is going to highlight their negative publicity?), but always browse through the reviews and see what you can find.

Are they really clearly fake? Are they overly generic? What type of things do the reviews say about the company? It can still be a great way to get a general idea of what kind of results you can expect and whether or not the company is a good choice.

You can also take a look at other review articles online to see about the reputation of a company, and perhaps different forums or discussion boards that review the services.

No Bots or Automation

One thing you definitely want to avoid is using Instagram bots or automation services to get more real followers. There is some automation for Instagram, such as post scheduling, analytics, hashtag generation, as well as auto-like services, but for engaging with users such as follow/unfollow, liking and commenting, and sending DMs, it’s strictly prohibited.

Don’t use bots to do these types of actions and don’t buy followers from companies that send you fakes or bots. This will jeopardize your account credibility, turn off potential new followers, as well as get you in trouble with Instagram itself. Don’t risk it – there are still companies out there that will try to sell you on it, but it’s best avoided for Instagram follower growth.

Pros and cons of buying Instagram followers

Buying Instagram followers is something that anyone who is trying to gain more notoriety for their profile has likely considered; even still, it can be a difficult decision to make. Is it right for you?

As with anything in life, buying Instagram followers has pros and cons. We’re going to break down some of those pros and cons so that you can get a clear snapshot of what buying Instagram followers can do for you and whether or not it’s something that may be beneficial.

If you’re really trying to gain more Instagram followers and boost your performance, using companies that can help you attract more people is always a good idea. Let’s take a look at the benefits and downsides.


  • Speed up Instagram growth: when you buy Instagram followers, it’s no surprise that it will help you speed up Instagram growth. Obviously you’ll be getting an influx of followers, but it’s not just that— when you buy followers you can increase the speed of your growth in general because you will have more social proof and you will start to perform better against the Instagram algorithm, getting you better reach.
  • More followers bring more followers: it’s a strange phenomenon, but one that is based around the idea of social cred. When you have more followers, you’ll gain more followers— people want to be part of a successful and well-liked community, and when you have a lot of followers, people will be more likely to hit that follow button. It may be the deciding factor as to whether or not they decide to follow you.
  • Engagement: If you have more real followers, you’ll also gain more engagement, which will help you perform well against the Instagram algorithm. If you have a lot of followers that engage with and look at your post, it will appear higher on their Instagram feed, getting it seen by more people and encouraging engagement. This will help your performance overall so it’s a great benefit.
  • Recommendations and shares: the more followers you have, the more shares you can possibly gain. If people love what you’re posting, connect with your message, love your products, or want to show someone what you’re about, they’ll share it, so having more followers increases this possibility.
  • Build more authority: having more Instagram followers helps your profile to look more credible and ultimately gets you more authority in your niche. If you have a lot of people who follow you and value your content, you’ll start to carve out a reputation for yourself on Instagram and can then become a top competitor in your niche.


  • Many fake companies out there: it’s no easy task to sift through all of the different companies out there and see which ones might actually be a benefit to you. Not only that, it’s unfortunate that some companies target Instagram users who are genuinely looking for help and they get taken advantage of by companies who don’t provide anything of value. While this shouldn’t prevent you from buying Instagram followers, you should always be skeptical and critical when making a decision on what company to partner with.
  • Can become a cycle: too often people want an overnight secret to Instagram fame and expect to just buy followers and then gain the popularity they want. This can be a big downside for those who get stuck in the cycle of buying followers. Avoid this by doing it only as a means to an end; it shouldn’t be your only strategy and really not even your principal one.

Overall, buying Instagram followers or using an Instagram growth service is almost always a good idea as long as you use a critical eye when choosing the company and keep implementing your own strategies for content, captions, and hashtags.

FAQs about buying Instagram followers

We’re sure by now you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with information and are super motivated to get more Instagram followers, but perhaps still have a few questions.

Before we let you go, we’re going to answer the top 5 questions that people have in regard to buying Instagram followers. Since your Instagram is a really important factor in your business or brand reputation, we totally get that you want to be thorough in your understanding of buying followers.

And that’s a good thing – the more information you have when making a decision about buying Instagram followers, the better. You should always understand the process exactly and know-how companies will work (or not) to get you more real IG followers.

Let’s check out the five top questions.

Do All Companies Sell the Same Instagram Followers?

If only it were that simple! Then you wouldn’t have to spend so much time and energy looking through company websites and trying to figure out which companies will actually help your Instagram.

All of the companies we listed in this article have been around for quite a while and have a good reputation from clients on the web, but there’s no doubt that some companies out there want to sell you something that they actually can’t provide.

Unfortunately when you see companies out there that offer really low prices or seem to be providing a service that promises more for less in comparison to other companies’ similar packages, they are likely going to leave you disappointed and pollute your account with fake followers.

It’s a big problem when you have a lot of fake followers because it damages your reputation, can make you look spammy and desperate, and will also throw off your follower to engagement ratio.

Also, if bots make their way onto your profile, it will not only bring a bunch of bots that lower the quality of your account but it can even lose you followers; these bots may also cause other users to be turned off by your profile and leave your account, ultimately doing much more harm than good.

It’s so important to make sure that you buy from a company that can provide you with real and valuable high-quality Instagram followers so that your account isn’t damaged, you can perpetuate more real growth over time, and you won’t find yourself in any hot water with Instagram.

Does Buying Instagram Followers Work?

Yes, buying Instagram followers can be an excellent supplement to your Instagram growth! It definitely works and you just have to be intelligent when choosing the company to work with.

Instagram growth services like Growthoid, More Likes, and Growthsilo are great options because they focus on bringing you more natural reach and getting more real users in your niche looking at your content.

This is really valuable because while they’re not going to deliver a set number of Instagram followers, you’ll know that you’re gaining real attention for your profile and will bring you more valuable results in the end.

Buying packages of followers can also be a viable option but this should be used sparingly and should only be used to encourage more growth and get people noticing you; never should you stop working on your Instagram strategy.

People who make it big on Instagram and reach their goals aren’t those who simply buy followers and call it quits – buying Instagram followers is a great way to get more growth, but it shouldn’t be your only plan.

Is it Safe to Buy Instagram Followers?

Again, a lot of this really depends on what company you decide to go with, but usually it’s totally safe to buy Instagram followers because companies know how strict Instagram can be.

If companies don’t comply with the rules set forth by Instagram, they’ll be forced to shut down, so most companies will do what they can to keep your account safe. This goes for the companies that we listed here in our guide.

You should still always check to make sure that companies work to keep your account secure and Instagram compliant. Make sure that they aren’t using any bots or fake follower engagement strategies.

What’s more, you should always ensure that packaged Instagram followers are delivered at a drip rate, which means not immediately. This ensures that you don’t get flagged by Instagram; if you buy 5000 followers and they’re all delivered at once, this can seem suspicious.

In order to keep your account safe, it’s better to go with a slower, more natural delivery rate. If you aren’t sure what you want or you have smaller orders, you can check for a company that allows you to choose between instant or drip delivery.

In any case, just double-check that the company has a proper protocol for Instagram compliance as well as SSL encryption to keep your account secure.

Where Should I Buy Instagram Followers?

As you know, there are plenty of options for buying Instagram followers. While it can be a difficult and time-consuming venture to review and go through all of them, it can be worth it because you will find which company works best for your Instagram.

The top companies in Instagram growth, such as the ones on this list, can work with any niche and any type of profile. Some of the best options will use your targeting options to get more real followers looking at your account.

This is the best-case scenario because you ultimately want to see real, tangible results from your Instagram, such as an increase in engagement, more partnerships, as well as higher conversion rates for businesses.

Definitely check out all of the options that we’ve mentioned above and if you have another company in mind, use our guide to decide whether or not they can be a good option to bring you high-quality Instagram followers.

Will I Get Banned if I Buy Instagram Followers?

Getting banned is one of the biggest concerns of many users and is one of the reasons why people avoid buying Instagram followers. While it has happened in the past, if you use the right company and do things correctly, you definitely won’t get banned.

If the companies above had a lot of users get banned from Instagram, they wouldn’t even be in business anymore, and most of the companies on our list have years of experience providing users with Instagram followers.

For that reason, you don’t have to be worried about getting banned when you work with a reputable Instagram growth provider. These companies know that you take your Instagram profile very seriously and that losing it would be detrimental to your business or venture.

Top companies want you to be successful, so they’re not going to provide you services that can get you banned.

If you use bot services or use services that go directly against Instagram’s terms of use, you do run the risk of being banned, which is why most people avoid automation services these days. Instagram cracked down hard on services that engage with users in bulk through bots, and this type of service can still put you at risk.

The companies we listed above don’t partake in those kinds of activities, so you’ll be safe if you choose to use one of them. If you want to go with another company, just do your research and you’ll be fine.

Final thoughts – The best sites to buy Instagram followers

Everyone wants to increase their popularity and reputation on Instagram, and doing so on your own can take too much time and disrupt your workflow in other areas of your business or Instagram strategy.

Buying Instagram followers is a great way to supplement your Instagram follower growth and get things moving in the right direction. When you buy from the right company you don’t just get an influx of followers, but you keep your Instagram growing for a long time to come.

Make sure you follow our 10 pro tips in conjunction with buying Instagram followers for the best results, and if you’re looking at companies to buy from, follow our step-by-step guide when doing your research. Good luck with your Instagram follower growth; happy buying!

Guest author: Johnny Pulling is a serial tech entrepreneur who has been living in Serbia for the past 12 years. Passions are crypto and growth hacking to help companies succeed online.

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