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What People Are Saying About Me On The Internet




Today, let’s dive into the essentials of organic social media sales, inspired by my journey on Netflix’s reality show, The Trust.

What People Are Saying About Me On The Internet – Key Takeaways:

Go Back to Basics on Organic Social Media:


Handling Polarizing Personalities:

  • There is a duality of being liked and disliked in the online business space.
  • Authenticity and a consistent online presence are key.
  • There are nuances in navigating public opinion and reactions.


Self-Perception in Sales:

  • Online comments can very closely relate to the self-perception challenges faced in sales calls.
  • Be aware of your beliefs around sales.
  • Project confidence and demonstrate value in online business interactions.

Overcoming Resistance:

  • Address any resistance you find to systems and sales.
  • Use resistance as a transformative tool for online business growth.
  • Embrace business challenges for successful scaling in the online business industry.

Systemizing Business:

  • It is absolutely necessary to overcome resistance before implementing systematic changes in your business.
  • I share personal experiences of embracing resistance for transformative growth in business.
  • Effective systemization in online businesses is crucial.

Key Quotes:

  • “Organic social media is the best way to get sales hands down today, 2024, and beyond, especially in the transformative online business industry.”
  • “Everything you’re thinking about someone is a reflection of yourself, a valuable lesson for coaches, consultants, and experts.”
  • “Use resistance as a tool. It’s your gateway to growth and scaling in your business.”

Resources Mentioned:


  • Organic social media is transformative in the online business industry.
  • View resistance as a tool for personal and professional growth.
  • Invite engagement on social media, questions, and topics tailored to your niche.

What People Are Saying About Me On The Internet

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