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Nicole Jansen: How To Shift Your Mindset For Sustainable Business Success




Today, we’re diving deep into the world of successful online coaching and business scaling. Buckle up, because we’ve got some game-changing insights headed your way.

Guest Introduction:

Today, I’m thrilled to have Nicole Jansen with us. She’s an absolute pro at guiding entrepreneur leaders, like you, through the transformative journey of mindset for huge business growth. 

Over the past 30 years, Nicole has empowered thousands of visionary entrepreneurs to play to their strengths, grow their business, and make a greater impact. As a coach and strategic advisor, she is passionate about helping leaders shift their perspective, expand their influence, and solve complex issues with the aim of transforming the world for the better. She is the founder of the Leaders of Transformation Podcast, a top 1.5% podcast globally, reaching listeners in 140 countries.

With a track record of working with thousands of clients, Nicole is here to drop some serious wisdom on maximizing your potential as an online business owner.

How To Shift Your Mindset For Sustainable Business Success: Key Takeaways:

Mindset is the Foundation:

  • Let’s kick things off with a fundamental truth: Nicole lays it all out, emphasizing how your mindset is the secret sauce to achieving remarkable business growth.

The Mindset-Sales Connection:

  • We uncover the profound impact of self-belief on your sales calls and, most importantly, your client’s trust. Trust me, this is a game-changer.

Selling Yourself:

  • Nicole shares invaluable insights on selling value over personal likability. This one’s not just a hint; it’s a strategic move that can reshape your entire approach.

Visibility, Credibility, and Consistency:

  • We’re breaking down how to build trust and a rock-solid business foundation. It’s all about being seen, credible, and consistent.

Aligning Goals with Systems:

  • Drawing from Nicole’s wealth of experience with a franchisor, we uncover the golden nuggets on connecting goals with system adherence. This is where success is cultivated.

Shifting Mindset for Sustainable Success:

  • Ever wondered how a founder’s mindset shifts from being sales-focused to investing in true success? Nicole shares a real-life case study that’s not just inspiring but actionable.

Strategy with Intent:

  • Tune in as we delve into the crucial importance of aligning your actions with clear intent to achieve those dream outcomes. This is your blueprint for success.

The Danger of Desperation:

  • Nicole waves a red flag on the subtle yet significant impact of a desperate mindset in business. Trust me, you’ll want to steer clear of this pitfall.

Key Quotes:

  • “Mindset is everything. Strategy alone won’t work if your mindset isn’t aligned.”
  • “You’re the one putting out what’s happening in your business. The person in the mirror has to smile first for that reflection to be positive.”
  • “It’s not about selling yourself; it’s about selling value. Focus on the value proposition.”
  • “Visibility, credibility, and consistency are the pillars of building trust in business.”

Resources Mentioned:


A massive shoutout to Nicole Jansen for unleashing these invaluable insights. If you’re serious about scaling your online business, it’s time to hone in on transforming your mindset and aligning actions with intent.

How To Shift Your Mindset For Sustainable Business Success

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