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How to Sell High-Ticket Offers on Social Media




In this episode, I uncover essential strategies for selling high-ticket offers on social media.

I’d like to stress the significance of developing a well-defined strategy, implementing efficient systems, and maintaining a strong sales focus within the realm of online coaching.

How To Sell High-Ticket Offers on Social Media

Key Takeaways:

1. Virtual Networking for High-Ticket Sales: Picture social media as your gateway to establishing valuable relationships. Allocate just 30 minutes daily to engage purposefully and witness your network expand, driving high-ticket sales.

2. Black Book Strategy: Handle your social media connections as cherished entries in your little black book. Prioritize quality followers and nurturing relationships to maximize high-ticket offer conversions.

3. Consistent Content Stream: Forge a well-thought-out content marketing plan that seamlessly integrates with your overarching social media strategy, driving high ticket sales. This acts as the adhesive binding your efforts.

4. The Power of Social Media for High-Ticket Offers: In a continually evolving world, social media possesses the potential to instigate positive transformations in your business. Master this platform for high-ticket sales.

5. The Unlaunch Method Workshop: I’m eager to share more about the upcoming workshop, where I’ll reveal my highly successful social media marketing and sales system designed for coaches aiming to sell high-ticket offers. Get signed up free here.

6. The Challenge of Outsourcing Social Media for High-Ticket Offers: Outsourcing can be a tricky endeavor when you’re selling high-ticket offers. I strongly recommend against it unless you possess a deep understanding of how your brand is being represented – your reputation is on the line.

7. Ignoring Vanity Metrics for High-Ticket Sales: Shift your focus towards cultivating individual interactions and relationships rather than getting entangled in superficial numbers. Quality far surpasses quantity, especially in the world of high-ticket sales.

Key Quotes:

  • “The best time to take social media seriously for high ticket offers was 10 years ago. The second best time is right now.”
  • “What you put into this thing is what you will get out of it, especially when selling high-ticket offers.”
  • “View it like that, use some real intent, and watch what happens for your high-ticket sales.”

Resources Mentioned:

  • To find out more about the free Unlaunch Method Workshop and how it can boost your high-ticket sales, visit this link.


In summary, the triple threat of social media sales encompasses virtual networking, the black book strategy, and maintaining a consistent content stream, all of which are essential for selling high-ticket offers on social media. By embracing these strategies, you can generate high-quality leads and significantly boost your high-ticket sales. Always remember that the true power of social media shines when utilized strategically and with intent.

How to Sell High-Ticket Offers on Social Media

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