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Shaniece M. Wise: Leveraging Social Media for High Ticket Coaching Sales




In today’s episode, I’m excited to dive into the world of leveraging social media for high ticket coaching sales with our special guest, Shaniece M. Wise, a seasoned business expansion coach and strategist. Together, we’ll uncover the secrets to closing high ticket coaching sales using the power of social media.

Social Media for High Ticket Coaching Sales

Guest Introduction:

Shaniece is a seasoned Business Expansion Coach and Strategist, with a proven track record of enhancing profitability, visibility, and strategic prowess in businesses.

What sets Shaniece apart is her unique approach, intertwining spirituality and biblical principles into her coaching, offering her clients a comprehensive and transformative perspective on success.

Key Takeaways:

Mastering Business Scaling: 

Shaniece is renowned for her prowess in helping entrepreneurs achieve remarkable business growth, including reaching the coveted six and seven-figure milestones.

Holistic Approach: 

What sets Shaniece apart is her holistic coaching approach, seamlessly integrating spiritual and biblical principles into her guidance. 

The Power of Authenticity: 

Shaniece places a strong emphasis on authenticity. In the competitive coaching industry, staying true to yourself can be your greatest asset, and Shaniece encourages her clients to embrace their authenticity.

Natural Integration of Spirituality: 

While spirituality is a core aspect of Shaniece’s coaching, she doesn’t impose it on her clients. Instead, she skillfully weaves these principles into her marketing and content for a harmonious and effective approach.

Key Quotes:

  • “We are all walking by faith and expecting clients to show up, expecting revenue to show up because we’re putting ourselves out there and doing the work.” 
  • “When you fully understand who you are, it gives you the freedom to be yourself in your industry, and that becomes your ‘it’ factor.” 

Resources Mentioned:


Shaniece’s coaching approach encompasses spirituality, strategy, and authenticity, providing entrepreneurs with the tools to leverage social media for high-ticket coaching sales. If you’re ready to explore opportunities for business growth in this dynamic field, connect with us at

Leveraging Social Media for High Ticket Coaching Sales

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