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The Secret to Getting 140k Blog Visitors From Quora Every Month

Quora is one of the fastest-growing platforms for getting traffic to your blog.

It’s also a fantastic way to get targeted and highly qualified traffic that converts well.

In this article, I’ll first show you why you should be focussing more on platforms like Quora (or Reddit) to drive traffic to your blog, followed by some challenges that people face while driving traffic from Quora. I’ll finish by showing you the unbeatable method I’ve been using to create a traffic avalanche to your blog from Quora.

So without any further ado, let’s begin.

Why Quora is the hottest traffic source on the internet right now

Everyone just loves high converting traffic.

Once a visitor lands on a page, you want that to add up to revenue (either by clicking display ads or giving affiliate sales).

But it has become a challenge to get such levels of conversions as people these days have a very minute attention span.

When people don’t find what they’re looking for, they just bounce right away.

And this attention span has further dwindled down after the introduction of TikTok and Instagram Reels.

You might be wondering how Tiktok or Instagram Reels have dwindled the attention span of people.

Well, I’ll tell you why!

On Tiktok or Instagram Reels, for example, people keep scrolling endlessly without a clear purpose – some may even come to click “like” just because it’s something new and trending.

Also, the education level of people visiting Quora is considerably higher than people visiting Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram combined.

With Quora, most people using it, are educated (Quora isn’t visually appealing like Instagram) so they’re going there specifically looking for answers- whether that’s an educational topic or some valuable guidance for life.

In the end, when someone finds their answers, they either leave or only look at better ones; unlike Instagram Reels where people mostly scroll aimlessly until boredom kicks in or they’re reminded to do their chores.

It’s so easy to get lost in the shuffle on Tiktok, Facebook, or Instagram Reels.

But Quora is different because it provides value, education, and guidance that helps you have a better understanding of what the solutions to your problems should be about instead of just posting anything and hoping for followers.

The traffic on Quora is a serious thing.

Quora, the social network of Q&A, has more than 100 million unique monthly visitors.

What’s even better is that they rank for approximately 75 Million keywords.

Imagine if your site had just 0.01% of the traffic juice Quora gets naturally -wouldn’t it be amazing?

These are some of the important reasons, why Quora is the hottest source of converting traffic for your blog.

Now let’s proceed to the challenges of bringing traffic to your blog from Quora.

Challenges of driving Quora traffic to your blog

There are certain challenges you need to face while driving traffic from Quora to your blog.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Challenge 1: Finding HUGE Traffic Quora Questions

Though Quora is a source of highly converting traffic, it’s hard to extract the traffic juice from it.


Since Quora is a Q&A site, it is hard to track which question has the highest traffic-driving potential.

In fact, it’s quite easy to get lost in the ocean of questions and you may end up wasting hours giving answers to questions that hardly bring you traffic.

Plus, finding Quora questions that are ranking organically on Google is tough.

Challenge 2: Writing Meaningful and Quality Answers

As already discussed, Quora is the land of the educated and not of entertainment.

Your answers need to match the level of expertise and quality that convinces people to click on your links to land on your blog pages.

In this phase, where people have a drastically narrowed attention span (thanks to Instagram Reels and TikTok), it is difficult to convince or persuade them to keep reading your answers and then visit your blog link as well.

So make sure your answers are easy to follow and informative.

Challenge 3: Quora Moderation Rules and Guidelines

You would be amazed to know that I’ve been banned by Quora moderation a dozen times to date.

Quora moderation is quite strict as compared to other social media platforms out there.

Strictly no repeated answers, no copying and pasting content from the web, no spamming, no placing of links multiple times in a single answer, and other rules and guidelines, too.

When placing your answers on Quora, you need to take care of these things if you don’t wish to get banned for 30 days.

The banning time starts from 7 days, meaning the first time you’ll get banned will be for 7 days, then 14, then 30 days, and so on.

Spam Quora more often, and your account will be deleted forever.

These are some of the hardest challenges that people face while trying to drive traffic from Quora.

Beating Quora traffic challenges and creating a traffic avalanche to tour blog

In this section, I’ll help you beat those challenges and discover your path to that eternal Quora traffic source.

Let’s proceed with the first challenge:

How to Find High Traffic Quora Questions

I recommend you don’t go out to each and every question and start answering them.

There’s a proper strategy in place if you want to make Quora a traffic source for your blog.

In order to find high-traffic Quora questions, you’ll need to use an SEO tool called SEMrush.

Get a SEMrush FREE Trial

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: While in the SEMrush dashboard, go to Domain Analytics -> Organic Research -> Type in the search bar and hit enter

Step 2: Go to pages and enter your keyword or topic

Step 3: For convenience, I’ve entered my keyword as “WordPress”, let’s see what pops up


All the questions on Quora containing the keyword WordPress will be displayed in this list.

TIP: If your keyword isn’t a single word like above, try adding hyphens between the words to make searching easier.

Ex. Instead of searching for “email marketing”, in the search box, try inserting “email-marketing”.

Step 4: Click on traffic and sort by descending

Doing this will arrange all your keyword-specified Quora pages in the descending order of their incoming Google traffic.

Now you can go to these questions individually, place your answers and promote your blog’s link.

Since these questions are already getting tons of traffic and these keywords are ranking on Google, your blog can also take part of this traffic.

If you’re not using an SEO tool like SEMrush, there’s a bit of manual work you’d need to do.

Process 2 – Without SEMrush


Try to find questions on Quora that have a follower-to-answer ratio of 7:1.

Meaning, you should answer only those questions which are in the ratio of 7 follows for every single answer already made.

Finding these types of questions is a bit tricky as there’s currently no shortcut for it.

Follow this process:

Go to Google -> Type + inurl:yourkeyword -> Hit Search

In my case, I’ve searched for the keyword WordPress, let’s see what pops up.


You can see that all the questions containing my preferred keyword have been listed here.

Google will also show you the number of answers each question already has.

Now, comes the manual work.

You need to go to each separate question and check whether that question is worth answering or not.

Follow the criteria of following the answer ratio of 7:1 for maximum exposure.

Similarly, you can put this query in Google to discover some other meaningful Quora questions.

Go to Google -> Type + intitle:yourkeyword -> Hit Search

This time, I’ve changed the query from inurl to intitle.

Now, 90% of the suggestions you get will be similar in both queries, but 10% of the questions you’ll find will be unique.

Take a look here:


The difference between these two queries is the last question.

While all the other questions are the same for both queries, the last question comes out to be different.

This was all about finding traffic-worthy questions on Quora.

The next challenge we need to face is about writing our answers.

How to Write Meaningful and Quality Answers On Quora

The best way to answer questions on Quora is by using these simple steps mentioned below.

1. Use Interactive Images


If you’re looking to get more upvotes for your post, it might be worth adding an image.

Quora has found that images have a 12.5% higher click-through-rate and are answered about 20% faster than posts without any pictures!

Also, you should pay attention to your image SEO and optimization so that your answers are fully SEO compliant thus also giving your answers faster and higher rankings on Google.

2. Write Answers That Are Easy To Skim

In the era of social media and short attention spans, nobody wants to read a huge block of text.


So try to break down your answers into smaller paragraphs that are easy for people to skim through on their phone while waiting in line at Starbucks or any other place where they have a few minutes spare before getting back onto the fast-paced grind.

Also, headings and subheadings are great for organizing your content.


They make it easier to find what you’re looking for, especially when reading a long document on the internet that doesn’t have an index at the back of each page or large section titles alongside every paragraph.

Your paragraphs should also be easy to read by not having more than two sentences in them with 25 words max. per sentence.

For more tips on how you can write an engaging piece of content for your audience, check out this article I wrote.

Related: How To Write An Engaging and Persuasive Blog Post Or Any Type Of Written Content

Technically the tips mentioned in the above blog post apply to all forms of written content including Quora answers, social media captions, email letters, and so on.

Coming to our last challenge:

How to Defend Yourself From Getting Banned On Quora

In order to understand this, you need to follow Quora Policies and Guidelines

Once again, I’d like to remind you that Quora is very strict regarding its guidelines.

Make sure you follow its policies before placing your answers.

Conclusion – Hacking 140k monthly blog visitors from Quora

Quora is a great source of unlimited hyper-targeted traffic and ultra-quality leads.

You can not only perform lead generation and build credibility in your niche by using Quora but also connect with like-minded people who have higher education levels than those on TikTok or Instagram.

Most marketers are focusing more on Facebook and Twitter instead of exploring the possibilities that come from utilizing social media platforms such as Quora;

Don’t fall into this trap!

It’s time for you to start building your presence online through Quora.

What do you think of Quora?

Tell me in the comments below and if you found this article informative, then share it with your friends!

Also, if you face any problem regarding any of the above-mentioned topics, you can visit The Mistaken Man and leave your queries there.

Till then, have a nice day.

Guest author: I’m Palash, founder of The Mistaken Man. I am the only member at TMM who is not a blogger or freelancer myself, but instead more of an entrepreneur and content writer. My mission is to help people find their own path in life. I do this by sharing what I’ve learned with others through my blog. I have over 10,000 Monthly Readers who come to my site to learn how they can make a living through Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. If you’re looking for someone who can get your website up and running quickly, then check out my site for Blog & Article Writing Services today!

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