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Buyer Beware: 3 Programs You Should Not Invest In




Today I’m breaking down 3 programs you should not invest in if you’re looking to scale your business online.

Buyer Beware: 3 Programs You Should Not Invest In – Key Takeaways:

Avoiding High-Ticket Coaching Pitfalls: 

Let’s kick things off by uncovering the truth behind high-ticket coaching programs. I’ll reveal common pitfalls you should steer clear of to ensure success in scaling your coaching business.

Freebie Trap: 

Don’t get caught up in the allure of freebies as your primary client attraction strategy. Discover why they may not yield the results you’re hoping for and what to focus on instead.

Membership Trap: 

While memberships may seem enticing, they often come with their own set of challenges. Learn how to evaluate whether memberships are the right fit for your coaching business and how to navigate potential pitfalls.

Mini Offer Trap: 

Mini offers can be tempting but proceed with caution. I’ll share why relying solely on mini-offers may devalue your services and leave you feeling disappointed with the results.

Building a Business That Works:

Let’s address the chaos that can come with running an online business solo. It’s time to shift gears and focus on creating a system that works seamlessly for you.

Remember, profitability is key to sustainable growth. Avoid overspending on unnecessary expenses and prioritize strategies that directly contribute to your business’s bottom line.

And don’t forget the power of strategic selling and nurturing client relationships. These are essential components of a successful business, far more impactful than automated funnels or passive income models.

The Unlaunch Method Workshop:

Ready to consistently sell your high-ticket services with social media? Join me for my free LIVE Unlaunch Method Workshop, where I’ll share my proven strategies to do just that.

For those seeking personalized guidance, consider upgrading to the VIP ticket option for exclusive one-on-one coaching sessions with yours truly.

Key Quotes:

  • “Stop making that mistake. I’ll guide you through what you need to know for your next coaching program and ensure you’re set up for success.”
  • “Freebies will not work. What you need are genuine connections and meaningful sales conversations.”
  • “The membership trap is risky business. It’s not always what it seems and may not be the best fit for your coaching business.”
  • “Remember, buyers are listeners. Don’t underestimate the value of your services by relying solely on tiny offers.”

Resources Mentioned:

  • The Unlaunched Method Workshop


Remember, understanding the intricacies of the online business industry is crucial for avoiding common pitfalls. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, don’t hesitate to sign up for The Unlaunch Method Workshop. I look forward to seeing you there.

Buyer Beware: 3 Programs You Should Not Invest In

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