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WordPress is so powerful and versatile that the WP community can sometimes seem like a vast ocean of people, information, and resources. In today’s Build and Beyond video, Jamie Marsland shares 15 of the most influential developers he follows to keep on top of new features, learn cool new tips, and, ultimately, get the most out of WordPress. 

Of course, we couldn’t feature all the great people in this space, so be sure to comment below with your favorite WordPress-related follows.  

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Here are the folks mentioned, as well as where to find them on the web: 

Nick Diego

Sarah Norris

Brian Coords

Carolina Nymark

James Kemp

Anne Bovelett

Justin Tadlock

Ryan Welcher

Aki Hamano

Aurooba Ahmed

Eric Karkovack

Keith Devon  and Mark Wilkinson

Joost de Valk

Elliot Richmond

Rich Tabor

Jessica Lyschik

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