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buy residential proxies

Keeping your online activities private and secure is more critical today than ever. 

Which is why you should buy residential proxies.

The best residential proxies have become essential for individuals and companies who want to use the Internet safely and freely, which is why we have reviewed the top 7 sites to buy from after testing over 100+ providers.

These tools help people hide their real internet address, making it easier to browse the web without being tracked or limited.

7 Best sites for Residential Proxies in 2024

Let’s introduce you to the best sites to buy residential proxies providers out there:


Buy Residential Proxies

ProxySolutions has built a strong reputation for its unwavering dedication to ensuring privacy and security for its users. They are known as one of the best sites to buy proxies from.

This commitment is reflected in their provision of top-tier residential proxies designed to meet diverse requirements. 

Whether you’re an individual seeking to browse the internet anonymously or a business needing to access geo-restricted content for research or marketing purposes, offers a solution tailored to your needs.

Central to their service offering is a keen emphasis on reliability and speed:

  • Privacy and Security: High commitment to user privacy and secure online activities.
  • Quality Proxies: Offers high-quality residential proxies for various needs.
  • Global Access: Ensures global content access without geo-restrictions.
  • Reliability and Speed: Focuses on providing reliable and best residential proxy services.

Shop ProxySolutions Now

2. Luminati (Bright Data)

Formerly known as Luminati, Bright Data has established itself as the largest proxy network globally, renowned for its comprehensive suite to buy residential proxies. 

These static residential proxies are designed to ensure user anonymity and provide extensive geographic coverage, catering to various needs and preferences. 

This makes Bright Data an exceptional resource for individuals and businesses alike, particularly those engaged in activities that require a high degree of privacy and access to information across different regions.

Bright Data’s offerings are especially beneficial for large-scale operations. 

For instance, organizations involved in web scraping can leverage Bright Data’s vast network to collect data from various sources efficiently without the risk of being blocked or detected.

  • Largest Proxy Network: Known as the world’s largest proxy network.
  • Anonymity and Coverage: Guarantees anonymity with extensive geographic coverage.
  • Ideal for Large-Scale Operations: Perfect for web scraping, ad verification, and gathering competitive intelligence.
  • Unparalleled Access: Provides unmatched access and data collection capabilities.

3. Smartproxy

Smartproxy stands out in the digital landscape with its accessible and efficient residential proxy network, celebrated for delivering high-speed connections to its users. 

This efficiency is further bolstered by an expansive pool of more than 40 million IP addresses, ensuring that users have a wide range of options for their online activities. 

This vast selection of IPs enhances the versatility of Smartproxy’s services and contributes to the reliability and effectiveness of the proxy connections it offers.

  • User-Friendly: Offers an efficient and easy-to-use residential proxy network.
  • High-Speed Connections: Known for its fast proxy services.
  • Large IP Pool: Features an impressive pool of over 40 million IPs.
  • Cost-Effective: Provides affordable solutions without sacrificing quality.

4. Oxylabs

Oxylabs stands at the forefront of the proxy service industry, distinguishing itself as a premier provider with an extensive array of residential proxies. 

This impressive offering encompasses more than 100 million IP addresses spread across the globe, ensuring that users have access to a diverse and wide-reaching network. 

Such a vast selection is pivotal for businesses and organizations that depend on accessing data from various geographical locations, enabling them to conduct operations seamlessly without encountering geo-restrictions or blockades.

Designed with the specific needs of businesses in mind, Oxylabs’ services are particularly suited for entities engaged in large-scale data center proxies extraction activities.

  • Leading Provider: A top player in the proxy market.
  • Extensive IP Selection: Offers over 100 million IP addresses globally.
  • Large-Scale Data Extraction: Designed for businesses needing robust and reliable proxies for extensive datacenter proxies gathering.
  • Versatile Use Cases: Supports a wide array of applications.

5. GeoSurf

GeoSurf is a specialized provider of residential proxies explicitly tailored for businesses that require smooth and uninterrupted market research and advertisement verification processes. 

This service is distinguished by its commitment to offering IP addresses that are both undetectable and secure, ensuring that businesses can carry out their online activities without the risk of being blocked or detected by websites and online services. 

This level of anonymity and security is crucial for companies that rely on gathering accurate and comprehensive data from various online sources.

  • Market Research and Ad Verification: Ideal for seamless market research and ad verification tasks.
  • Undetectable IPs: Focuses on providing secure and undetectable IP addresses.
  • Localized Browsing: Enables localized browsing experiences in numerous countries.
  • Security: Prioritizes offering secure proxy options.

6. NetNut

NetNut distinguishes itself in the crowded residential proxy market with its innovative approach, leveraging the technology of DiviNetworks to offer its users something quite exceptional: direct connectivity to Internet Service Providers (ISPs). 

This unique method stands out because it bypasses the common bottlenecks and challenges associated with traditional proxy services, offering a streamlined and more efficient pathway to the internet.

  • Direct ISP Connectivity: Utilizes DiviNetworks for direct ISP connections, enhancing speed and reliability for proxy networks.
  • Fast and Reliable: Offers faster and more dependable connections than typical ISP proxies.
  • Unique Approach: Features a distinctive method of providing residential proxies.
  • Efficiency: Great for businesses prioritizing efficient online operations.

7. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies is known for its affordable and straightforward residential proxy pool, catering to individuals and small businesses. 

While Storm Proxies IP pool is smaller than others, they offer unlimited bandwidth and instant access, making them a cost-effective option for users with specific needs such as web scraping and sneaker copping.

  • Affordable Solutions: Known for its cost-effective proxy solutions.
  • Instant Access: Provides immediate access to its services.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Offers unlimited bandwidth to its users.
  • Smaller IP Pool: It has a smaller IP pool but caters well to specific needs like web scraping and sneaker copping.

What Are Residential Proxies?

Residential proxies are particular internet addresses given out by internet service providers (ISPs) to people in their homes. 

Unlike other proxy types, these are tied to a real-world location, which makes them highly trustworthy and hard to detect. 

They work by hiding your internet address (IP address), like your online home address. 

By doing this, whatever you do on the internet becomes almost impossible to trace back to you.

The Benefits when you buy Residential Proxies

The fastest residential proxies are incredibly versatile and offer many benefits. Here’s why they’re so helpful:

  • Privacy and Security: They keep your online activities private, protecting you from prying eyes.
  • Accessing Restricted Content: With these proxies, you can access websites and content that might be blocked in your country.
  • Market Research: They allow businesses to see the web from the perspective of real users across different locations, which is invaluable for market analysis.
  • Ad Verification: Companies use the fastest residential proxies to check if their ads appear correctly on websites worldwide.
  • Social Media Proxy Management Tools: Managing several social media accounts becomes easier because these proxies reduce the risk of account bans or restrictions.

Finding the Best Residential Proxy Providers

When you’re in the market for a residential proxy plan, making the right choice is crucial to ensure you get the best service. 

Here’s a detailed guide on what to consider, broken down into simple terms and critical areas.


In the context of best proxy services, reliability refers to the proxy network’s consistent availability and stable performance. 

A reliable service means you can count on the proxy to be up and running whenever needed, without unexpected downtimes or interruptions.

Imagine you’re conducting crucial market research or trying to watch a show only available in another country. 

If your proxy service provider suddenly becomes unavailable, your work is interrupted, which can be frustrating and costly. 

A residential proxy provider known for its reliability will have measures to ensure minimal disruptions, providing a seamless online experience.


The internet is all about speed. A fast proxy service ensures that web pages load quickly, allowing you to browse, stream, and work without annoying lags. 

Speed is essential when dealing with data-intensive tasks like video streaming or large-scale web scraping.

Slow proxies not only test your patience but can also interfere with the timely completion of tasks. 

They can cause web pages to time out and disrupt ongoing activities, which is detrimental to productivity and can affect outcomes, especially in time-sensitive situations.

Large IP Pool

A vast pool of residential IP addresses is a cornerstone of a top-notch residential proxy server. It provides a broad spectrum of IPs from different geographical locations, offering you a wide range of options for your specific needs. 

This diversity is crucial for avoiding detection and bans by websites that may restrict access based on IP addresses.

For businesses engaged in global market research or digital advertising, the ability to access accurate, localized data from around the world is invaluable. 

A substantial IP pool enables more effective and comprehensive data gathering, ensuring that insights and analyses are based on various perspectives.


Geo-targeting is a feature that allows you to choose proxies in specific geographic locations. 

This ability is crucial for bypassing regional content restrictions or businesses conducting localized testing and research.

Whether you’re looking to access a service only available in a particular country or want to see how your website appears to users in different parts of the world, geo-targeting offers the flexibility to navigate the web from virtually any location. 

This feature is indispensable for tasks requiring a localized internet presence.

Customer Support

You might encounter issues or have questions even with the most reliable and fast proxy server. That’s where customer support comes in. 

A provider with a dedicated, knowledgeable support team can significantly enhance your user experience, offering peace of mind that help is available when needed.

Practical customer support ensures that technical problems or queries are addressed promptly, minimizing potential downtime. 

This aspect is particularly crucial for businesses relying on proxies for critical operations, where delays can have significant repercussions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use residential proxies providers for streaming services from another country?

Yes, residential proxies are perfect for streaming services restricted to certain countries. 

By choosing a proxy in the country where the service is available, you can bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy your favorite shows and movies without limitations.

How do residential proxies protect my privacy online?

Residential proxies hide your real IP address and unique online identifier and replace them with another one from a different location. 

This makes your online activities hard to trace back to you, enhancing your privacy and security on the internet.

Is it legal to buy residential proxies?

Yes, using residential proxies is legal. They are a legitimate tool for privacy, security, and accessing geo-restricted content. 

However, what you do with the proxy can affect its legality. It’s essential to use proxies ethically and in compliance with the terms of service of the websites you visit.

Can businesses use residential proxies for market research?

Absolutely. Residential proxies are invaluable for businesses conducting market research. 

They allow companies to see the web from users’ perspectives in different locations, providing accurate and comprehensive data for analysis. 

This helps businesses better understand market trends, competitor strategies, and customer preferences.

What should I look for in a residential proxy provider if I’m managing multiple social media accounts?

If you’re managing multiple social media accounts, look for residential proxy plans that offer the following:

  • A large pool of IP addresses to reduce the risk of account bans or restrictions.
  • High-speed connections to ensure efficient management and posting.
  • Reliable uptime to maintain consistent access to your accounts.
  • Good customer support to quickly resolve any issues that may arise.

Choosing the right residential proxy service is crucial for maintaining the privacy and efficiency of your online activities, whether for personal or business purposes.

Conclusion: Would you buy residential proxies?

Choosing the best residential proxies is essential for anyone looking to secure their online privacy and access the web without restrictions. offers a premier solution with reliable, fast, and user-friendly residential proxies. 

As we’ve explored other top proxy providers, it’s clear that the right choice depends on specific needs and priorities. 

Consider your options carefully to find the best fit for your requirements.

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