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In the dynamic world of online marketing, Jenn Brabbins stands out, carving her own path as a digital marketer. With twelve years of experience in the field, she founded Unite Experience, an integrated marketing consultancy business, helping to demystify new digital landscapes for small businesses and startups.

Like many entrepreneurs, Jenn is always working to stay on the cutting edge of what it means to be successful as a digital marketer. She’s always learning and no two days at work are ever the same! Unite Experience provides a wide range of services, covering website optimization, social media management, paid advertising, affiliate marketing, development of brand guidelines, project management, and more. For small business owners who find themselves navigating unfamiliar territory in the realm of digital marketing, Jenn is here to offer guidance and expertise.

“I’m hoping to demystify the jargon around digital marketing for people who aren’t too familiar with how it works.”

She loves to immerse herself in a client’s business, mission, and values to learn how she can help them succeed—by improving search engine rankings, growing a social media following, or helping set up a newsletter, just for starters! Jenn measures her success simply: she’s only happy when her clients are.

On the horizon

Looking to the future, Jenn sees Unite Experience expanding to become a large and trusted community hub with a professional referral network for digital freelancers, including copywriters, designers, developers, and project managers. She will continue delivering consistent high-caliber and customized marketing solutions for small businesses, startups, and independent entrepreneurs. Her passion lies in ensuring the satisfaction of each and every one of her clients. success stories like Jenn’s inspire confidence and motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs. Are you ready for your entrepreneurial journey to begin? Use coupon code wpsuccessue for 3 months free with the purchase of an annual plan. Visit or click below to get started:

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