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We’re thrilled to unveil the new and refreshed learning hub! This new resource is easily accessible at Our mission is to create a central place for all your educational needs. In this post we’ll give you a tour of the new digs and explain the behind-the-scenes design work that has made this resource more accessible, more navigable, and more enjoyable to use.

Let’s take a look!    

Before and after

Why the refresh?

We’ve always been inspired by the passion and curiosity of our users. To better serve your thirst for knowledge, we’ve kickstarted an ambitious journey to bring together the best of our educational content under one roof.

While there’s plenty to explore right now on—including free courses, webinars, and step-by-step tutorials—know that this is just the beginning. We’re continually evolving and adding material to create a resource-rich hub for all your endeavors.

What’s new?

  • Fresh and intuitive design: A sleek new interface that makes navigating through courses and webinars a breeze.
  • Webinar times shown in your timezone: We’re thrilled to let you know that webinar sessions are now shown in your local timezone.
  • Enhanced functionality: With improved search and responsive design, you’ll find what you need in no time.
  • Courses come with more details: You’ll find time estimates and expertise levels (Beginner, Intermediate, etc.) listed on each course page.
  • Unified experience: We’ve made the design consistent with our and pages, ensuring a seamless experience across our platforms.

Big thanks to our team!

Behind the scenes, an incredibly dedicated team worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life. From our designers and developers to our course and webinar coordinators, we’re grateful for every single effort.

Here’s what Vini M., the lead designer on this project, had to say about his vision for this new learning hub:

“Design was the heartbeat of this project. Our revamp aimed to weave together functionality and visual appeal, creating a learning experience that’s both intuitive and captivating.

While crafting this new learning experience, we envisioned a space where interactivity meets accessibility; a place where every learner feels right at home. With resources for diverse users and specific tools to guide beginners, we’ve met diverse needs.

Take a moment to explore, feel the depth, and share our vision. This project is the culmination of passion, dedication, and the combined brilliance of many. We’re immensely proud of our accomplishments, and I hope you feel the same exhilaration. Here’s to the beginning of a renewed journey of learning and growth with!”

Join the adventure!

The journey doesn’t stop here. Our eyes are set on the future as we continue to evolve based on your feedback and needs. Dive in, explore the new hub, and let us know your thoughts. This upgrade will redefine your learning experience!

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