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How to Buy Instagram Followers - The 9 Best Sites [2021 Update]


The best site to Buy Instagram Followers, according to my independent test, is

It’s hard to get Instagram followers…

It takes years of hard work… and you might feel discouraged…

How can you fix this problem?

You can buy Instagram followers.

I personally tested over 35 websites that sell followers, and listed the top 11 sites below.

Here are the 11 best sites to buy Instagram followers:

1. UseViral

Buy Instagram Followers from

Score: 9.5/10

You can buy high-quality Instagram followers with

On this site, you can buy Instagram followers INSTANTLY.

(The new followers will appear within a few minutes)

It’s fast, easy and cheap.

UseViral has been selling followers for 10 years, and has over 1 million customers.

It has been featured as the #1 BEST SITE to buy Instagram followers in magazines like Business Review, Outlook India, and Startup Info.


  • High Quality Instagram Followers
  • High Retention
  • 30-Day Guarantee & Free Refills


  • They don’t accept Bitcoin payments

For more info, visit

2. SidesMedia

Score: 9.3/10

The next website on my list is

SideMedia is a great option when you want to purchase Instagram followers. They offer a great range of packages: 500, 1,000, and upwards of 10,000 Instagram followers.

Aside from a great diversity of packages, we suggest Sidesmedia as a great option because they also align with upholding a strong quality of service and outstanding customer support.

After independent testing, we can verify that Sidesmedia is in fact a reputable company and you’re in safe hands when buying Instagram followers from them.

For more info, visit

3. Social-Viral


Score: 7.9/10

Social-Viral is a similar service to You can buy real Instagram followers in a range of packages from 50 to 5,000. They don’t require your account password, can deliver followers fast, and have 24/7 customer support.

If you’re unsure about Social-Viral you can check out their customer testimonials or contact their team to answer any questions you have.

Buy Instagram Followers on Social-Viral here.

4. Stormlikes


Score: 7.7/10

Stormlikes is another reputable service for buying Instagram followers.

It provides instant delivery, real people, 24/7 support, and a range of payment options to suit your preferences.

Buy Instagram Followers with Stormlikes here.


Score: 7.5/10

It’s super-easy to buy Instagram followers with You don’t need to worry about bots, fake accounts, or unmet expectations – just choose your package and watch your followers build up almost instantly.

They target specific accounts based on your niche so that you’ll only get relevant followers. Plus, it costs only a couple of dollars to get started!

Try here.

6. Kicksta

Instagram tools - Kicksta

Score: 7.3/10

While Kicksta’s not technically a platform for buying Instagram followers, it will help you quickly grow your following with organic methods such as liking and commenting.

Kicksta’s growth methods are simple and
organic. All you need to do is describe your ideal follower and Kicksta will
find and engage with users who match your specifications.

Try Kicksta here.

7. Ektora


Score: 7.1/10

Ektora is a similar service to Kicksta. You can’t “buy” Instagram followers here but they will grow your following with automated account activity.

It has a 14-day money-back-guarantee, and strictly follows Instagram’s rules and regulations for activity. You’ll also get advanced targeting, reporting, and responsive support.

Try Ektora Here.

8. Hashtagsforlikes

Hashtagsforlikes - Best Instagram tools

Score: 6.9/10

As well as buying Instagram followers, liking, and commenting on posts, to increase your reach on this social platform, using trending hashtags can also spark fast growth.

Hashtagsforlikes identifies trending hashtags based on a search of your choice and recommends hashtags as well as providing analytics and data.

Try Hashtagsforlikes here.

9. Mr. Insta

Mr.Insta - Boost your engagement

Score: 6.7/10

Mr. Insta is another service more similar to where you can buy IG followers immediately. A cool thing about this platform is that it offers free followers and likes to new users as a way of showing how the service works. They also provide paid subscription services that operate on a monthly basis – you can get from 15-60 new followers a day.

Try Mr. Insta Here.

10. Trollishly


Score: 6.5/10

Trollishly provides five different packages for buying instant Instagram followers. Depending on your needs, you can get from 100 to 10,000+ followers in a matter of moments. This service also offers a range of other packages for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and even some free packages to get you started.

Try Trollishly here.

11. Growthsilo


Score: 6.3/10

Looking for more real followers that are interested in your niche’s content? Growthsilo can help you grow your real follower count with their fully-managed service for Instagram.

They don’t sell simple packages of followers – Growthsilo’s account managers will follow your targeting instructions to engage with users that are most likely to follow your account. Using some of the most advanced targeting options on the market, Growthsilo will get you the results you need to grow your Instagram.

They have a really straightforward and transparent service that is easy to use and budget-friendly; they also have a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied, so you can use their service with peace of mind that you’ll be taken care of.

Try Growthsilo here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about buying Instagram followers:

Table of Contents

Is it safe to buy followers on Instagram?

Which site is best to buy Instagram followers?

How do I buy genuine Instagram followers?

Why does follower quality matter?

How much does it cost to buy followers on Instagram?

Pros and cons of buying Instagram followers

How do I buy genuine Instagram followers?

If you’re looking to buy genuine (real) Instagram followers, you’ll need to make sure the service you are buying Instagram followers from follows the best practices I discussed earlier. Here’s a reminder of those tips:

  • Secure website with an SSL
  • Drip-feeds the followers
  • Real customer reviews
  • Follower guarantee
  • Responsive support team

You should also aim to run an active Instagram account that produces quality diverse content, is consistently posting and interacting with followers, and focuses on building a brand.

In combination, buying Instagram followers from a service like and growing your account organically with best-practice marketing will deliver optimal results.

Why does follower quality matter?

If follower count is just a number, why does the quality matter? There are a couple of key reasons that you’ll want to keep in mind, so don’t just buy any random Instagram followers. Fake followers can actually hurt your account.

Always buy from companies who provide high-quality services and you’ll be good to go.

Here are some of the top reasons why you need real Instagram followers:

  • Real people bring real results: If you have real Instagram followers, it can help your profile’s reputation. If you have a bunch of fake followers with no profile pic and weird usernames, your account will look sketchy and your reputation will actually suffer. The more real followers you have, the more real followers you’re likely to attract.
  • Instagram removes fake followers: Instagram protects the integrity of its platform by cleaning it out on a regular basis; if they identify users as fakes or bots, they’ll remove them from the platform. So, you need to buy high-quality followers that aren’t going to disappear.
  • More engagement: The true indicator of Instagram success is actually engagement, and if you don’t have enough to match up to your follower count, your reputation will be on shaky ground. You need a healthy follower-to-engagement ratio, and having more real followers will help you have better engagement levels.

The quality of your Instagram followers can make or break your profile. Low-quality followers can bring your profile down and make it less credible.

Low-quality followers are usually bought followers with no real interest in your content and will not engage with your posts, which can result in a decrease in your overall engagement rate and make it seem like your content is not interesting or engaging.

Quality followers, on the other hand, are real people who are interested in your content and are likely to engage with your posts, like, comment, and share them with their own followers.

This, in turn, can help increase your reach and engagement rate and make your content appear more interesting and engaging. Having quality followers will also help you gain more followers and make your profile look more credible.

When you have real followers who care about your content and see it in their feed, your account will remain healthy and will continually grow over time – this is the goal.

How much does it cost to buy followers on Instagram?

Buying Instagram followers is fairly cheap
these days, with prices ranging from as little as $2 for 100 followers to $950
for 100,000 followers, or a fully managed service such as Kicksta which is a
monthly fee starting at $49.

If you’re really serious about growing a
sustainable brand on Instagram, I would recommend the following:

This approach could see you build significant influence in your target audience in a short period of time.

Pros and cons of buying Instagram followers

Buying Instagram followers is something that anyone who is trying to gain more notoriety for their profile has likely considered; even still, it can be a difficult decision to make. Is it right for you?

I’m going to break down some of the pros and cons so that you can get a clear snapshot of what buying Instagram followers can do for you and whether or not it’s something that may be beneficial.

One of the main pros of buying Instagram followers is that it can help you appear more popular online. With more followers, you can have higher social proof, which can make you look more credible to potential followers on your Instagram account.

As a result, people may be more likely to follow you and become part of your community. Another benefit of buying Instagram followers is that it can help you establish yourself as an influencer or content creator.

People are more likely to trust and be interested in content from those with a larger following, and having a strong presence on social media can help you reach more people with your message. Finally, buying Instagram followers can help you attract more followers naturally.

With a larger presence and social proof, more people may be more likely to follow you. Having more followers can also help you get noticed by potential sponsors and brands, as well as increase your chances of being featured on the platform.

If you’re really trying to gain more Instagram followers and boost your performance, using companies that can help you attract more people is a good idea. Let’s take a look at the benefits and downsides.


  • Speed up Instagram growth: When you buy these services, it’s no surprise that it will help you speed up Instagram growth. Obviously you’ll be getting an influx of followers, but it’s not just that – when you buy followers you can increase the speed of your growth in general because you will have more social proof and you will start to perform better against the Instagram algorithm, getting you more reach.
  • More followers bring more followers: It’s a strange phenomenon, but one that is based around the idea of social cred. When you have more followers, you’ll gain more followers – people want to be part of a successful and well-liked community, and when you have a lot of followers, others will be more likely to hit that follow button. It may be the deciding factor as to whether or not they follow you.
  • Engagement: If you have real followers, you’ll also gain more engagement, which will help you perform well against the Instagram algorithm. If you have a lot of followers that engage with and look at your post, it will appear higher on their Instagram feed, getting it seen by more people and encouraging engagement. This will help your performance overall so it’s a great benefit.
  • Recommendations and shares: If people love what you’re posting, connect with your message, love your products, or want to show someone what you’re about, they’ll share it, so having more followers increases this possibility.
  • Build authority: Having more Instagram followers helps your profile look more credible and ultimately builds authority in your niche. If you have a lot of people who follow you and value your content, you’ll start to carve out a reputation for yourself on Instagram.


  • Many fake companies out there: It’s no easy task to sift through all of the different companies out there and see which ones might actually be of benefit to you.
  • Not only that, it’s unfortunate that some companies target Instagram users who are genuinely looking for help and they get taken advantage of by companies who don’t provide anything of value.
  • While this shouldn’t prevent you from buying Instagram followers, you should always be skeptical and critical when making a decision on which company to partner with.
  • Can become a cycle: Too often people want an overnight secret to Instagram fame and expect to just buy followers and then gain the popularity they want.
  • This can be a big downside for those who get stuck in the cycle of buying followers. Avoid this by doing it only as a means to an end; it shouldn’t be your only strategy and really not even your principal one.

Overall, buying Instagram followers or using an Instagram growth service is a good idea as long as you use a critical eye when choosing the company and keep implementing your own strategies for content, captions, and hashtags.

Buy Instagram followers to accelerate growth

Yes, you should be asking a question like; is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

If you weren’t, then I’m sure your Instagram account would be at risk. However, you want to avoid fake Instagram followers at all costs and use a service like which provides high-quality followers, rather than cheap Instagram followers which is better because it helps you grow with more active followers.

However, if you are cautious with your approach by buying small increments of followers as well as acting like a real person on the platform – liking, sharing, commenting, and posting great quality content yourself. Then buying Instagram followers can be a great way to accelerate your journey to genuine followers and influence.

After all, that’s what you’re after, right?

I’m sure you’ve heard all the facts and figures.

Instagram is killing it on numerous levels when it comes to user engagement and brand ROI as one of the most popular social media platforms.

It’s also a favorite platform for influencers, with engagement rates significantly higher than other social platforms.

So, is it too late to make a splash on Instagram? How do you get noticed and should you purchase Instagram followers to kickstart your growth?

Quick look at the best sites to buy followers from:

Is it safe to buy followers on

It’s not technically “safe” to buy Instagram
followers, but there’s a caveat.

Yes, you are putting your account at risk by breaching Instagram’s terms of service and gaming the system. Not to mention that most of real accounts of your new followers will be bots or fake accounts that might unfollow you in a few weeks.

However, there’s a brighter side to buying
Instagram followers, too.

It kickstarts your follower growth. If you are just new to Instagram it’s hard to generate credibility if you don’t have any followers. By buying followers, even if they are bots, you gain Klout with bot followers and other potential accounts which will increase your engagement rate and the chance of real people following you too.

The key is not to go crazy and purchase too many followers. If you only buy Instagram followers and only have an Instagram page with a handful of posts and hundreds of thousands of followers, it’s going to set off alarm bells for both Instagram and other potential followers. Your account will look inauthentic.

On the flip side, if you buy them in smaller increments time and time again, your follower growth will look organic – it will just be way faster!

What is the best site to buy Instagram followers?

If you’re interested in buying Instagram followers, the best site is

After buying Instagram followers from 11 websites, we ranked UseViral as #1 for these reasons:

  • It has a secure website with an SSL certificate and reputable payment options.
  • It drip-feeds the Instagram followers so that they appear organic.
  • It has real customer reviews and testimonials from Instagram users
  • It has a follower guarantee so you don’t lose followers over time.
  • Its support team is responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Check out their website at

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