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7 Genius Ways to Boost Your Reach Using Pinterest Marketing

While it doesn’t always like to refer to itself as a social media platform, Pinterest is one of the greatest marketing tools accessible for organically developing an online brand and promoting traffic to your website or blog.

That being said, sometimes called a visual discovery platform – Pinterest, in simplest terms, is a way for users to find new and exciting content through images and videos, as well as from the advice of other users.

However, the easiest way to think of Pinterest is simply as a search engine like Google, but with the added bonus of encouraged group participation and collaboration.

While you don’t need followers to increase your brand-awareness on Pinterest – something heavily encouraged on platforms like Twitter or Instagram – you do need to be aware of the value in the longevity of your pins, as they can be searchable for months, even years, later.

In that sense, when using Pinterest as a tool to optimize web traffic – it’s best to think of it in the strictest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods possible. Or rather, Pinterest’s own unique brand of Visual SEO.

All that being said, here are 7 Powerful Ways to Get More Traffic with Pinterest:

#1. Optimize your page title for SEO

First on the list, and perhaps the simplest method to garner more traffic through Pinterest is to optimize the actual title of your Pinterest page.

Though it’s likely that the title of your Pinterest page is the succinct title of your website or even your name – neither will help boost your SEO.

Instead of titling your page as Johnny Boy, rework your title to include keywords that you might otherwise put in the description or a hashtag on Instagram – something like Johnny Boy – Marketing & Social Media / Marketing Solved.

This simple solution is a great way to make sure people know exactly what kind of page you offer and are more likely to click on your name when searching for those keywords.

Anderson-Fashion-Photographer-Producer-Pinterest Marketing

#2. Create brand-based boards

Another simple solution for garnering traffic from Pinterest is to create boards that help to promote everything your brand represents. While this is specific to each individual business, it’s important to understand that the more people rely on your fresh recommendations for topics, products, or advice related to your business – the more likely they are to keep using you as a conduit of discovery, and in turn travel to your own website or blog.

To use an example, if you’re a photographer, make sure to create boards that not only include your amazing images and images of those whom you follow – but also boards related to photography equipment, shooting locations, or perhaps your favorite camera/editing settings.


#3. Use keywords in pin descriptions and redirect traffic

It has become an unwritten rule on Pinterest that descriptions are not so much descriptions of a product, but rather SEO-based keywords to gravitate attention toward that product. In that sense, worry less about describing your Pins in detail and all the other services you offer – but rather using that space to make sure traffic reaches your Pin before others.

The key to finding the right keywords as with all SEO is research. Find the words that others in your industry are using, go through keyword finders, and make sure whatever you promote is targeted to your niche, rather than a general audience (they’ll be more likely to come back!)

And, perhaps the most important thing when using keywords in your description, make sure your URL is linked directly to the image – that way, when they click on your image, they go directly to your site.


#4. Create eye-catching pins

Pinterest is, above all, a visual search engine. To best take advantage of that particular feature, it’s best to create or share high-quality images. However, that doesn’t always mean having the greatest camera offering the highest resolution possible – it could also mean creating graphics that get across an idea succinctly and in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

To find the best style of image for your particular niche, it’s best to just make yourself conscious of what catches your own eye naturally. Once you find something you enjoy, find a way to emulate without copying it directly – and again, redirect traffic to your website!


#5. Implement video pins

One of the newest features on Pinterest that has been especially popular in the last year is the implementation of video Pins. These, short TikTok-length Pins are a great way to link not only your website but your other social media accounts.

And, with video content watched on Pinterest skyrocketing over 240% in the last year alone – looking into the creation of video Pins is well worth a try for increasing traffic.


#6. Create a Pinterest Business Account and claim your content

If you find yourself using Pinterest frequently, be sure to look into making your Pinterest account a Business Account, as you can ‘claim’ your other social media accounts – giving you the ability to attribute other content from somewhere like Youtube or Instagram, directly to your Pinterest.

The ability to have Youtube, Tik Tok, or Instagram-made videos shareable to Pinterest is a great method of multi-level promotion for original content.

To get started, simply click on the big, red ‘Business Hub’ button and you’re off to the races.


#7. Pin posts to similar boards and repin high-quality content

The last tip on this list is all about engagement on Pinterest. In order to garner a lot of traffic quickly, every time you make a post, or even in trying to attract attention to older posts – add them to multiple boards within your niche. Perhaps the Travel 2021 board isn’t working for your particular post – but maybe the European Travel 2021 might offer more interaction.

On the topic of interaction, Pinterest may not prefer to be called a social media platform, but in many ways, it functions like one. Though you don’t need to accrue thousands of followers to get thousands of people traversing your boards, interacting on other boards and re-pinning high-quality pins is a great way to establish yourself – as other user interactions with the original post, through your page, garner traffic for both you and the original poster.


Wrapping up

No matter which platform you wish to garner more organic traffic for, Pinterest is an invaluable asset.

Whether you are new to the platform or have been using it for years, with a number of intuitive programs designed for web SEO as well as its own form of visual SEO – there is no shortage of amazing opportunities for building a brand and maintaining its traffic than by adding Pinterest to your marketing repertoire.

Guest author: I’m Jakob – over at – and I’d love to teach you how to boost your blog’s organic traffic and how it allows you to quit your 9 to 5 job and work from anywhere in the world.

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