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9 Blogging Tools That Will Take Your Process to New Heights

Blog traffic increases by 53% when you have 51 valuable posts. The number triples when you have 100 valuable blog posts. Thus, blogs are essential in increasing website traffic.

However, as per the Food Bloggers of Canada survey, bloggers spend 4% of their time creating new blog posts. Because let’s admit, creating blog posts is hard work. 

This guide makes blogging less painful and more rewarding. In the next five minutes, learn about 9 tools you can use to ease your blogging.

1. Sendible

76% of marketers support and improve their SEO efforts using social media. And why won’t marketers use a platform that over three billion people use each month? 

Sendible helps you leverage social media the right way. Here are a few benefits of using Sendible:

  • Allows you to manage several accounts at once.
  • Allows you to post content on multiple social media channels. Sendible integrates with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, among others.
  • Offers in-depth analytics and reporting to better gauge what your audience wants.
  • The user-friendly interface allows you to manage tasks with ease.

2. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator


8 out of 10 people only read the headline of a blog. Furthermore, readers make 73% of buying decisions while reading the headline.  

If you have a tough time creating stellar headlines, HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is the perfect tool for you. Enter up to 5 keywords and the Blog Topic Generator will offer a week’s worth of blog topic ideas within seconds.

Furthermore, if you open a free account, you can get a year’s worth of blog topic ideas as well.

3. Fyrebox


Forbes generated 75,000 views and over 1,000 social media shares from their quiz ‘Which College is Right For You?

Zenni Optical generated over $1 million in revenue along with a 9,665% ROI and 29,410 leads, thanks to their quiz ‘You’ve Been Framed.’

Fyrebox helps you create such quizzes. The tool offers you:

  • The ability to create quizzes in over 30 languages including Italian, German, and Arabic.
  • In-built analytics to analyze the answers of the participant.
  • The option to create mobile-friendly quizzes.

4. Trello


Small businesses lose $420,000 each year due to communication gaps. The number rises to $62 million for large businesses.

With the rise of freelancers and remote workers, the issue intensifies. 88% of remote workers face miscommunication from other team members.

Online project management apps such as Trello offer a solution. Trello offers:

  • A visual representation of all your projects, team member roles, and assignments.
  • The ability to break down projects with the help of boards, lists, and cards.
  • The ability to use the app cross-platform. Laptop, mobile devices, smartwatch — take your projects wherever you go.

5. LinkedIn Pulse


80% of B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn. Furthermore, 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a content distribution channel.

Thus, when LinkedIn offers a publishing platform — LinkedIn Pulse — you must pay attention. With LinkedIn Pulse, you can:

  • Receive better brand reach. LinkedIn Pulse promotes each post to the relevant people in the niche. Thus, your content won’t just reach more people, but people who are more likely to turn into your clients. 
  • Build credibility. A high-value article or post will portray you as an industry expert and increase awareness of your brand.
  • Receive better content marketing. LinkedIn Pulse allows you to publish articles without the knowledge of running a content management system.

6. Ubersuggest


Moving up one spot in the search results hikes the CTR by 30.8%. Furthermore, the top listing in a Google search receives 33% of the traffic.  

If you’re struggling to improve the SEO of your blog, Ubersuggest is the perfect tool for you. With Ubersuggest, you can:

  • Find long-tail keywords based on your preferred keyword.
  • Receive data in each keyword such as SEO competition, monthly search volume, average CPC, and PPC competition.
  • Find keywords in the forms of questions, comparisons, and prepositions. 

7. Evernote


How many excellent blog post ideas have you lost because you didn’t (or couldn’t) write them down? With Evernote, you’ll never have such issues.

Evernote allows you to:

  • Create text notes, store images with texts in them, upload PDF files, and record audio notes. Furthermore, you can even clip content from the web.
  • Search and find text on images, thanks to Evernote’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature. If you have a premium account, you can search PDF file content with OCR as well.
  • Manage your content cross-platform as the app supports Windows, Android, and iOS.  
  • Divide notes into separate notebooks. Furthermore, you can create ‘stacks’ by joining multiple notebooks as well. 

8. Squirrly


Each day, the internet is flooded with over 27,000,000 pieces of content. Squirrly offers your blog a chance to stand out in this sea of content. Over 3 million people have downloaded the plugin. The number alone should tell you something.

Squirrly offers:

  • An accurate, real-time ranking for your keywords
  • An SEO green light for publishing your content
  • A detailed SEO audit for first-page ranking
  • Auto content recycling
  • A rank tracking tool to monitor your competitors

9. Grammarly


Every time you make a spelling mistake or grammatical error, you miss out on brand opportunities. The solution? Grammarly. Over 10 million people worldwide use Grammarly.

Grammarly offers you:

  • Over 400 types of checks and features
  • Real-time grammar correction
  • Ways to strengthen your blog such as removing adjectives and adverbs
  • Easy-to-understand explanations
  • The ability to customize the features including your preferred language

The tools will help you create new blogs in half the time

You’ll need up to 2 hours to create a 500-word blog post. However, with the above-mentioned tools, you can cut down the time by up to 50%. You’ll be able to concentrate on other essential aspects of your business such as perfecting your product or service and promoting the same.

Guest author: Nevilson Christian is the founder of SeekThem, a creative design agency which helps businesses with all of their design support.. Nevilson thrives for business growth and is always excited for all things digital.

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