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Kicksta Review: Grow Your Instagram with REAL Followers

Looking for a Kicksta review to figure out whether this growth service is worth it? You’re in the right place.

Today I’m breaking down everything you need to know about Instagram growth services – including how they work, why they’re so important, and whether Kicksta is the best.

Read on to learn how to grow your Instagram account with a growth service like Kicksta.

Real vs. Fake Instagram Followers

Are your Instagram followers real or fake? How do you know?

Many businesses and influencers aren’t aware of the large number of fake IG accounts out there. What’s more, they aren’t aware of the detrimental effects these accounts can have on your engagement and growth.

Fake Instagram accounts are any profiles that aren’t run by individual human beings. Some of these accounts are bots. Others are mass-created by real people but aren’t monitored long-term. However they came to be, fake Instagram profiles will only do bad things for your account.

How can you spot a fake Instagram account? There are a few telltale signs that most bot accounts have in common. You’ll likely notice that a fake account doesn’t have any posts, it has a low number of followers (under 100), and a high number of accounts it’s following (over 1,000). Spammy posts and a bio that’s asking you to do something like register for a big brand name giveaway are also red flags. The final straw: bots can’t interact with other posts and profiles like a real human will (which is what makes them such poor followers to have). So if an Instagram account doesn’t have any genuine engagement or interaction, it’s probably fake.

When your followers are mostly composed of fake Instagram accounts, your engagement will take a hit. Since your followers are uninterested at best and bots at worst, they won’t be interacting with your posts like genuine followers would – so your engagement rate is going to go down.

This is a problem because engagement is the lifeblood of your business on Instagram! If your followers are highly engaged, that means they’re tuned in to what you’re selling. And if they’re paying attention to what you’re marketing on Instagram, there’s a much higher likelihood of them (literally) buying in. It’s clear that Instagram engagement is key. But fake followers are not the way to do it.

There are a lot of Instagram growth services out there that promise to immediately grow your account. However, many of these services aren’t going to be effective in actually helping your business grow. A lot of “growth services” don’t focus on organic growth. They actually just want to sell you, followers. And that means they’re not giving you real followers – they’re selling you fake, preloaded accounts.

If so many growth services just want to sell you fake followers, what’s the solution to growing on Instagram? Growth services are still the quickest, easiest, and best way to grow your Instagram account. The key is choosing the right type of service to work with.

Kicksta Review: Best Instagram Growth Service For Real Followers

The best Instagram growth service will take a double-pronged approach, focusing on growth and engagement to help your business. That’s what Kicksta does. Not only does Kicksta help you get more followers – this Instagram growth service also works to increase your engagement rate by getting you real followers who care about your brand. And that’ll help your company grow.


How It Works

Kicksta is simple and easy to use. It focuses on organic growth powered by cutting-edge AI technology.

When you register for Kicksta, you’ll provide the growth service with a list of your competitors, complementary brands, and influencers in your niche (in other words, anyone who has followers who are in your target audience and might also be interested in your account). Then Kicksta will use your Instagram account to engage with their followers’ posts. Ideally, those Instagram users will see you in their notifications and come back to check out your account – hopefully following you when they realize your content is relevant to them.


When you work with Kicksta, you only have two responsibilities long-term: continually updating the list of profiles with fresh accounts, and consistently posting high-quality content on your account. Kicksta will take care of everything else.

Highlighted Features

Kicksta includes several helpful features that allow you to get as much as possible out of the growth service. First up is targeting. Kicksta offers gender targeting, hashtag targeting, and location targeting. These targeting options allow you to zero in on your target audience using multiple methods. The more targeting methods you take advantage of, the more high-quality followers you’ll be able to attract to your account.

Another feature often mentioned in a Kicksta review is how the platform tracks your progress. On your Kicksta dashboard, you’ll be able to see how well each of your targets is performing. Kicksta gives you this information so you can decide which targets are worth it and whether there are any hashtags or profiles that should be taken off your list.


Finally, Kicksta can also support multiple accounts at one time. It works with several social media managers, PR companies, and digital agencies. You can request a custom quote for bulk pricing and then easily manage all of your Instagram profiles simultaneously.


Kicksta works using a pay-as-you-go model. You can cancel anytime, with a 14-day money-back guarantee. In other words, if you aren’t happy with the growth platform in your first two weeks of service, Kicksta will issue you a refund – no questions asked.


Kicksta offers two monthly pricing plans. The Standard costs $49 per user, per month. By choosing this plan, you receive:

  • Moderate growth
  • Video onboarding
  • 10 targets

The Premium plan costs $99 per user, per month. This option gives you:

  • Maximum growth
  • Video onboarding
  • 40 targets
  • VIP email support
  • Live chat support
  • Advanced targeting
  • Blacklist

If you’re a social media manager running lots of Instagram accounts, you can also request a custom quote.

Why I Recommend Kicksta

There are a few key reasons why I recommend Kicksta as the best organic Instagram growth service out there. Kicksta focuses on organic growth, using a targeted growth method to help your number of followers build slowly and steadily. Here’s why this is so important.

Organic Instagram Growth vs. Bots

When you grow your account through organic, natural methods, you’re getting followers who are real accounts. They’re part of your target audience. This is a huge difference from other growth tools that sell you bots or fake accounts. Organic Instagram growth is the best way to grow your account and that’s what Kicksta does.

Because Kicksta uses organic growth methods, it doesn’t guarantee you a certain number of followers right off the bat. However, this is actually a good sign. If an Instagram growth service promises to give you a specific number of new followers, this should be a major red flag – it’s impossible for any company to do so (unless they’re loading a bunch of bots onto your account). Kicksta can’t guarantee any specific number of followers because the accounts it targets are real people who have to decide on their own whether to follow you. For the users who do follow you, it’s your job to post high-quality, relevant content so they’ll stick around. This is what organic growth is all about.

Targeted Growth Method

The second reason we’re a fan of Kicksta: This platform’s targeted growth method gives you followers who truly care about what you have to post. Remember, some Instagram growth services – especially the ones that sell followers in bulk – are only giving you fake or pre-loaded accounts. Those followers won’t benefit your business. Kicksta, however, is different. Because of Kicksta’s extensive targeting methods, you’ll find and attract Instagram users in your target audience who will increase your engagement when they follow your account.


Slow and Steady Growth

The final reason I recommend Kicksta is because it focuses on slow and steady growth. Why is this important for your account? Some growth services are against Instagram’s Terms of Service. This means that by using those platforms, you run the risk of your account being banned or suspended – which is the last thing you want.

Luckily, with Kicksta you’re 100% safe. It helps your account grow over time instead of all at once. Kicksta won’t alert Instagram of suspicious activity, and you have a much lower possibility of being banned compared to other growth tools. Slow and steady really does win the race.

Kicksta Review: My Rating

Overall, I give Kicksta four out of five stars. This Instagram growth service is affordable and easy to use. It’s safe and won’t get your account banned. And best of all, it focuses on organic growth – meaning your account will gain more genuine, engaged followers. That’s the very best way to help your business grow.

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