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Are you struggling to scale up your paid ads?

Or even worse, are you struggling to get them working?

You see all these big companies running tons of ads, some even are spending millions of dollars… if they can make it work, you can too, right?

Well, today at 9am PST I am hosting a webinar that breaks down the ad secrets from the big brands that you can copy to sell more.

So, make sure you register, it’s free.

What will you learn?

At our agency, NP Digital we’ve worked with companies of all sizes… large and small.

And we’ve learned a lot of cool, unique strategies that are typically only used by the bigger companies. But what’s interesting is these strategies also work well for smaller brands that have smaller budgets… but they just tend not to use them.

Here are some of the specific things we will teach you:

  1. There are certain times of the year people will spend more, and it is easier to make more money from your ads during those times. (We will break down exactly when those times are.)
  2. How to combine ads with other marketing efforts to generate a better ROI. (We will show you those other efforts and how to implement them step-by-step.)
  3. How to leverage trends and benchmarks so you can make better decisions with your ads.
  4. Different mobile strategies you can use that work well. This is important because the majority of Internet users are coming from mobile devices.
  5. Tests you can run that have been effective in the past.

And the points I mentioned above are just scratching the surface. So make sure you register for the free webinar.  


I hope to see you on the webinar. I know I mainly discuss SEO, which is a great marketing channel, but you should also consider leveraging paid ads.

With paid ads, you can scale faster and see results quicker. It takes some time to get paid ads going correctly, but hey that’s what today’s webinar is all about.

And whether you are spending little to no money on ads or millions, there will be strategies and tactics that will benefit you.

So, make sure you register.

I look forward to seeing you today.

PS: If you just want my team to implement these hacks and manage your ads, go here.

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