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Kick is a new streaming platform, are you wondering which are the best providers to buy Kick followers from?

Kick is among the best streaming platforms when it comes to benefits for streamers. Many streamers have migrated from other social media platforms due to the opportunities at Kick.

For most influencers, Kick presents a unique and lucrative opportunity. 

To make a lot of money on Kick, you need to acquire a lot of followers, which can be tricky if not for the existence of the following websites. 

These sites were recommended to buy Kick followers because they came out as a top provider on all tests: quality, support and cost.

By purchasing Kick Followers, you can bypass and get ahead of the competition and bear the benefits of the streaming platform.

We made this guide to ensure you have the best chance to succeed at Kick streaming.

Quick Answer: UseViral is the best place to buy Kick accounts!

Top 10 best sites to buy Kick followers

These are the top sites to purchase kick followers in 2024

1. UseViral

UseViral website for Kick

Score 9.8/10

UseViral is the best option for purchasing Kick followers because of its superior features and customer-centric focus. 

One of the primary reasons is the option to target followers based on specific demographics, which ensures that clients receive high-quality, relevant followers who are genuinely interested in their content. 

On this website, you can also Buy Followers for TikTok to get more followers on your TikTok account.

 The 30-day refund policy of UseViral demonstrates their confidence in the quality of their services. 

This customer-friendly guarantee provides clients with peace of mind, assuring them that if they are unhappy with the results, they can request a refund within the specified time frame.

Additionally, the platform offers a variety of customization options, allowing users to tailor their follower packages to their specific requirements and budgets.

The user-friendly interface allows for rapid navigation and straightforward order placement, making the process efficient and convenient.

With UseViral’s services, clients can be confident to broaden their online presence, increase engagement, and accomplish their social media objectives.


  • UseViral provides real and active Kick followers who are interested in your content.
  • The site can target followers based on specific demographics such as age, gender, and country.
  • UseViral Guarantees confidentiality in all parts of the purchasing process and after.


  • Ability to generate leads and potential customers for businesses.
  • You have improved chances of appearing on the front page of Kick.
  • UseViral gives you the ability to attract media outlets and the press.
  • Endorsed by: Forbes, Startup Info, Business-Review and more.


  • Overreliance on bought Kick followers.
  • Risk of acquiring an audience that doesn’t fit your style.


UseViral’s services are competitively priced and made to fit everyone’s budget. They offer options ranging from 100 to 5000 followers.

The option for 100 costs $6.97, the one for 500 costs $16.99, and the most extensive option costs $49.99.

The more in bulk you buy, the cheaper each follower gets.

They also offer a 25% discount no matter how many followers you buy.

2. SidesMedia

Score 9.6/10

SidesMedia is a great website to buy Kick followers from. Its various features and professional approach make it the top contender for being the best platform.

One of its most notable features is the option to order express delivery, allowing users to increase their followers and visibility on the Kick platform rapidly. This prompt delivery guarantees immediate gratification for customers and gives them a head start on their social media journey.

At SidesMedia, safety and security are of the utmost importance, and they offer a variety of secure payment methods to ensure a protected and seamless transaction process.

Various payment options are available to customers, ensuring their convenience and peace of mind during purchase.

SidesMedia is different due to its unwavering dedication to the success of its customers. 

With a team of experts committed to providing superior customer service, they provide customized assistance for all inquiries and concerns. 


  • SidesMedia has various safe payment options such as Visa, Discover, Crypto, etc.
  • The site offers access to additional social media growth services
  • SidesMedia Utilizes a user-friendly search filter to help you find suitable packages.


  • Increased social status on the platform Kick
  • Accelerated growth leading to other interactions
  • Improving the potential to go viral.


  • Slow customer support lines.
  • Possibility of misunderstanding follower feedback.


SidesMedia offers good value for money as they have many unique features beyond providing you with followers. Their least expensive option costs $9 for 100 followers.

Additionally, you can purchase 10,000 followers for $350.00.

They offer many options in between and are liberal regarding your customization of the number of followers.

3. Growthoid

Score 9.1/10

Growthoid stands out as an excellent website for purchasing Kick followers, offering a seamless experience that caters specifically to the needs of streamers and content creators. 

Their in-depth understanding of streaming platforms ensures that the followers provided are relevant and engaged and contribute to the growth and success of the client’s Kick profile.

One key aspect that sets Growthoid apart is its commitment to security. 

They offer safe and secure payment options, ensuring clients can confidently make transactions without compromising sensitive information.

Transparency and accountability are also paramount at Growthoid. 

They allow clients to track their order’s progress, enabling them to stay informed about the delivery of their followers and gain peace of mind in the process.


  • Growthoid provides an accurate order tracker to keep track of your delivery.
  • There are loyalty programs for repeat customers on the platform
  • Growthoid offers a hassle-free refund process.


  • Growthoid gives you the possibility to monetize your Kick streaming.
  • Improved credibility on your account.
  • Reaching new markets and demographics


  • Difficulty in gauging how your content is organically performing.
  • Using these services might increase the chances of attracting negative attention and criticism.


Growthoid is the most affordable option for acquiring a modest number of followers. They provide the opportunity to purchase 50 followers for $4.50. This option is among the cheapest while also remaining high-quality 

You may purchase 100 followers for $6.50 or one thousand followers for $31.50. Same as all the other choices, the more you are buying, the higher the chances of success on Kick

4. Twesocial

Score 8.7/10

Twesocial offers Kick accounts tailored to diverse gaming needs, earning a commendable 8.7/10 score. 

Positioned as the fourth-best choice, Twesocial stands out for its budget-friendly options catering to different gaming preferences. 

Users benefit from accessible mods, granting access to various user-generated content and enhancing the overall gaming experience. 

Moreover, Twesocial ensures widespread compatibility, supporting various operating systems and providing gamers with flexibility. 

While not the top contender, Twesocial appeals to budget-conscious gamers seeking affordable Kick accounts with accessible mods and compatibility, making it a viable option for those looking to enhance their gaming adventures without breaking the bank.

Key Features

  • Budget-Friendly – Affordable options for a wide array of gaming preferences.
  • Accessible Mods – Providing access to user-generated content for enhanced gaming.
  • Widespread Compatibility – Accounts supporting various operating systems for gaming flexibility.

5. TokUpgrade

Score 8.5/10

Sites like TokUpgrade sell Kick accounts, boasting a solid 8.5/10 rating. Their key features include unique in-game items and secure, high-performance charges. 

These platforms offer profiles with rare, difficult-to-find in-game collectibles, providing gamers an edge. 

Their accounts are safeguarded with top-tier security features, ensuring a safe gaming environment. Maintained to deliver smooth experiences, these accounts promise optimized performance. 

The blend of unique in-game items, top-notch security, and high-performance accounts appeals to players seeking ready-to-use Kick profiles with rare in-game items, fostering a secure and seamless gaming experience.

Key Features

  • Rare In-Game Items – Offering accounts with unique, hard-to-find in-game collectibles.
  • Optimized Account Security – Accounts built with top-notch security features.
  • High-Performance Accounts – Well-maintained, ensuring smooth gaming experiences.

6. Social Viral

Score 8.0/10

Social Viral is a reliable social media platform to buy Kick accounts, earning a commendable 8.0/10 score. 

Their key features include showcasing diverse gaming achievements and progress through Gaming History, offering transparency and credibility. 

Verified credentials and original ownership information are assured, ensuring the authenticity of the accounts. 

Moreover, Social Viral provides region-specific accounts, catering to individual preferences with geo-targeting options. This specificity enhances user experience, aligning the accounts with buyers’ location preferences.

Social Viral’s focus on transparency, originality, and customization makes it a standout choice for Kick account seekers, providing assurance and tailored options for a seamless and trustworthy purchasing experience.

Key Features

  • Gaming History – Accounts showcasing diverse gaming achievements and progress.
  • Original Ownership – Verified credentials and original ownership information assured.
  • Region-Specific Accounts – Geo-targeting options catering to specific region preferences.

7. Media Mister

Score 7.4/10

Media Mister is a solid choice, scoring 7.4/10 in reliability and affordability. 

Offering various gaming account options at competitive rates, they ensure reliable and trustworthy sources. 

What sets them apart are the exclusive discounts on purchases, making it even more cost-effective to acquire accounts. 

Their periodic sales are a bonus for those looking to make a purchase. 

While other platforms might offer similar features, Media Mister seems to balance cost and reliability, making it an attractive option for users in need of gaming accounts on Kick without breaking the bank.

Key Features

  • Affordable Prices – Competitive pricing for an array of gaming account selections.
  • Steadfast Reliability – Accounts sourced from reputable and dependable providers.
  • Exclusive Discounts – Periodic sales and exclusive discounts for purchased accounts.

8. SocialWick

Score 6.8/10

Explore SocialWick, rated 6.8/10, offering Kick accounts with customizable preferences. 

Tailoring options for diverse gaming needs it saves time by bypassing the lengthy game library-building process. 

The platform ensures a seamless transition, allowing easy access to accounts. Ideal for gamers seeking quick access and tailored settings, SocialWick’s services offer time-efficient solutions for gamers’ specific gaming requirements. 

These features allow gamers to skip the time-consuming setup phase and smoothly transition into their preferred gaming environment. 

The platform focuses on providing a hassle-free experience, simplifying the process of gaining access to pre-built accounts suited to individual gaming preferences.

Key Features

  • Customizable Preferences – Tailored options to fit distinct gaming requirements.
  • Time-Efficient – Bypass the time-consuming process of building a game library.
  • Seamless Transition – Smooth and hassle-free process to access accounts.


Score 5.2/10

Sites like offer Kick accounts for sale. These platforms guarantee quality with a 5.2/10 score. 

They focus on a loyal gaming community, providing accounts that align with platform guidelines. 

Offering reliability and compliance, they engage with a supportive community and ensure accounts meet standards. emphasizes quality and abiding by Kick policies. This means the accounts sold are reputable and meet the necessary guidelines. 

While navigating such sites, quality assurance, loyal communities, and compliance checks are crucial in purchasing Kick accounts, ensuring a reliable and reputable gaming experience for interested buyers.

Key Features

  • Loyal Community – Engaging with a supportive gaming community.
  • Quality Guarantee – Ensuring top-tier, reliable account selections.
  • Compliance Checks – Ensuring accounts abide by platform policies and guidelines.

10. Famoid

Score 4.1/10

Famoid offers Kick accounts with a focus on enhancing gaming experiences. Their accounts promise versatility, ensuring gamers enjoy a range of gaming options for an immersive experience. 

What makes Famoid noteworthy is their attention to monetization criteria, providing accounts verified to meet Steam’s guidelines. This means users can explore monetization opportunities while enjoying their favorite games. 

Famoid also emphasizes stable performance, delivering reliable accounts with minimized risks of sudden terminations.

 While their overall score is 4.1 out of 10, indicating room for improvement, their commitment to enhancing gaming enjoyment and providing secure, monetizable accounts makes them a viable choice for Kick enthusiasts seeking a reliable gaming experience.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Gaming Experience – Providing accounts for versatile and enhanced gaming enjoyment.
  • Monetization Criteria – Accounts verified to meet Steam’s monetization guidelines.
  • Stable Performance – Reliable accounts with minimized risks of sudden terminations.

How we made this list

There are a lot of sites that sell Kick followers, and we tested most of them thoroughly. Some sites are good, and some are outright terrible.

We analyzed a few aspects of buying Kick followers that are the most important. Here are some of them:


Prices are an essential aspect to consider as they directly impact the overall value and affordability of the service.

We looked for sites that offer a variety of follower packages to cater to different budgets. Affordable options ensure that users with various spending capacities can access the service.

The cost-effectiveness of the service is crucial. We assessed the number of followers provided in each package to determine if it aligns with the price offered.

We considered sites that provide discounts or special promotions on follower packages to offer added value to customers.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback offers genuine and objective opinions from individuals who have utilized the service. It assists new buyers in making informed decisions based on actual experiences.

Analyzing consumer feedback enables us to evaluate a website’s reputation.

Feedback reveals the overall quality of the service, including the dependability of the provided followers, customer service, and the simplicity of the purchasing process.

Negative feedback assists us in identifying any potential problems with a website, such as phony followers or inadequate customer service. Sites with positive customer reviews demonstrate trustworthiness and credibility, assuring prospective customers that they are dealing with a credible and trustworthy service provider.


A secure website ensures that the personal information of its users, such as login credentials and payment information, remains protected from unauthorized access. 

Sites prioritizing security employ robust encryption techniques and SSL certificates to protect user information. 

This security assures clients that their sensitive information will not be compromised or mishandled.

The availability of secure payment options on a website demonstrates a commitment to safeguarding the financial information of its users. 

Reputable websites partner with respected payment gateways to securely process transactions. 

The security of using a reputable payment method eliminates the possibility of credit card fraud or unauthorized charges, giving customers peace of mind while purchasing.


Confidentiality is a cornerstone of trust and reliability when providing Kick followers. 

Upholding the confidentiality of customers’ information is essential in maintaining their reputation and integrity. 

Users who buy Kick followers may share sensitive details like their username or profile link with the service provider.

By maintaining strict confidentiality, reputable sites ensure that customers’ private information remains protected and is not available to third parties. 

How to buy Kick accounts?

Buying  Kick accounts can be a straightforward process if you follow these steps.

Step 1: Identify Your Needs

Determine your objectives for buying a  Kick account. Are you looking for an established account with followers, a specific niche, or a fresh account to build from scratch? Knowing your needs will help you make the right choice.

Step 2: Find Reputable Sellers

Look for trustworthy platforms or sellers known for selling  Kick accounts. You can explore online marketplaces, websites, or forums dedicated to buying and selling social media accounts. Always prioritize well-established, reputable sources.

Step 3: Verify the Seller

Check the reputation and feedback of the seller or platform. Look for positive reviews and a history of successful transactions. A reliable seller should have good credibility within the community.

Step 4: Choose the Type of Account

Decide whether you want to purchase a  Kick account with a specific number of followers, subscriptions, or views. Consider your budget and goals when selecting the account type.

Step 5: Review the Account Details

Examine the account’s profile, including its username, profile picture, bio, and past streams. Ensure that the account aligns with your intended content or branding.

Step 6: Discuss Pricing and Terms

Contact the seller to negotiate the price and terms of the purchase. Clarify any additional details, such as account handover procedures and transfer of associated email addresses.

Step 7: Confirm Ownership Transfer

If you’re satisfied with the terms and pricing, work with the seller to facilitate the transfer of ownership. This process typically involves changing the login credentials and associated email address to ensure you have full control of the account.

Step 8: Update Account Information

Once you’ve acquired the  Kick account, update the profile information, including the stream schedule, channel description, and other relevant details to match your content and brand.

Step 9: Create Engaging Content

Start streaming and creating engaging content on your new  Kick account. Building an audience and maintaining their interest is crucial for the success of your channel.

Step 10: Promote Your Channel

Promote your  Kick channel through social media, collaborations with other streamers, and participating in the  Kick community. Attracting viewers and followers will help your channel grow.

Why should you purchase Kick followers?

Acquiring a solid presence on Kick is essential for influencers and people looking to promote their brand. Kick as a platform is growing rapidly; now is the time to seize the opportunity.

By purchasing Kick followers, you can increase your interactions and reach the screens of millions worldwide.

Here are some advantages to buying Kick followers:

Drive website traffic

Buying Kick followers can significantly impact website traffic by increasing your profile’s visibility and reach. 

With a larger follower count, your streams are more likely to be seen by a broader audience, which can pique the interest of potential visitors to your website.

You can incorporate a banner or an animation displaying your website and how people can access it to entice them to do so.

 As your follower base expands, more people may click on the links you share during your streams, increasing website traffic.

Additionally, many followers can enhance your social proof, making your profile and content appear more trustworthy and credible. 

This increased trust may compel users to explore your website to learn more about your brand, products, or services.

Furthermore, as your Kick following grows, you can share more engaging and valuable content with your audience, including links to your website. 

Increased stream views

Purchasing Kick followers can indeed lead to increased views on your live streams. Your live streams will likely be visible to a broader audience when you have a larger follower count. As a result, more people may come across your live streams and decide to tune in.

Because most sites offer real people as followers, buying Kick followers lets you get active participants in your stream.

Having a significant number of followers creates a sense of credibility and popularity, making your live streams more appealing to potential viewers. 

People are more likely to join a stream with a considerable number of viewers as it indicates that the content is engaging and worth watching.

Get noticed by Kick’s Algorithm

When you buy Kick followers and increase the number of followers, it can positively affect the platform’s algorithm. 

The Kick algorithm prioritizes content from popular and engaging accounts, and a higher follower count indicates to the algorithm that your account is valuable to users.

With more followers, your streams and content are more likely to appear in other users’ feeds, expanding your exposure and reach. 

Consequently, you have a greater chance of getting your streams noticed and gaining more engagement through comments.

What to look for when purchasing Kick followers?

You might find many options if you are looking for a site that offers Kick followers for sale.

Certain factors are more important than others. Here are some valuable aspects that every webpage that provides Kick followers should cover:


When purchasing Kick followers or any other online service, the provider’s longevity is crucial in determining their dependability and credibility. 

Long-running websites are more likely to have acquired valuable experience and knowledge in their field. 

Customers are more likely to have faith in a company that has been in business for a long time. A website operating for an extended period is more reasonable to have a reliable reputation.

Consistency in quality

Quality consistency guarantees that consumers receive the same service and value with every transaction. 

When a website maintains a consistent quality standard, you can expect its services to be dependable and predictable. 

This factor is especially essential when purchasing Kick followers, as you want genuine and active users to bolster your platform presence.

Consistent quality guarantees that consumers receive value with every purchase. It indicates that you get what you paid for without surprises or disappointments.

No password required

Password-free access is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a website to buy Kick followers. 

The absence of a password requirement provides users with higher security and privacy. 

It reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your Kick profile because you don’t have to share your sensitive login information with the website.

By eliminating password requirements, reputable websites protect users from potential security breaches and identity theft. 

In addition, eliminating the need for credentials makes the process more convenient and user-friendly.

Delivery guarantee

A delivery guarantee is crucial when selecting a website to purchase Kick followers. It guarantees that the purchased followers will arrive at your account within the specified timeframe.

This guarantee demonstrates the website’s dedication to keeping its promises and providing a dependable service. 

It instills confidence in their clients, knowing their orders will finish promptly and effectively.

A delivery guarantee provides peace of mind, as you will not have to worry about delivery delays or ambiguities. 

Finally Thoughts

Buy Kick followers from a trusted source and increase your popularity on the platform.

After using the site’s services in the guide, your streams will garner many more viewers.

Kick is taking over the streaming, social network space and is continuously proving to be a great platform. Every streamer is in a race for followers, and purchasing them is a great idea to have an edge over your competition.

Utilizing bought followers can grant you success beyond your prediction.

Frequently asked questions

Will buying Kick followers make me famous?

There is an excellent chance of that. When you buy Kick followers, you influence the algorithm using real people to promote you to the front page.

Once your streams appear on the front page, it’s a matter of time before they blow up. 

Streaming often is a great way to utilize bought followers to their full potential.

Are the Kick followers permanent, or will they unfollow over time?

When purchasing Kick followers from reliable providers, the followers are typically permanent and will not unfollow over time. 

Reputable websites that offer authentic followers ensure that their accounts are genuine and active so that you won’t experience sudden drops in your follower count. 

These followers are real users interested in your content, making them more likely to stay engaged with your Kick account.

Can I use the purchased Kick followers to boost my social media presence?

Absolutely! After purchasing Kick followers, you can use them to enhance your social media presence and expand your audience. 

These followers can increase the allure of your profile to potential new followers and business partners. 

You can use the followers however you want.

Can I purchase Kick followers for any Kick account category?

You can buy Kick followers regardless of your account category. The provider will try and pair you with followers that will surely enjoy your content.

Even if your category is very niche, you can rest assured that the followers will be suitable.

About the author:

Antonio is an active journalist focused on the smm industry, hes been testing services for threads since it was released. Hes an expert in this field and you can be confident when you buy followers on threads you are using a reliable provider if Antonio has recommended them.

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