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With a steady stream of projects and deadlines, finding new freelance work as a graphic designer may easily fall to the bottom of your list of priorities.

Despite the fact that you might be happy with your current workload, it’s always good to keep an eye out for new clients or freelance opportunities, so that you have a steady flow of income coming in.

However, with so many job-searching websites to choose from, it might be tough to find one that is right for you.

That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of 10 websites to help you land freelance graphic design work online.

By creating profiles on the best freelance websites, you can streamline your hunt for freelance work.

Let’s dive in!


Refrens is home to over 50,000 B2B freelancers and agencies. It helps you manage your prospects, estimates, bills, and payments.

You may choose Refrens for several reasons. Here are some of them:

  • The commission rate isn’t predetermined. They demand between 15% and 20% of the project’s value.
  • Registering with them is easy and completely free.
  • They assist you in getting quality leads and fill the gap between you and your first customer.
  • You can create various documents on Refrens, including creating invoices, quotes, Proforma invoices, GST invoices, and much more.
  • They also provide an international payment gateway, so you might use it if you have any clients located abroad.
  • You can create a profile that highlights your skills.

If you’re looking for work or a designer, Refrens is the whole package.


Toptal is probably the best location to hunt for the internet’s best graphic designers. The website promises to be home to the “top 3%” of talent, hence the moniker.

They’re noted for their thorough screening process when hiring graphic designers, with many skill reviews and test screenings reducing their candidates to the top 3% of all qualified designers. This implies that if you choose Toptal, you will be working with the best of the best.

Toptal works closely with each client to match them with the best candidate or team of candidates for their specific needs. It also features a complete job board where you can find and contact people based on their skills. 

It has you covered with the top candidates available, whether you need a flexible freelance graphic designer, a web design specialist, or an experienced UI/UX.


Designhill has carved out a niche in the global industry thanks to its proprietary systems. This site is dedicated to graphic design jobs, and freelance designers are guided by a team of professionals. 

Designers are also expected to develop profiles for themselves and submit portfolios. In-house consultants review and approve the work that has been presented. The designers join the Designhill freelancing team once the project is accepted.

Various contests are held regularly where freelancers can submit their work based on a client’s instructions. The client chooses the best graphic design and pays the creator.

They can also sell their existing models, which the client purchases based on their needs.

Individual graphic design assignments are also available on Designhill, as is a list of tiny design tasks. The company manages the payment procedure, which is done through PayPal or Payoneer.


This job platform chooses and emphasizes freelancers and graphic designers by qualification, portfolio, and skills test. They allow designers to upload portfolios that may be viewed by clients.

Every month, freelancers are given 10 bids to apply for assignments. For a nominal cost, they can also purchase more requests. Candidates must pay the exam fee to take the exam.

There are various membership options, each of which increases the chances of winning a project. As the membership value grows, so does the commission %.

Graphic designers who pay for membership get more graphic job bids and can take the skills tests for free.

Payment for the project is made regularly after the client’s approval and the service provider’s request.

The Design Crowd

Look no further than DesignCrowd for solid design at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a happy medium between low-cost graphic design and high-ticket platforms like 99designs, DesignCrowd could be the answer.

While you won’t find as much information on designer profiles as you would on Fiverr or 99designs, you’ll get a fair sense of each person’s style and ability.

You’ll appreciate the variety of categories that help you choose the ideal designer and how simple it is to build a designer’s wishlist and get started designing right away.


Design Pickle is the largest and most established platform among the infinite design site possibilities. While you’ll only be working with one designer, unlike Many Pixels, most clients quickly see their revision requests fulfilled (typically overnight).

This is a beautiful alternative for businesses looking to expand their design capabilities without incurring high costs, bloggers looking to improve their brand design, and entrepreneurs looking to launch successful marketing campaigns.


99designs is a design contest website that allows clients to choose from a pool of applicants or collaborate with a single designer.

You can choose from over 90 design work types to start. After that, you’ll provide a brief for the project you’ll be working on, and designers will propose their best ideas for the final product.

You’ll be able to see the designers’ options and their complete profiles, including information about their return customers and how many previous design competitions they’ve won.


If you’re ever worried about where your next client will come from or how you’ll land your next assignment, Dribbble’s freelance project board can help.

Fresh, high-quality freelance graphic design jobs are placed daily on the project board. Filter through many design briefs by keywords, skill sets, and even project budgets. You’ll not only start to create a consistent client base, but you’ll also have a continuous supply of new tasks to choose from whenever you need them.

You may find just about any employment targeted to your individual skill sets, whether you’re looking for a remote graphic design job, an entry-level position, or even a senior post.


Behance is a powerful platform where individuals go to look for work. If you’re a graphic designer, there are plenty of opportunities here.

At this site, graphic designers of various backgrounds and abilities have presented their most excellent work. With them, you can form a network.

This website includes a job board where you may look for work possibilities worldwide. This method can be used to complete a variety of design tasks.

However, make sure to include your best work profile. The strength of your profile will determine how likely you are to be recruited by a customer. So, only show off your most significant graphic design work in your profile.

Graphic designers can search for job openings by category on this website. The position will be filtered out based on your talents and expertise. There are a variety of design job filters available to help you narrow down your search.


It’s one of the oldest freelancing platforms, bringing together many outstanding graphic designers in one area online.

When hiring on Freelancer.com, you can utilize search filters to guarantee that the candidates are qualified for the position. You can personally contact designers or submit a job notice to allow for open applications. As an extra bonus, you may conduct contests where freelancers present their ideas and select the best one.

Designers can establish comprehensive portfolios on Freelancer.com, giving you more content to review while you make your choice. They also administer tests to verify the freelancers’ skill sets and report them to you. If you ever have a disagreement, there is a streamlined procedure to help you address it swiftly.

Future of graphic design  

Graphic design jobs are in high demand! 

Graphic designers are needed by business owners to create unique visual identities such as logos, business cards, websites, brochures, and other materials. These are essential identities that aid in developing a brand’s personality. As a result, designers have a significant role in a company’s long-term success.

While the above is not a complete list of all freelance graphic design sites available, it does reflect what we’ve determined to be the most excellent freelance graphic design websites available.

You should be able to pick the ideal freelance design site based on how quickly you need work completed, your budget, and the type/frequency of the work you require.

You no longer need to rely on large sites like Fivver or Upwork to find design employment now that you’ve seen 10 different web platforms. Whatever platform you use, remember that your profile, CV, and portfolio are all essential elements in landing a decent design job. 

Guest Author: Sakshi Baid works as a Product Associate at Refrens.com – Online Invoice Generator & India’s most powerful platform for freelancer growth. She has worked for some renowned companies as a Brand and Digital marketing associate.

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