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The Invite-Only Event: The Last Masterclass You’ll Ever Have to Give




In this episode, I discuss the importance of consistent pitching and making offers, highlighting my Invite-Only Event strategy and the 54-minute masterclass approach. I place emphasis on the importance of improving through iteration and metrics. 

The Invite-Only Event – Key Takeaways

  • The Invite-Only Event strategy is a game-changer for consistent client acquisition.
  • The ideal duration for these events is 54 minutes, tested and proven effective.
  • Intimacy and personal touch are crucial for successful sales in the current market.
  • It’s important to take a well-structured, repetitive approach to masterclasses.

The Invite-Only Event Strategy

  • Sales success comes from consistent offers and pitches
  • The Invite-Only Event provides a structured, repeatable approach
  • Regular execution and improvement through tracking metrics are key
  • Focus on personalization and intimacy to stand out in a competitive market

Common Mistakes and Solutions

Broad Event Titles

  • Example: “How to Get Everything You Want in Life” vs. “How to Achieve More Than Success”
  • Broad titles attract less qualified leads
  • Specific, targeted titles attract the right audience

Attracting Non-Quality Leads

  • Example: “How to Reclaim Your Health Over 50, Even When Your Body Seems to Be Failing You” vs. “How to Reclaim Your Health Over 50, Even if Your Doctor Says There is Nothing You Can Do”
  • Refine your messaging to attract high-quality prospects

Key Quotes

  • “Sales really happen when you’re making an offer and pitching consistently.”
  • “The Invite-Only Event is a masterclass that you give on rinse and repeat.”
  • “The power in the Invite-Only Event is all about intimacy.”
  • “Use a script. Use a script.”
  • “If you don’t think offering a 50-minute call is a gift, you have some inner work to do.”

Resources Mentioned

The Invite-Only Event: The Last Masterclass You'll Ever Have to Give

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