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The WordPress.com team is always working on new design ideas to bring your website to life. Check out the latest themes in our library, featuring beautiful new options for bloggers, poets, bookworms, and visual creators.


Jaida is a blogging theme that features a visually captivating homepage. Utilizing an elegant grid layout, we’ve ensured maximum visibility and engagement for your content. For individual posts, Jaida offers a thoughtfully crafted sidebar, enabling seamless navigation and an enhanced experience for visitors exploring your archives.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.


Mpho is a minimalist single-column theme that draws inspiration from the types of short-form posts that you see on social networks like Mastodon and X. It prioritizes the post content and author, featuring a header with the author’s bio and profile picture. For single posts and pages, the header is replaced by a sticky section at the top that takes you back to the homepage, again highlighting the post content.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.


Poesis pays homage to the literary figures represented in the painting Six Tuscan Poets by the Italian Renaissance painter, architect, and art historian Giorgio Vasari. Naturally, this theme is ideal for publishing poetry or short stories. Its notable feature is a split layout, with a left-side column containing a sticky header and footer, and scrollable content on the right side.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.


Bibliophile was designed to provide an impeccable reading experience. Its header on the left sidebar adds context, while its posts and content are elegantly displayed on the right. Inspired by printed books and utilizing carefully chosen font styling, Bibliophile offers a great solution for simple websites across devices. The layout is user-friendly and allows for seamless navigation, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy reading on-the-go.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.

Grammer One

Bring the social media experience to your site and transform it into a showcase for your photos and videos.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.

To install any of the above themes, click the name of the theme you like, which brings you right to the installation page. Then click the “Activate this design” button. You can also click “Open live demo,” which brings up a clickable, scrollable version of the theme for you to preview.

Premium themes are available to use at no extra charge for customers on the Premium plan or above. Partner themes are third-party products that can be purchased for $79/year each.

You can explore all of our themes by navigating to the “Themes” page, which is found under “Appearance” in the left-side menu of your WordPress.com dashboard. Or you can click below:

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