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10 Tactics to Maximize the Visibility of Your Tweets

With a whopping number of around 350 million active users, Twitter is without a doubt one of the highest used social media platforms by internet users.

Over the years, Twitter has emerged as a microblogging platform that is leveraged by the masses to openly voice opinions.

Be it a political debate, an ongoing controversy, or a much-awaited final episode of a trending web series, the Twitterati openly discuss the same in the form of Tweets.

Businesses are always on the lookout for means and ways of using social media to increase brand exposure.

Since Twitter has grown to become one of the most highly used social media platforms, businesses use Twitter feeds to promote products and services on the platform. However, they often get confused about what strategies to utilize to maximize the visibility of tweets.

In this blog, I have listed the top 10 tactics to leverage Twitter feeds for increasing the visibility of your tweets.

Top 10 strategies to increase the visibility of your tweets

1. Present high-quality content to your audience

You must have heard of the phrase ‘Content Is King’ and they don’t just say it for the heck of it. Good quality content is of utmost importance if you wish to improve your visibility on Twitter. A well-researched and put-together Tweet will garner more attention and give you those extra likes.

Take extra time to create content that is valuable for your followers to get them interested and compel them to come back and retweet it.

2. Embed your Twitter feed on your website

Another efficient way to improve the visibility of your tweets is by embedding them on your website. Embedding social media feeds on a website is one of the best marketing strategies to increase traffic flow.

Some social media aggregation tools easily collect and curate feeds from Twitter and embed them effortlessly on your website. There are a few tools which you can use to customize the widget according to the overall look and feel of your website.

Embedding is not as technical as it sounds and can be performed with ease without any technical expertise! The users who visit your website can get attracted to your Twitter account after you embed your Twitter feed and may start following and retweeting your content.


3. Piggyback on trending hashtags


Hashtags have emerged as a common sight on Twitter and there are hardly any tweets without hashtags. The main motto of hashtags is to discover content easily and adding them can ultimately help garner more attention from users.

However, be careful while using hashtags. Too many of them will decrease the readability of your content. Search for the most suitable hashtags and use 2-3 of them to increase your chances of getting more views.

4. Use easy-to-understand language with calls-to-action

As much as using fancy language may feel compelling and cool, what is the point of using language that isn’t easily understood?

At the end of the day, there are all kinds of readers on social media and you need to cater to your audience.

Reminder – Always include a call-to-action in your content.

Imagine you are scrolling through your feed and see an attractive piece of content saying:

  • Like
  • Comment!
  • Hurry Now!
  • Limited Seats Available
  • Follow
  • Read
  • Check now

After reading this content, there is a high chance you may react or take action.

Similarly, your audience may feel the need to react or enquire immediately if the content is clear and powerful enough to grab their attention.

5. Mention influencers to increase visibility

Your content becomes more influential and powerful when it is promoted by a famous face in your industry.

Take some time to mention handles (@) of famous influencers to increase your visibility and awareness. It will highly improve the chances of getting more likes, retweets, or comments in return.


Since the mention will be displayed on their Twitter feed as well, it can skyrocket your follower base and ultimately your conversions and sales too.

6. Share links to increase engagement

Adding links to your content is another efficient tactic to boost the visibility of your tweets. Surveys suggest that tweets with links receive much more engagement and views as compared to tweets without any links.


However, be careful! Adding extremely long links and URLs can be too overwhelming for the readers and they might eventually lose interest in your tweet. You can leverage tools like Bit.ly to shorten the length of a URL.

7. Reuse tweets that have performed well

Utilize your tweets once again if they have performed well in the past. The fact that your followers liked your tweets is a reason big enough to reuse the content again.


Twitter has a large number of daily users and the lifespan of a tweet isn’t long. After a while your content will go unread by getting lost among multiple other tweets.

Give your followers another chance to read your tweets and react to them. However, moderate the content a little before publishing. You can change the text, use different pictures, or even use different hashtags to give a slight variation of your tweet.

8. Add humor to your content

People look for entertainment on social media. While other platforms have features to entertain their audiences eg.- Reels for Instagram. Similarly, gifs and memes are popular on Twitter.


Adding funny but relatable content to your Twitter feed will add spark to your personal content and attract more views and visibility to your feeds.

9. Respond to mentions and retweets


Your audience expects concern to be shown back to them when they show your brand their concern and love. Take some time to acknowledge messages, retweets, comments, or mentions.

Even a nasty remark from your audience must be accepted with grace and acknowledged politely. When you engage actively with your audience, they start seeing the brand from a different perspective and as friendly and open. Sometimes, a simple thank you might do the trick and increase your user engagement and brand visibility.

10. Publish your tweets at the right time

Another important factor to keep in mind is to be selective about the time you publish your content on Twitter. Conduct research to understand when your target audience is most active.

The Twitterati is most active between 8 am – 7 pm and adding Twitter posts during this duration can get you 40% more interactions compared to other times.

Weekends are the time when people have extra time to surf their social media accounts. Tweets published on weekends garner 20% more engagement than on weekdays. 

This will drastically increase the visibility of your content, make your brand more noticeable, help you get those extra likes, and increase your follower base.

Summing up

And it’s a wrap! These are the top 10 tips for improving the visibility of your tweets, engagement, brand presence, and social proof.

I’ll conclude by giving one last tip – Don’t be on Twitter with the motto to fetch more sales and conversions. Instead, be on Twitter with the aim to engage with your followers.

Since every person is different and reacts differently, try the above strategies at your convenience to increase the visibility of your Tweets.

Guest author: I’m Daisy and I’m a digital marketer & technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, social media, and digital marketing trends.

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