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Enroll Clients On Repeat With The Invite-Only Event Strategy (4 of 5)




Today, we’re delving into episode four of our Scale With Social Mini Series, focusing on my powerful strategy: Enroll Clients On Repeat With The Invite-Only Event Strategy.

Before we dive in, a quick shoutout to those celebrating Thanksgiving. Here in Portland, Oregon, a teacher strike adds a unique twist to the holiday season. Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Enroll Clients On Repeat With The Invite-Only Event Strategy

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies vs. Long-Term Approach:
  • Feeling stuck despite course investments? Pivot to a long-term perspective.
  • My program provides actionable marketing and sales strategies for sustained business growth.
  • The Millionaire Maker Funnel:
  • Discover the importance of productizing with the Millionaire Maker Funnel.
  • Avoid starting with freebies that attract the wrong audience.
  • The Power of Invite-Only Events:
  • Explore how invite-only events supercharge conversion rates.
  • Tailored for beginners, this strategy thrives on intimacy in a concise 54-minute masterclass.
  • Title Crafting for Maximum Impact:
  • Demystify the sizzling hot title formula for resonance with your target audience.
  • Delve into the pivotal role of psychological triggers in captivating and transforming your audience.

Key Quotes:

  • “This is what I wish I knew 20 years ago when I started my journey.”
  • “Stop with strategies; take a long-term approach to your business.”
  • “Chances are you have enough mindset; it’s time to get to work.”

Resources Mentioned:

Ready to craft your roadmap? Apply for a Millionaire Blueprint Session at lindsey.com/coaching.


Episode 4 of the Scale with Social Mini Series unpacks my Invite-Only Event Strategy to Enroll Clients On Repeat. For personalized guidance, check lindsey.com/coaching to qualify for a Millionaire Blueprint Session. Shift from short-term strategies to a long-term approach for sustained success.

Enroll Clients On Repeat With The Invite-Only Event Strategy

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