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To grow your social media presence on TikTok safe and early, here are the top 8 sites to buy
TikTok followers and likes.

With TikTok, social networking platforms have changed forever. In comparison to other
platforms, TikTok has gained popularity among young people. Over one billion users are active
on it each month, and it is growing rapidly.

Tiktok has so many users that getting noticed is unlikely. Brand marketing is even more
challenging when targeting the right audience.

The best way to grow your TikTok social media presence is to partner with a social media
growth company. At affordable prices, these platforms offer TikTok followers and likes.

However, there are many websites offering sub-standard services that make false claims and
scam people. In order to help you buy genuine followers and likes, we have compiled a list of
the most reliable platforms.

Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers and Likes in 2022

Top Picks Score
BoostHill 4.8
Stormlikes.net 4.7
Social-Viral 4.5
SidesMedia 4.3
Media Mister 4.1
Top4SMM 4.0
FollowersUp 3.8
TokMatik 3.6

Here is the List of Best Sites You Can Buy TikTok Followers and Likes:


BoostHill is a great choice for anyone looking to grow their social presence on TikTok. It boasts
over 4,700 clients and 22,000 orders completed across various social media platforms,
including Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, Clubhouse, and more.

BoostHill focuses on delivering genuine non-drop followers and likes. Unlike other websites,
This digital company claims to source its followers from real and active accounts.

Hence, these followers and likes will be permanent. Also, these followers and likes are delivered
gradually in a risk-free manner.

You will get six engagement services related to TikTok on BoostHill: followers, likes, views,
comments, comment likes, and shares.

You will be able to choose from seven different packages when buying TikTok growth services,
ranging from 100 to 30,000 followers and likes.

Starting at just $5, you can buy TikTok followers for your marketing strategy and go up from
there when you feel comfortable.

Aside from acquiring services globally, you can also buy TikTok followers to target specific
markets such as Germany, UK, France, and Italy.

Similarly, BoostHill allows you to buy TikTok likes for just $1 to get you started in the UK,
Germany, France, Italy, and other countries.

In order to protect clients’ privacy, BoostHill does not require passwords to access TikTok

They offer efficient customer 24/7 support. Further, BoostHill values its clients and provides
refills if followers or likes decrease.


Stormlikes is another social media agency that can help grow your TikTok channel reach and
popularity. Aside from TikTok, the company also offers services for Instagram, Facebook,
Spotify, SoundCloud, and Twitch, among other social media platforms.

By providing real-time engagement from genuine followers and likes from accounts operated by
real people, Stormlikes influences and attracts organic audience members. Also, you get
genuine likes and followers instantly or gradually.

Because of its affordable plans, this platform is ideal for aspiring TikTok creators and small
brands. Getting 100 Tiktok followers costs just under $3 while getting 500 followers costs
around $10. The prices and rates for TikTok likes are the same as those mentioned above.

Like BoostHill, your TikTok passwords won’t be required. In addition, live customer support is
available 24/7, ensuring smooth operations.


You will find Social Viral on any list of best sites to buy TikTok followers and likes. Their quality
service has earned them the unfathomable support of a variety of reviewers. With their
packages, you can guarantee desired growth in a short period of time and across a wide range
of social media platforms.

Social-Viral is a renowned name in the social media marketing industry. Quality service and
immediate results are their trademarks. Their reputation makes them a popular choice for
celebrities and influencers.

You can buy TikTok followers at affordable rates on this platform. Depending on the plan you
choose, you can buy as few as 50 followers or as many as 5000. The corresponding prices
range from $1.58 to $99.99. Moreover, TikTok likes are available in the same quantities and
prices as TikTok followers.

Social-Viral makes sure their customers get authentic followers and genuine likes within 12
hours of ordering. Additionally, the company offers 24/7 customer support and does not require
TikTok passwords.


In this niche, finding a reliable social media marketing company that cares more about
customers than profit is downright challenging. There is one such company, SidesMedia, that
does not compromise on quality for quick profits.

Being one of the top sites to buy TikTok followers and likes, SidesMedia has also been offering
its quality social media growth services for Twitter, YouTube, and more.

In terms of social media growth, SidesMedia is able to provide real TikTok views because they
have an expansive network of over 5000 users.

With SidesMedia’s TikTok likes and followers, you can enhance your overall performance and
expand your TikTok profile. Providing multiple plans at market competitive prices, SidesMedia
starts as low as $5 per 100 followers and goes as high as $399 per 25,000 followers.

Depending on how many likes you receive, the SidesMedia starter package begins at $2 for 100
likes and goes up to $11 for 1000 likes.

SidesMedia delivers high-quality likes and active followers within 48 hours. Another key feature
of this platform is its amazing customer support service, which can help clients get started as
soon as possible.

Media Mister

Media Mister is among the most popular sites to buy TikTok followers and likes. This platform
has all the necessary ingredients that can help you become an instant hit on any social platform.
At this digital marketing company, you can choose from a variety of social growth packages at
rock-bottom prices.

With the expertise and experience Media Mister has, it is able to work on Instagram, Twitter,
Facebook, SoundCloud, TikTok, and other social networks. The Media Mister platform gives
you instant access to high-quality, genuine followers.

Every follower Media Mister provides is authentic, safe, and of high quality. These followers are
sourced from active and human-owned accounts within its own network, so they are just as
authentic as real accounts.

Media Mister allows you to choose from different packages depending on the level of
engagement you need. Getting 25 followers for just $2 is a pretty decent deal for someone just
starting out.

Depending on the deal, these likes and followers are delivered differently. For example, 50
TikTok likes will arrive in 1-2 working days, while 10,000 likes will take 15-20 days.

In addition, the company offers a money-back guarantee as a way to make sure its customers
feel confident about their purchases.


It is not easy to market on social media. In order to achieve success, you must plan carefully
and apply careful tactics.

Buying TikTok followers and likes is an effective strategy, and Top4SMM can do that for you.

They offer free Tiktok followers and likes, which is something we love. This is just a sneak
preview of what you can expect.

To get these free followers and likes, you must register an account. Whenever you want, you
can simply return to your account to purchase more, which we’re sure you will once you’ve tried

Depending on your marketing needs, Top4SMM offers a variety of plans. Just $8.9 gets you
1000 followers, while $7.9 gets you 1000 likes.


FollowersUp is one of the most popular TikTok growth options. By using its custom slider tool,
you will be able to boost your channel’s visibility and get the number of followers and likes you

In addition, they provide a lifetime warranty on each purchase, ensuring that you remain
satisfied and won’t lose any views over time.

As they only offer high-quality authentic followers and likes, you can rest assured that your
account will be kept safe with them. Buying from them has never resulted in a suspension or

FollowersUp also provides social media engagement and followers for Instagram, Facebook,
and more. You can leverage their packages to gain a strong presence across multiple platforms.

You can choose from a variety of packages based on your needs. A FollowerUp subscription
costs $3 for 100 followers and $109 for 10000.

If you are looking for TikTok likes, choose the FollowersUp starter package that allows you to
get 100 likes for just $2.

Furthermore, FollowresUp offers free likes, which makes it stand out from the competition. You
only need to provide your email address and TikTok video URL to start your free trial.


Compared to other social media sites, this one is relatively new. It has, however, proven to be
effective in terms of getting visibility and exposure. The site is, therefore, recommended for
anyone interested in trying a different marketing style.

Due to the fact that they are new to marketing, they use cutting-edge technology and extremely
modern marketing strategies. In this way, they always have access to the most advanced
marketing tools available. Additionally, this platform is only dedicated to growing your TikTok

As with the other sites mentioned above, they also offer plants at a very low cost. You can
purchase 100 TikTok followers for approximately $5 and 5000 TikTok followers for
approximately $60.

With 100 TikTok likes costing just under $3, you can expand the package as needed.

How to Buy Followers on TikTok

The process of getting TikTok followers and likes naturally and organically can be time-
consuming and, in many cases, take extended periods of time. Building authentic and
unpaid fans requires consistently posting high-quality content.

The best way to build an audience quickly is to buy followers and likes on TikTok. Buying TikTok
followers and likes is straightforward even though it differs slightly from company to company.

In most cases, you simply need to enter your TikTok username and pick one of the packages,
or vice versa. Additionally, you’ll need to choose a method of payment.

If you decide to buy Tik Tok followers and likes from a website not listed here, make sure you
verify their legitimacy beforehand. Or else, you might just end up wasting your money on fake

Check online reviews to ensure that the website you selected is trustworthy, and make sure it is
able to deliver what it promises.

Additionally, if you are just starting out, purchase followers and likes in small packages and
adjust accordingly.


You can rapidly grow your TikTok account by buying followers. This will make buying Tiktok
likes easier, and increase overall Tiktok engagement and profile.

However, to convince any incoming traffic to follow you, you need social proof, including hashtags, viral-worthy content, and keeping up with TikTok trends.

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