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You’ve heard the story before… you have to do a lot of things right to rank well. Especially because there are over 200 ranking factors.

And to make matter worse, you have to continually keep up to date with what’s going on because Google is making over 4500 algorithm changes a year.

The reality is there isn’t enough time in the world to do everything. So you have to compromise.

You have to work on the stuff that will move the needle the most and is the easiest to get done.

And I am not just talking from a code perspective, but in many cases, there is low-hanging fruit. Such as a particular page may be in striking distance of a page 1 ranking for a term that could drive more sales and leads that you aren’t focusing on…

But how do you know which changes or issues to focus on first?

Top SEO opportunities

Well, to make things simple, we added a feature in Ubersuggest called “top SEO opportunities”. That will help you do this.

Just look at the image above it tells you what to focus on to get the best results, and it all isn’t code-related either.

For example, look at this top priority for our ad agency site, NP Digital.

It says that I could rank for terms like “performance marketing agency in the US”. Of course, I want to rank for more broad terms like “performance marketing agency”, but it is best to start with long tail terms that are easy and can show quick results, and then work your way up to head terms like “performance marketing agency”.

So when I click the “start” button it then takes me to the AI writer to help me write content around that term.

You then continue or you can adjust the keyword. Once you move on to the next step you select a title (keep in mind you can adjust it later).

Then you select a meta description (you can adjust it later on).

Then you choose your headings…

And then you have Ubersuggest write the content for you.

Now Ubersuggest won’t write full-blown articles for you. Instead, it whips up copy to help you start the writing process. And within that process, it automatically adds secondary keywords you should also target that it knows your website also has a good chance of ranking for.

You’ll then want to adjust the content, add it to your page and watch your rankings climb.

The cool part about this feature is that it doesn’t just focus on creating content, it does this for all aspects of SEO. From your code to page speed, to content, and even link building. And it helps you out as much as possible to reduce how much effort you need to put in.

So how can you get custom recommendations for your own site?

Create goals and run an analysis

Let’s get you some custom SEO recommendations that will provide results.

I want you to go to the Ubersuggest dashboard and click on “create your first project”.

Then you will see a prompt that asks you for your website URL and site name.

And you’ll want to add all the locations you do business.

The next step is selecting the keywords you are targeting.

Some keywords will be recommended if your site already has traction when it comes to SEO. For those keywords just hit the “+” sign to add them. Or on the right side, you can manually add keywords.

Then add your competitors. Again you can do so by clicking on the “+” sign or by typing them in manually on the right side.

And if you haven’t already, make sure you register to save your changes (it is free to register).

Then go to your dashboard.

SEO dashboard

Once you have added your site to Ubersuggest you’ll want to go to your dashboard to see your top SEO opportunities.

It could take up to an hour for you to see them. In most cases, it is much faster.

The cool part about the SEO opportunities report is that it can change daily, weekly, or monthly depending on how often you update your website.

So for example, if you are pushing out hundreds of pieces of content a day, or change hundreds of pages on your site… each day Ubersuggest will find new opportunities and reprioritize for you.

That way you focus your energy on what provides the biggest SEO ROI.


Yes, having your website buttoned up and optimized for all of google’s algorithm factors is great. But it is also unrealistic.

Instead, you should focus on low-hanging fruit. What changes can you make to your code, content, or site in general to provide the biggest SEO traffic gains.

And that is what the top SEO opportunities report does.

Make sure you go here and add your site so you can try it out.

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