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The 10 Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples to Learn From

Email marketing has been a leader in the marketing domain since its inception, and no other marketing channel has been discovered that is so cost-effective. Email marketing started way back in 1978, and since then, it has been widely used by businesses to promote their products and keep in touch with their customers.

Before diving into the best email marketing campaigns, you should have a quick look at email marketing. It will help give a clearer picture of the ideas discussed below.

What is email marketing?


In simple words, email marketing is a process used by companies to promote their goods and services over the mail. Today, email marketing has grown from just promotional emails to personalized emails, and it has become the center of customer interaction. It is one of the best return on investment marketing strategies for companies. Hence no matter what new strategies arise, this one does not diminish.

Time for some quick facts and statistics about emails and email marketing.

  • In 2019, every day, 296 billion emails were sent.
  • Email Marketing has the highest return on investment. For example, every $1 you spend behind email marketing gives you a return of $42.
  • Email marketing is vital for the success of a business, it has been admitted by 78% of marketers.
  • Email engagement is used to track content performance across channels, and 90% of people believe this.

Now, you know what email marketing is and some eye-opening facts about email marketing. So here are some of the best email marketing campaigns that you can learn from.

1. Uber


Uber is a leading ride-booking and taxi application that operates in multiple countries. Uber has significantly benefited from its email marketing campaigns. Its email campaigns are really straightforward and simplistic.

It keeps the call-to-action(CTA) very clear, and the newsletters don’t take much time to read. They deliver all the essential news effortlessly that helps get their point across. In their personalized emails, they share journey maps that make customers feel special.

Learnings From This Campaign

What you need to learn here is that content matters, and a proper CTA is equally important. While creating email marketing templates and newsletters, you should focus on providing quality content to your audience rather than experimenting with catchy colors and photos.

2. Netflix


Who uses technology better than Netflix, which originally is based on Node.js development services. Its marketing teams always come up with fresh ideas that go on to become a trend in the industry. There are many such examples, and here is one of their email marketing campaigns.

Netflix started a campaign to target an audience that was not active on their platform. With its AI and machine learning technologies, it was easy for the firm to identify such users. Then Netflix started sending personalized emails to every customer based on their viewing history and likes. This campaign helped Netflix grow its active user base by bringing people back to the platform.

Learnings From This Campaign

One of the key learnings of this campaign is that taking care of your users is key.  Sending personalized emails and notifications develops a sense of commitment and connection between the users and your brand, and when this is done, you can grow exponentially.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you should get help from technology as much as possible. This will help you uncover hidden data and insights which are worth taking action on.

3. PayPal


PayPal is a leading payments processing platform for global transactions. It is an online service that charges some money to help you transfer money from one part of the world to another. PayPal is an innovative company, and it is constantly thriving to make its products the best. Here you’ll see an email marketing campaign from PayPal.

PayPal introduced the new “checkout with PayPal” feature. This feature was integrated into many online e-commerce stores and other offline stores too. But to make it popular, the company’s marketing team resorted to email marketing. The emails were sent to all subscribers of its promotional campaigns, and it was a significant hit.

PayPal focused on providing value to the user, so they concentrated on showing the benefits of this new feature in their marketing campaign. They never promoted the features in the campaign; it was all about how customers could benefit from using the new service.

Learnings From This Campaign

Instead of marketing the features of your products, you should consider highlighting the benefits to the customers. More people will use the features if you deliver value straightaway. This helps customers determine whether a service is worth their efforts or not.

You can quickly drive more customers to use your products with value showcasing. It is a humble and straightforward way of marketing new offerings.

4. Starbucks


Starbucks sells coffee, but there are brands that sell even better beverages than what Starbucks offers. What fuels Starbucks’ business is its innovative marketing strategies and tactics.

Starbucks sends newsletters and promotional emails to its customers regularly, and these emails are filled with colors and enticing graphics of coffee and other beverages. This makes people drool over the offerings and drives more people to their stores.

Learnings From This Campaign

Email marketing is not just plain words. You need to enrich it with images and catchy content. With the right combination of design and marketing tactics, you can increase your product sales, and Starbucks coffees are the prime examples of this.

5. Uniqlo


Uniqlo is an online eCommerce website that deals in a variety of products. It aggregates users’ email IDs for login, identity verification, promotional emails, and meaningful order updates.

Uniqlo ran a unique email marketing campaign where the company sent emails to users about price updates for items in their wishlist or carts. This campaign reduced cart abandonment, a common problem in the eCommerce industry.

Learnings From This Campaign

For eCommerce companies, cart abandonment is a significant problem, and keeping in touch with customers helps reduce this. Plus, this provides customers a feeling of savings when they find out that the prices of their liked items have decreased, and they can buy them now.

6. Airbnb


Airbnb started humbly, and it polished its services through user reviews. Airbnb ran an email marketing campaign where it asked people to take a survey about their services.

In this campaign, Airbnb reached out to their customers and gave a survey link to each of them with the email. The email template was simple, starting off with thanks and then a perfect CTA for the survey. Many customers took the survey, and the marketing campaign was really successful for Airbnb.

Learnings From This Campaign

If you want to grow your business, being open to customer feedback is the best way. As emails have high opening rates, you get more customer feedback, and the more feedback you get, the more you can work on the betterment of your brand. It establishes a connection between the brand and your customers.

7. BuzzFeed


BuzzFeed is a content-centric business, and who knows emails better than they do. BuzzFeed uses email marketing to generate traffic to its website.

It increases traffic with email marketing by providing beautiful snapshots of the content and artistic imagery. It raises curiosity in the email reader’s mind and then carefully places a CTA to redirect traffic to its website.

Learning From This Campaign

You should use email marketing with a good CTA to increase website traffic if you run a content-centric website. To do this, you first need to have an organic mailing list so that you can drop emails to the right audience instantly. When your website traffic increases, your domain authority also increases, and you start ranking higher on search engine results page.

8. Headspace


Headspace is a mindfulness and meditation app that has garnered quite a popularity with the covid-induced lockdowns and stressful environments. With its domain, it follows calm colors and simplistic visuals. This same brand identity it follows in its emails.

Headspace runs email marketing campaigns with simple images, and it solely focuses on the power of its products. It showcases the power of its features through its welcome emails. The welcome emails are full of soothing colors and graphics that provide a  premium feel to new users.

Learnings From This Campaign

Sticking to your brand identity is essential. It helps people visually distinguish your brand. People receive hundreds of promotional emails every day, so to help them identify and interact with your email, you need to fashion it according to your brand identity. You can use the colors and graphics that your branding consists of so that it looks more appealing.

9. Mint


Mint is a finance tracking application from Intuit, which is a global brand. The platform helps people track everything about their money, starting from saving to investing. It is like a one-stop-shop.

Mint runs an email marketing campaign where they send personalized birthday emails to their users. Though it is a small gesture, it goes a long way. Mint does this with the help of automated email drip campaigns and their customer’s data.

Learnings From This Campaign

Making your customers feel special on their birthdays is a great way to increase brand loyalty. Mint does not provide any marketing information or a CTA in such emails; it solely wishes the customer a happy birthday without any business expectation. But this makes a lasting impact on the users, and the product grows because it looks more personalized to the user.

10. Withings


Withings is a health-tracking application and platform aimed at helping people achieve their health goals. It follows a reward-based approach, and it rewards people based on their goal completion percentage.

Withings has an email marketing campaign where the company sends personalized emails on the achievement of every milestone. This helps the users stay on track and be motivated for their health choices.

Learnings From This Campaign

Interacting with users and rewarding them for their achievements goes a long way. It is one of the simplest and most effective methods to keep users active with your product. You can set up an automated email campaign for this task, and it can keep sending emails to your customers forever.

Wrapping up

Before you start an email marketing campaign, it is good if you can have a look at some successful campaigns. This helps you brainstorm and include things in your marketing campaign to make it more effective.

This article provides a round-up of the best email marketing campaigns with their learnings. So be sure to use these learnings in your email marketing campaigns to help your business grow.

Guest author: Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz  Technologies. His 8+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.

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