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How to Supercharge Your Email Marketing with Video

If you think about marketing in today’s evolving digital landscape, generally what comes to mind is either some chic social media post or a huge billboard in Times Square. Emails might be one of the last things that pop up.

This is not surprising as emails have been considered the boring, redundant form of communication among youngsters. “Hope this email finds you well” does not always find us well because who is interested in reading emails anymore?

But what if I told you there is a way to make it work and that you can market your products using email?

How, you may ask? Well, it’s easy.

What is it about YouTube that makes it the choice of 54% of marketers as their favorite platform for sharing content?

You may have guessed it by now… It’s the video-sharing feature.

Now, what if we take the video feature of marketing and add it to our promotional emails? Not sure how to make that happen? Well, keep reading to find out!

How to plan your video email marketing campaigns

  • Figure out your marketing strategy

Have a specific strategy in mind for your video emails and create your campaign accordingly.

Do you want to announce special discounts, or share your newsletter?

Whatever the objective is, design your campaign around it.

  • Keep in mind the target audience

You really want your video emails to shine. So, make sure that you know who your recipients are. If your brand targets young people, make sure to add some animation, colors, or GIFs to keep it interesting.

  • Make sure to make quality videos

Your brand will be represented with a video email, so make sure to shoot videos with some great camera equipment and video recording apps, or hire professionals to take care of production for you.

  • Don’t make it too long

Nobody wants to see an hour-long video of how your company was founded. If you’re sending out an email, make sure that you keep it short to keep the audience engaged till the very end.

  • Make sure to test it first

Make sure that before you add the video to your marketing campaign, you test the email internally before sending it out.

This will reduce any chances of technical errors. You can also get feedback from your team on its accessibility and suggestions for improvement.

  • Host your videos on popular platforms

If you want your campaign to reach out to a wider audience, make sure you host your video on a platform such as YouTube or Vimeo for more visibility.

Tips for using videos for email marketing

  • Embed your product video into the email

Add a short video in your email – introducing the customer to your product.

To make sure that the video is accessible to the recipient without any hindrances, insert a video thumbnail image that connects the user to the video’s landing page.

  • Introduce tutorials and personalized videos

Add visual information about your product rather than just textual. You’ll see that more customers will be attracted to your brand.

This can be done by adding a short tutorial about your business operations or a personalized video to achieve high close rates.

  • Use storytelling and give a sneak peek of events

You can add a story of a successful customer who just used your product to add up your business’s credibility or how your employees are enjoying their time at the company by adding videos of company events.

  • Add GIFs and greetings cards

You don’t want to use your emails for formal notifications only.

Keep in touch with your existing customers and introduce special discounts for them using GIFs – so they appear more appealing.

Link the GIF to your video so your prospect can learn more about your offer.

To welcome new customers, use personalized greeting cards.

You can add a simple animation using a few video frames or a cinemagraph.

Another way is to add a static image with a play button superimposed on it to indicate that clicking on the play button will land directly to the video page.

5 best email services for your video marketing

The following services can help you with your email marketing campaigns:


Mailchimp is a popular email marketing service provider with a free email marketing service plan. There are advanced features that allow for advanced audience segmentation, multivariate testing, etc. 

You can also integrate it with WordPress, Shopify amongst other platforms.



AWeber is an efficient and reliable email service provider. It offers all the features with the same pricing plans.

You will find some fantastic features such as AMP emails, automatic RSS-to-email for bloggers, tag-based subscriber segmentation.

These advanced tools will work best for small to medium-sized businesses.



Drip works best for eCommerce, digital marketers, and bloggers by offering personalized features, marketing automation, etc.

You can also integrate it with other website builders, which will help you to capture leads. 

The smart email segmentation, visual workflow builder, split testing tools allow to get more sales leads.



ConvertKit provides specific features for video creators and bloggers who can add landing pages, eCommerce platforms, and membership sites.

They can also create leads with visits to their social media accounts. 

It also provides A/B testing, various email templates, landing page builders, smart workflows, and much more.


Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the best email service provider for beginners with its easy layout and convenient features.

Adding text, image, video, coupons, polls, and events to the emails is a simple process. 

It also offers customer support with live chat, phone calls, email, community support, and other helpful resources.


Get more clicks and views with video email marketing

According to 2021 video marketing stats, 70% of marketers reported that their brand videos showed a positive ROI, and 68% of consumers spent ¼ of their time on social media watching videos.

Keeping that in mind, there is no denying that your business can easily attract more people with video email marketing.

  • Videos can increase your CTR

People are generally more curious about watching videos.

If you add the word “video” just in your email’s subject, it can increase your open rates by almost 300% and CTR by 50% or above.

  • Enhances focus and interest

People find it more convenient to watch a video than just read long promotional paragraphs or see static images.

So, if you want people to really give attention to your message, it is better to do it with video email marketing.

  • High retention rate

When you send out an email, you expect the recipients to retain that information for a while to make sure that the brand awareness really sticks. Where texts can only make the user retain 10% of the information, videos can drive up this percentage by 85%.

  • Take advantage of trends

If you want your brand to trend, then video email marketing can make that happen. But make sure that the videos are short, quirky, and inspiring enough to appeal to the masses.

  • Get more views on YouTube

If you upload videos on your official YouTube channel, you can link it in your email so more people can discover your content.

Examples of video email marketing done right

1. Khan Academy

With its video email marketing, Khan academy makes sure to send its users some instructional videos, tutorials, test preparation material, and personalized content so that the learners are kept informed.


2. Twitter

Twitter sends out email notifications to its users with all the updates they might be happy to know about. Whether it’s about retweets, direct messages, or some tutorials, Twitter makes sure to keep it interesting by adding videos in emails.


3. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins sends frequent video emails about his seminar training, audios, and interviews to keep it informative and inspire those seeking his advice on life and business matters.


That’s a wrap

Emails with videos add extra value to your campaign. It gives the recipient an option to consume your message in a visually compelling format.

I hope this article motivates you to use video email marketing to increase your brand visibility and views.

Guest author: Osama Khabab is the founder and CEO of MotionCue. A modern-day video production agency based in New York that specializes in making animated and live-action videos that are geared to drive awareness and inspire action. Connect on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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