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Sarah Centrella: How To Use Vision Boards As a Tool For Achieving Success In Your Business




Today, we’re diving into an exciting topic – how vision boards can be a powerful tool for achieving success in your business. Think of it as a shopping spree for your goals, paired with regular yearly check-ins to elevate your aspirations. I’m joined by Sarah Centrella, a multi-bestselling author, motivational speaker, and a true expert in manifesting success.

About Sarah Centrella: 

Sarah Centrella is a multi best-selling author, motivational keynote speaker, master life coach, and manifesting expert. 

She is known for her expertise in manifesting and life coaching, offering tools and guidance for transforming every aspect of one’s life. Her work includes delivering keynote speeches, leading workshops, and authoring books that focus on personal development and manifesting success​

How To Use Vision Boards As a Tool For Achieving Success In Your Business: Key Takeaways:

Manifesting from Rock Bottom:

  • Sarah’s journey started in 2008, overcoming personal adversity after discovering her husband’s affair and facing financial struggles.
  • People often unknowingly use manifestation techniques as a form of escape through daydreaming.
  • Rediscover the power of childhood daydreaming as a tool for visualization.

Unexpected Manifestations:

  • The manifestation’s power revelation occurred with a picture of Times Square on Sarah’s vision board.
  • Amazing real-life events mirrored images from the board, including experiences like flying on private jets.

The Power of Visualization:

  • Sarah stresses the active visualization of positive scenarios for profound impact.
  • Combining visualization with physical visuals, such as Pinterest boards, amplifies manifestation power.
  • Explore and embrace the limitless possibilities.

Business Application of Future Board:

  • Identify the five core areas of life on your vision board: career/business, relationships, wealth and abundance, mind and body, passions, and joys.
  • Cultivate a long-term, expansive vision for your business to break free from limitations.
  • Aim for the biggest, most far-fetched dreams without predefined paths.

Finding Pictures on Pinterest:

  • Utilize Pinterest as the largest library of online photography to curate your vision board.
  • Use strategic search keywords for tailored results.
  • Explore beyond initial visions to discover even more possibilities.

Customization and Strategy:

  • Vision board creation is a strategic and intentional process for business success.
  • Each board is crafted uniquely to align with individual business dreams and goals.
  • Shift from traditional magazine cutouts to a personalized, strategic approach.

Regular Board Updates:

  • It’s important to update your vision board yearly.
  • This yearly reflection also allows you to catalog manifested business goals from the previous board.

Top Quotes

  • If you can see a path to your biggest vision, then that is not your biggest vision.
  • I fully believe the universe rewards effort.
  • Action is showing the universe and yourself that you’re serious and ready to do what it takes.
  • When it comes to manifesting, it’s the feeling we’re after. 
  • Any hardship or adversity can truly fuel you in a way that very few other things can. 
  • Gratitude:

It changes how you show up.

It changes how you interact. 

It changes your vibe. 

  • You can create the life that you want, like literally in pictures.

Resources Mentioned:


Wrapping up, we’ve explored the power of intentional manifestation and the incredible journey shared by Sarah Centrella. Coaches, take a leap into the world of vision boards and manifestation for your coaching success. Huge gratitude to our audience and the phenomenal Sarah for this eye-opening conversation on The Millionaire Maker Show.

Sarah Centrella: How To Use Vision Boards As a Tool For Achieving Success In Your Business

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