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How To Positively Handle Negative Social Media Comments




Welcome to The Millionaire Maker Show. Today, we’ll dive into the crucial topic of How To Positively Handle Negative Social Media Comments, drawing from my recent Netflix experience on “The Trust” and its profound impact on my online business brand. Let’s explore the challenges and opportunities that come with managing an online presence.

How To Positively Handle Negative Social Media Comments – Key Takeaways:

The Impact of Netflix’s “The Trust”:

  • I delve into the premise and challenges faced during my three weeks in the Dominican Republic filming the show.
  • I discuss the noticeable shift in online interactions following the show’s premiere and the subsequent influx of comments.

Handling Negative Comments:

  • While initial advice leans towards ignoring and deleting negative comments, I observed a genuine desire for people to express their opinions.
  • My commitment to inclusivity and vulnerability led me to engage in dialogue rather than opting for outright deletion.

Building a Community:

  • It’s incredibly important to foster a community online, even amidst diverse opinions within the online space.
  • I decided to respond to comments, fostering open conversations within the boundaries of mutual respect.

Social Media Engagement:

  • I invite you to explore the ongoing dialogue on my TikTok and Instagram accounts.
  • I shifted from blocking comments to promoting open conversations within respectful boundaries.

Key Quotes:

  • “Social media is your place; it’s nobody else’s place.”
  • “My page is a space where everyone, treating me with respect and within boundaries, is genuinely welcome.”
  • “I strive to show up with vulnerability, acknowledging that I do make mistakes.”

Resources Mentioned:


  • I summarized the impact of “The Trust” Netflix experience and am anticipating the upcoming finale.
  • Join me in The Unlaunch Method workshop for actionable insights into building an authentic and profitable social media audience.
  • I can’t emphasize enough the significance of engagement on social media platforms and the value of respectful dialogue in constructing a robust personal online business brand.
  • Encourage audience feedback and invite conversations on social media.

How To Positively Handle Negative Social Media Comments

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