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Ever wished you could share new blog posts to a Telegram channel automatically?

If so, then great news! Starting today, you can follow any WordPress.com blog within Telegram by using WordPressDotCom Bot. Now, you can easily get real-time updates from your favorite bloggers in specific channels, group chats, or DMs, right in the app. All with just a few clicks.

Sharing WordPress.com Blog Posts Made Easy

Whether you want to follow your favorite blogs or share your own posts, the WordPress.com Bot has you covered.

Start a new channel and invite readers to follow you there. Or automate sharing with an existing channel and add value for your friends and followers. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Keep up-to-date with writers you don’t want to miss.
  • Share the latest shots from your family photo blog with friends and loved ones.
  • Spark conversation about your hobbies and interests in a private channel.

How to Use the WordPress.com Bot for Telegram

There are two ways to set up WordPressDotCom Bot: 

  1. Visit https://t.me/WordPressDotComBot and click on Send Message. 
  2. Or invite the bot to a channel or group by adding a new member and searching for WordPress.com

From there, here are a handful of commands you can use:

  • /follow [url] -This will follow the blog specified in the url
  • /unfollow  [url] -This will unfollow the blog specified in the url. No more notifications of new posts will be sent.
  • /following – This will show a list of all blogs followed.
  • /reset – This stops following all blogs via the Telegram bot.

Best of all, WordPress.com Bot shows off your post thumbnails. Take a look at this preview example:

Try WordPress.com Bot for Telegram Today

WordPress.com Bot is free to use. Try it now.  

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